Addicted to Him

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Chapter 2

I run downstairs, grab my textbook from the kitchen table where I left it yesterday at midnight when I went upstairs to bed. I quickly make myself a coffee to go and grab the keys on the way out.

I drive slowly to school since I am early and it’s pouring rain. My friend Emma sits next to me, her head bobbing up and down to the music screeching out of her earphones. It’s not that I don’t like her music, it’s just that she puts it so loud that even when it’s meant so only she can hear it everyone is able to hear it.

I park in a parking spot at the far end of the school since there isn’t an open space anywhere closer. Our high school is small, decent, but has a high academic achievement. I also swim for my school team, it’s not the best team but hey, I am healthy thanks to it.

¨Emma hurry up, we are gonna be late¨ I scream at her as I turn to lock my car. Emma drags herself over to me and we walk side by side into the school. I go straight to my locker and stuff some books in and take others out.


I look down to see a text-

Unknown: Hey beautiful


Unknown: How did you sleep?

Good, and you?

Unknown: Amazing, I dreamed of you

Awww how sweet

Unknown: Don’t make fun of me babe

No never, I would never make fun of you

Unknown: Ha ha, stop being so sarcastic, it doesn’t suit you

Oh I am sorry babe, but if you haven’t known sarcasm is my only defence

Unknown: Did you just quote a line from Teen Wolves?

Maybe I did

Unknown: Wow, your weird

But you love it

Unknown: Don’t use my words against me babe, it wont work

For sure, we will see about that

Unknown: I am warning you love

I am good

Unknown: Ok than, lets see how good you are at that

At what?

Unknown: Using my own words against me

Sounds great

Unknown: Ha ha, give me a break

Never babe

Unknown: Good cuz I dont want you to give me any space

Ewww babe, you’re being too romantic

Unknown: Oh come on, I know you like it


Unknown: Just admit it babe


Unknown: Fine

Ok then, gtg to class, ttyl

Unknown: You better, love u

Easy there

Unknown: Mhm, I will take it easy

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