Addicted to Him

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Chapter 7

I rush after Emma as she heads to the cafeteria with Simon and Cat. As we slow down when we get closer to our everyday table, I hear whooping and laughing. I sidestep a guy that is running out of the cafeteria holding his stomach. When I turn back to the group I find that there are like 10 guys, they all are surrounding this one guy who seems to be gulping down bottle after bottle of beer.

I turn to Simon, and I find him already giving me a questioning look. Cat also looks puzzled but when I turn to Emma she is jumping and laughing along with the guys. Then it clicked, no wonder she was so excited for lunch, she planned all this.

I groan as I cover my face with my hands. Simon laughs at my reaction and Cat decides to leave. I turn about to follow Cat, when a hand grabs my shoulder and pulls me close to them. I yelp as I struggle to get free.

“It’s just me babe” Logan says right next to my year. I gasp and elbow him in the side. He lets go of me with a huff expressing his annoyance. Simon comes up behind me and gives Logan the worst look ever.

“Leave her alone you douchebag,” Simon says. I start laughing so hard Simon has to hold me up. Logan looks distressed and annoyed to a totally different level and I just find it hilarious. After that small bit of fun, I look for Emma but I can’t find her.

“Have you seen Emma?” I ask Simon, he shakes his head as he walks in a circle looking for her. Where can she be? I start getting light headed. Simon, Cat and I have been keeping her in a safe place ever since her brother died of cancer a year ago, but now she seems to have found where she wants to be and it’s not a good place.

“We need to find her,” Simon says, rushing out of the cafeteria. I trail after him, my head whipping from one side to the other as I look for her. A hand grabs my arm and I whirl around ready to punch whoever it is. I stop myself mid air when I realize it’s just Cat.

“You don’t have to worry about her, I found her in the bathroom putting on make-up with Shirly and Mary,” Cat says. I let go of the breath I was holding and nod. Cat gives me a sad look and I understand, Emma has changed and she decided her path. She chose popularity over her friends.

I turn away from Cat and I head in the opposite direction of the bathroom that Emma is in. When I get to the bleachers I pull out my phone to find 6 messages from him.


Babe: You finally answered

Yeah, I had a scare with my friend

Babe: Is she ok?

Yeah she is just fine

Babe: Why do I feel like you are the one that isn’t ok

Because I have been here for her for the past 8 years and she leaves me for the popular kids

Babe: I am so sorry to hear that love

Nothing I can do now, she chose her path

Babe: Don’t you want to talk her out of it?

I can’t, I don’t want to face her right now

Babe: I understand

I know you do

Babe: You trust me right?


Babe: Than talk to her when you feel ready, you have given her everything, she will remember that if you talk to her and it will all be back to normal soon

Ok, thx babe

Babe: My pleasure love

Got to go to class, ttyl

Babe: For sure, have a great class

You too babe

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