Blending In

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Sarah is an ordinary girl who lives with her family in NYC. Her life is pretty simple. She is married to Chris and they both love each other deeply. Her family consists a little sister and her parents. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets with a horrifying accident and falls into a coma. After 5 years she wakes up. Join me in the journey of Sarah Oak and how she blends in the world after missing 5 years of life

Romance / Thriller
Manahil Khan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a lovely Friday morning. Sarah Oak lived a wonderful life with her husband in Upstate New York. "Good morning, love" Chris, her husband, kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning, honey" she said. "So, what plans do you have today?" He asked while preparing coffee for both of them. "Oh, I thought I would visit mom and dad today. Everyone is home tonight, so I thought why not spend the the Friday night with the family" she said while Chris handed her the coffee mug. "Yeah, that's great, hon. Unfortunately I won't be able to join you todayz bcz I am really busy today with office work but you enjoy your day" he said and gave a quick kiss on the cheek and went to his room.

Sarah was now dressing up to go to her house, the Klines. She was very excited as it had been quite some time that she had met her family. She ordered a cab and went to her parent's home which was situates near the times square.

She reached her house and rang the doorbell. "Coming" the voice of her little sister Amelia rang in to her ears. Amelia opened the door and was shocked to see the person standing there. "Sarah!!! What a lovely surprise" she exclaimed and hugged her tightly. "Oh! I missed these hugs" Sarah said, chuckling. "Come on, come inside" Amelia said and Sarah went. "Mom, Dad look who is here" Amelia said while they went to the living room. "OMG!SARAH!" Her mom, Britney, got up from the couch and hugged her daughter. "I missed you too, mom" Sarah said. "It's been a long time, dear" Sarah's father placed a hand over her daughter's head. "Indeed, it has been, father" Sarah smiled and kissed her father's hand.

Author's note: So here is chapter 1. Happy reading guys 😊
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