The Phone Call

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Chapter 9

I rubbed my eyes.

“We have school today. Happy Monday” he said.

I mentally face palmed myself. Of course, it is Monday. I hate schools. The school makes me feel as if I am useless. Being bullied for the whole school life. I just didn’t fit myself among the students.

Mostly I hated when teachers ask questions specifically from me. The students would look at me as if I was prey. Some laugh and some snicker.

It makes me get anxiety attacks. Even though I know the answer to the question the teacher asks, my throat doesn’t respond. This makes me hate school.

I got myself up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready. I decided to wear the grey hoodie which I brought from the mall. Ares brought me from the mall. I shrugged at my thoughts and proceeded my way downstairs to see all the three sitting around the kitchen counter.

“Eat up and we will go in 5,” Ares said. “Good morning,” I said to Blake and Seth. “Morning” Seth mumbled. Blake didn’t reply instead I got a stare. Bad luck that his eyes and my eyes connected. Neither of us broke eye contact. His grey ones showed a lot of emotions. I just couldn’t get one specific emotion. It was very complicated.

“Guys,” Ares said slowly.

I broke the contract and started to eat. I wasn’t a big fan of breakfast so I decided to eat a piece of toast and one piece of bacon.

“Eat girl,” Ares said while pointing to the plate. This was another problem in my life.

My father and uncle kept me starving for a day and give me some bread to make sure I have enough energy just to survive.

“You are not worth to even to live. I give you this money just to keep you alive so that I can face people” my father’s words flashed back.

This made my heart brat race. I clenched my jaw as it was hard to breathe. I took a deep breath and released it out.

“I am not hungry,” I said.

“Ok then,” Ares said while leaving the kitchen.

I grabbed the new school bag which was also grey that matched my hoodie. I loved it. I walked to their car. Silence. Throughout the whole car, ride silence was present.

“Please stop here,” I said.

It was few blocks from school. I didn’t want to get much attention from the students when I walk to school.

The girls would drool when boys are getting out of the car. But for me?! I mentally laughed at myself. I am just a stupid idiot who is bullied.

“Why?” Seth and Ares asked curiously.

I got a stare from Blake again.

“Ummm... it will be easy for me,” I said.

I saw something flash from Blake’s face. He nodded slightly. The bit I wondered if he nodded or was his head shaking because the road was a bit bumpy? I sighed at his behaviors. I just cannot get him. Surprisingly the car stopped.

“Thank you very much,” I said to all before leaving the car.

I pulled the hoodie more to cover my face. I looked to the ground and I heard the tires rolling by, which means that they have left. I took deep breaths and made myself prepared to face people. By the time I calmed myself, I was in front of the school.

There were a lot of girls standing near the boy’s car. Seth was flirting with many girls. Ares had Victoria in his arms while Blake was nowhere to be seen. I sighed.

I walked inside the school keeping my head hung low. I mentally repeated myself

“take a deep breath Audrey, nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going to happen”.

I reached my locker. As I closed it, I saw the face which that lead me to die. The last nail that was leading me to the rope that night. The person I hated the most along with my blood people.

The person who made my life upside down by judging society. The person I fell for his tricks. The person who made my life suffer able so that he could be happy. The person who killed my past normal life. The person who made me cry the most throughout my whole life.

I hated most the stupid smirk that he wore and his group who was smirking as well. The smirk that he wore when I screamed as he writes random things in my thigh.

The most hated memory in my life. I didn’t want to make this instant moment like the same memory back. I closed my eyes to see if I was in a trance but what luck.

“Hi my girl, I think you missed me,” the annoying voice said in front of my face with spit uttering through his every word.

I didn’t reply. I waited patiently as he would leave being annoyed that I won’t reply but he knew exactly where to hit the nail.

“Your mother-” he said.

“Don’t you dare speak about my mother. You can do anything you want to me but not anything about my mother” I said while gritting my teeth.

I didn’t want to make any commotion but students are students.

If they hear just a single angry word, they would bring the whole broadcast to record the whole small scene. Landon laughed wickedly. The laugh made my knees go jelly.

It was the laugh that indicates that there will be a danger. Sweat beads formed in my head. I fell deep heat radiating from my body. I felt hot as I was wearing a hoodie.

“Oh look who is here. The chicken” I heard the great lady walking down.

She placed her hand in Landon’s chest while eyeing me. What ?! does she think I am still his girlfriend? Oh babe you are so wrong!!

I would rather die than being his girlfriend. It is like giving him another chance to pierce me again sharper.

“Look, I will speak to you once only. I will not repeat darling. You stay out of him and you will play safe” she snarled.

How many boys does she need? She turned towards me again and took her water bottle. Not again. I groaned. She poured on my head. Great!

I have a drenched hoodie for the rest of the day.

“What is going on?” A voice asked. It radiated power. It made me go weak again.

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