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Just a Nerd

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Veronica Adams is moving to a whole different state, far away from her home. But what happens at her school will dig you a deeper hole, wanting more. Read 'Just a Nerd' to find out what happens! -Claire

Romance / Drama
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New Kid

The new kid. Yeah, that's me. I have braces and glasses and all the good, nerdy things. It is my freshman year, and I just moved to Arizona from Washington. I really like school. It is fun, I get the opportunity to learn things, and, well, to be honest, I'm not so sure I will have many friends.

I'm getting dressed, wearing a pair of red sneakers, white ripped jeans, and a white Nirvana T-shirt, and my hair is in a messy, loose, bun. I have a curvy body, but I don't like to show it off much. I put my earbuds in, head downstairs, say bye to my mom and dad, and out the door. I get into my car and drive off to my fresh start.

I am walking into the doors, and a weird but iffy scent washes through my nose. People stare and whisper, where I can hear them saying 'Oh, I think that's the new girl' like they were expecting some hot chic from California. Nope. Just me, boring, old, and nerdy Victoria. I start walking towards a door with a sign that says 'Main Office'.

I'm not looking for friends, a hot boy, or anything but finding my way through this huge place. And technically, I do not want a boyfriend right now. I get some more evil stares, a few friendly smiles, but there is this one group of boys, er- men, I mean, that catches my eye. They are all glaring and giving me nasty looks but one.
The one in the middle, I figured to be the most popular boy in our grade. He smirks at me- then his eyes trace over my curves. He catches me staring at him, who is staring at me, then he looks away. Some people -I'm sure over half- saw my cheeks burning red. I walk faster, grabbing the handle of the door and shoving it open.

Also, I forgot to mention, I moved here because of my Mom's job, and one of her best friends lives here. Apparently, me and what's-her-name's son were born together at the same time, in the same room, while our moms were holding hands. Yeah. Weird right? Anyway, I'm walking in and hear a voice.

"Ah, Ms. Adams! You've arrived! Welcome to your new school. We hope you enjoy your learning experience here! I am Mrs. Mekaju." A plump (but beautiful) woman says, getting up from an office chair. I smile, but don't say anything. I notice the boy who was drooling over me earlier was now sitting in a chair across the room! Ugh, he was doing it again, that hot- wait no, no, no. That... Ugly! Yes, that's the word! That ugly smirk!
"We have moved you to the advanced classes, based on your previous school grades. I must be forgetting something..." Mrs. Mekaju says, placing her hand on her cheek. The perv boy clears his throat loudly. Mrs. Mekaju looks at him, then her face lights up. "Ah! Yes, Nathan Sokan will be your guide!" She makes a hand gesture towards the boy, who I now know as the boy named Nathan. I groan, and he smirks. He is wearing the typical bad boy clothes, black ripped jeans, a Nirvana shirt (I'm going to burn all of my Nirvana shirts now-), and a small number of piercings on his face and nose.
"Is there a problem, Victoria?" Mekaju asks, giving us each small glances, one after the other.
I squeeze my eyes shut, pinch the bridge of my nose, and reply blandly, "No. Let's just get this over with so I can get to my first class. And I need my schedule." Mekaju hands me my schedule, smiling. "You and Mr. Sokan will be in every class together! How nice?" She says, and my stomach flops.
"So- you from around here?" Nathan asks.
"Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. Why would it matter to you?" I reply, rolling my eyes.
"Woah, attitide, Princess. We just met."
I scoff. "Princess?! In your dreams. Like I said earlier, let's just get this over with so we can get to class."
"Oh- So we are a thing now, huh?" He says slyly.
"You know for sure that's not what I meant. Now shut up and walk."
I reach my class, math, and there are two seats next to each other, the rest are taken. The only person left that I know of is me. I take a look around and realize that Nathan isn't here. Great! I make my way to my seat and sit down. Nathan walks through the door and sees the spot next to me. I hide my face from him, and he says "Why are you hiding, princess?" I heard some ooohs from some people, and I turn away. There is a girl next to me, and she sees me looking at her. She rolls her eyes, giving me a nasty look. I look forward and wonder what the hell I did to her to make her mad. We start talking about states and I tell them I moved from Washington.
"Nobody asked." The girl next to me said.
"And nobody was talking to you." I state. She stares at me, in an evil way, while outbursts come from the class. I'm not trying to make a riot, but apparently, I am.
"Mrs. Adams? Would you like to stand up and repeat yourself?" The teacher calls.
I hesitate, but then stand up and say "We were talking about states, and as you know, if you were paying attention," I glance at some of the people who were on their phones, "I told you I moved from Washington. Then, this girl next to me" I make a hand gesture towards the girl who is now giving me the deepest glare ever, "Has the audacity to say 'Nobody asked.' So of course, me not being a wimp and taking it, I said 'And nobody was talking to you. Simple." I say, sitting back down in my seat, about to continue working, when all of a sudden...
Nathan starts to clap. Which eventually started everyone clapping. Even the teacher!
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