Addicted to Him

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Chapter 6

We say our goodnights and I lay there in bed, smiling like a lunatic. I can’t get the thought of knowing him out of my head. He is such a good guy, I feel lucky to know him. Will we ever meet? If so, when and where?

I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. I open one eye and see my older brother grinning at me with a mug of coffee in his hands. I sit up and snatch it from him, taking a gulp of the hot, delicious liquid.

¨Thanks so much Dylan for this coffee¨ I say sarcastically.

¨It was meant for me, but you're welcome¨ He says, rolling his eyes at me.

After drinking the coffee, I get up and go to the bathroom. My bathroom is ok in size, there is a glass shower with a toilet next to it, and a huge mirror covering over half of the bathroom’s wall. I look at myself in the mirror, my messy hair everywhere, looking like a blob of hair?

¨Uhhh, I need a shower¨ I say to myself, I go back out and into my closet, dragging my legs I grab a pair of jeans and a thin, crop-top sweatshirt. I stand in the shower enjoying the feel of the hot water hitting my back and rolling down.

Putting on jeans after showering is the hardest thing ever. It sticks to your legs and it’s so hard to pull them up. That is why it took me 10 minutes to finally pull them up. I put on a belt, tie my hair up in a messy bun, put on my black Air Jordans, and run out the house.

I got to Emma’s house just in time and she rushed into my car as I was already starting to move the car forwards.

¨Jeez girl, take it slow, you don’t have to kill us in the process of going to school¨ I laugh as I speed on the highway leading us to River High Academy.

¨It’s going to be fine Emma. I am being careful, I promise¨ I say as I zigzag between cars. Emma is clutching the belt with one hand and the door with the other. Her face is turning green. ¨Emma are you ok?¨ I ask, slowing down a little.

¨Yeah I am fine¨ She says waving the question away with her hand. Emma is the type that doesn’t care what others think of her, but she still dresses up to impress. After that I slow down, I kinda feel bad for making her feel that way.

“Jeez girl, you look hot,” I turn to see Logan eyeing me up. I shudder before walking away. “Hey I was talking to you,” He screams after me.

“Ignore that moron” Emma says, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and guiding me to our lockers.

‘BING’, I checked my phone to find a message from him. I smile as I answer him.

“Who is it?” Emma asks, trying to look over my shoulder.

“No one you know” I say, turning away and putting my phone in my back pocket.

“Oh come on, give me a hint,” I shake my head smiling. “Fine,” She says, turning away and taking her text books out of her locker. I follow her as she heads to class. Our first class is English and we are re-reading Romeo and Juliet so we can participate in the play coming up in spring. ‘BING’

Babe: Hey love


Babe: How are you?

Tired, you?

Babe: Pissed with my friend

Why, what happened?

Babe: He won’t stop taking my phone and trying to text you

Awww how sweet

Babe: No it’s not because I hate sharing

My poor baby hates sharing, I feel bad for you

Babe: Please stop, this is a serious matter

Oh I know, and I am on your side 100%

Babe: Thank you, that makes me feel much better


Babe: I’ve missed you so much

Seriously? We talked yesterday and earlier today

Babe: I know, I know, but I miss you when we don’t talk even if it’s for only one minute

Lol, I am that amazing

Babe: You damn are


Babe: I gtg to class…..ttyl

For sure, have a great day

Babe: You too love

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