Addicted to Him

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Chapter 9

“How did this happen again?” Simon asks me for the billionth time. He still can’t process the fact that I am now laying on a hospital bed waiting for a doctor to check me for anything so I can be sent home. It’s been a little over a day here and I am so looking forward to getting home and to my comfy bed.

“I was zoned out and some guy wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and he hit me,” I explained to him for the billion-and-one time. He nods but then his eyebrows scrunch up and I know he has more questions. I shake my head and roll my eyes before laying my head back on the pillow.

“What?” Simon asks. He saw me rolling my eyes, but he smiled.

“Nothing”, I say smiling. I have known Simon for the longest time, ever since we were like 6 years old, and we both stayed past daylight to hangout in the park. My phone beeps and I retrieve it from where it is placed next to my bed.

Babe: Hey


Babe: I missed you

Missed you too

Babe: I hurt someone today

Are they ok?

Babe: Yeah, but I feel so bad, I never meant to hurt her

Who is she? I thought you were mine

Babe: Oh darling, I am all yours

Lol, I thought so

Babe: I hit her with my car


Babe: Right after school

Love, you hit me, that girl was me

Babe: What? There is no way

I am right now in the hospital after getting almost run over by a guy

Babe: What did he look like?

He had brown hair that fell down his face in waves, bright, beautiful, greenish-brown eyes, and a smile that can light my darkest nights

Babe: Aww you are in love


Babe: What color of car did he have?

A black mustang, I think it was

Babe: Oh god, that was me

Huh, first meeting went well

Babe: For sure, but I fell in love with you even more

Awww, so sweet

Babe: Just for you love

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