Addicted to Him

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Chapter 4

I pull out my phone the moment I fall onto my bed, scrolling down until I find his contact. I stair at it for a while, wondering who he might be, and if I know him. Finally I sent him a quick “hello”.

Babe: Sup


Babe: Tired as hell, you?


Babe: Go eat honey, I don’t want you starving

I won’t starve, you wanna come nap with me?

Babe: For real?

Nope, I was just asking if you would

Babe: I would so love that, give me the address and I will be there

Lol, I bet you will

Babe: Please, I wanna be with you

Quit whining

Babe: Never, not when it comes to you

Awww how sweet

Babe: I love you

You can’t

Babe: Why not?

Because we have only known each other for 2 or 3 days

Babe: I know, yet I can’t stop my heart from falling for you


Babe: You’re making me blush, please stop


Babe: I know

You know what?

Babe: How much you like teasing and making me blush

You can’t be more right

Babe: Lol, you’re amazing

So are you babe, is everything ok?

Babe: Yeah, why?

You’re getting too romantic and it’s making me think something happened to you

Babe: Nothing happened, I am just saying what I feel for you

Awww, well give me a couple weeks and I will totally be in love with you

Babe: Really?

With no doubt

Babe: That means a lot, thanks lol

Calm it handsome, I am just stating a fact

Babe: I know and I love it

I know you do

Babe: I love your honesty and your kindness

Thanks babe, I try to be as perfect and helpful as I can

Babe: And that makes me love you even more

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