Addicted to Him

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Chapter 3

I am walking back to my car, class has just finished and school is over for the day. I am standing right in front of my black Mustang, tugging my hair back into a messy bun when my phone rings again.

Unknown: How was school?


Unknown: Same

I seriously need your name so every time you text it wont pop-out as ¨unknown¨

Unknown: For sure, just add my contact and add ¨babe¨ or ¨love¨

Never, just give me the first letter of your name

Unknown: But I prefer Babe and Love, come on, just do this for me

Uhhh, fine

Unknown: Yayyyyyyyy

Calm down babe

Unknown: Ok I am calm now


Babe: So, wyd?

Getting into my car

Babe: Cool, so you drive?

Yeah, you don’t?

Babe: Don’t have my license yet

That’s all good, I actually drive my friends around

Babe: Are you willing to drive me?


Babe: Great, can you come pick me up from the store?

Why are you at the store?

Babe: My mom needed something from Walmart so I went and got it for her

Awww your so sweet

Babe: Please stop, your making me blush

*gasps*, I had no idea guys blushed too

Babe: Stop making fun of me princess

But it’s fun

Babe: Of course it is


Babe: Shhhhhh


Babe: Never say never

Oh come on, stop quoting Justin Bieber

Babe: I will never

You just said ¨never¨

Babe: So?

You were the one telling me to never say never

Babe: I know

I have to go take my friend home, ttyl, bye

Babe: Bye love

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