Addicted to Him

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They meet online, in accident. They fall in love. Follow their lives

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I fell for who he really is. I had no idea who he was until I got a text from a random person. That moment changed my life for the better.


‘Ring’ I pull my phone out of my purse and look down at it. What the hell? Who is this?

Unknown: Your girlfriend is on me and I need you to save me

Who is this?

Unknown: Oh damn…..wrong phone number….sorry man

Don’t ¨man¨ me….I am a lady….now tell me who this is

Unknown: No….just delete my phone number and we can go back to living our lives

Not happening Mr. now tell me your name…..otherwise I will have no choice but to give you a nickname

Unknown: Oh god…..please not a nickname

Than give me a name I can call you babe

Unknown: Don’t call me babe…..we barely know each other

Exactly, just give me a name handsome

Unknown: Only after you tell me your name

Nuh uh, I asked you first

Unknown: Don’t be like this babe, how about you tell me your age then?

YOU CALLED ME BABE, I knew you were falling for my amazing charm

Unknown: I only called you babe cuz Idk your name love

Than give me a name, and maybe I will give you a hint about my name

Unknown: You’re so stubborn, it suits you, makes you seem strong and beautiful

You don’t know how I look babe

Unknown: Not yet love, but I will earn your trust

Ha ha, I doubt that

Unknown: Oh come on babe, don’t think of me so low, I will make you fall in love with me in no time

Babe, falling in love takes time, but I bet you are in love with me already

Unknown: You’re 100% right babe, I am totally in love with you

Knock it off handsome, I’m not pretty enough for you, lol

Unknown: Oh but you are babe, beauty is from the inside, and damn are you beautiful

Your weird

Unknown: But you love it babe

No way, I don’t know you

Unknown: Give me time honey, you’ll learn to love me

Very funny babe, I doubt it, but I’ll give you 2 months

Unknown: Why only 2 months? I thought it would be like a year or something

I dont have the time to fall in love, so if I still don’t remotely like you in 2 months you are screwed babe

Unknown: 2 months it is then, I promise you, you will fall for me

We will see in 2 months

Unknown: Perfect, goodnight babe


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