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Are They Just Bestfriends?

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There was a Girl Named Elsa who came from a really rich family,She had an Awesome,Cool and Loving Bestfriend,Jazzy.but he wasn't really Rich,he was just a normal guy from around the Ty town and therefore Elsa's parents didn't really approve of their friendship.Tighten your seatbelts as we embark on this journey of these two friends.

Romance / Adventure
Nketsi Kuleile
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sun was Brilliantly red and Orange and The Weather was Quietly Calm.This was a Perfect time for couples amd friends to meet and watch this Extraordinary view.

"Jazzy Comeon!!do you want the sun to set without seeing it today?"Elsa asked in both a serious and playful tone.

We were at my home and I was Getting Dressed but She was really just Impatient.

"I'm almost done Twinkle!want me to come Out naked or what?"i teased her.

Elsa and I were both in Our sweet 16 But i was Older in months.Ohhh i almost forgot It was her Birthday Tomorrow And She was Holding a really Big Party.

I remember on My Birthday she Bought me a really Expensive Gift.I couldn't accept it but she just forced me to and I couldn't refuse.It was a Silver Gucci Watch and I had To get her something special too with the money i had been saving since the Beginning of the Year.

I was soon Done Dressing And We went Out On the Beach Shore like we always Did.Elsa Was Wearing a full Nike Outfit and her Cool Nike airforce 1s.she Really Was an Angel,Her Brown Chinese like Eyes Always made me Feel Like my heart was going to burst Out not to mention her Goodlooking Body and her smooth and Healthy Light skin.

When we reached The Spot,We just stood There and chatted about the Good Old times when we were Just kids.Truth Be Told:I really Had Extra Feelings For Elsa But I didn't want to show her because it would definitely ruin our Friendship especially if she didn't like me back as a Boyfriend.

We were about to leave When we gave each other A Tight hug,She was so warm and I just didn't want to get out of there.One thing let to the other:We were now Looking straight into each others eyes n i saw her closing her eyes and Leaning towards Me. Nervously,i also Did the same and.........

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