Addicted to Him

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Chapter 5

I finish up my homework quickly, eat dinner with my family, answering their questions but staying quiet most of the time, then quickly head back upstairs to my room and go straight to my phone which is charging next to my bed. I have 3 texts from him.

Babe: Hi

Babe: HW sucks

Babe: You there love?

Yeah sorry, had to finish homework and right after eat dinner

Babe: All good, I just thought you left me for a second

I could never leave you

Babe: That is such a relieve to hear


Babe: Wait, does that mean you’re falling for me already?


Babe: I knew it

Mhm, you know everything

Babe: Not everything, but almost everything

Such a big ego

Babe: You know it


Babe: I love you

I know, and I am falling for you, quicker than I would like it

Babe: Thank god, I could not go forever loving you and not getting loved back

Lol, what do you have as my contact name?

Babe: ¨My love¨

Awww thats so sweet

Babe: It’s the truth, you are the love of my life

That’s deep but cute as well

Babe: You know it, I am honest with everything I say

Are you sure about that?

Babe: With you, I speak my minds and heart with you

You’re such a sweetheart, I love you

Babe: I knew it

You surely did

Babe: You’re my everything

Hmmm, for now but it might not work out, what then? Will you just give up?

Babe: Maybe, idk tbh

I shouldn’t be your everything because if we don’t work out you wont be ok, and I need you to be ok

Babe: You are my everything for the time being

I know I am, and I am happy to know you are happy

Babe: I am more than happy, I am ready to fight any demons coming my way as long as you are by my side

I will always be here, by your side, forever

Babe: Same to you baby, I love you

I love you too

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