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Eva and Lily's Love adventures

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Its a story about a couple that met in the internet and how they loved each other throughthe years months and seconds!

Romance / Adventure
Lily Brennaschi
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The way they met

One day Lily was a ordinary girl who had no computer, on christmas Morning she woke up and woke up her family and ran down the stairs and went into the livingroom and saw the presents on the dining table the family one by one opened their presents, Lily picked the largest out of her presents and opened it and to Lily's suprise it was a Lenovo chromebook, her dad and brother put parent control on it and soon they took it off and she signed up in discord she had a few depressing fucking moments and she tried to date online but it didn't work at all, she made a server with loads of people in it and her brother took her server off and the people were mad at her and they remade it and she didn't join it because it had a few depressing moments in it.

When she first met her love of the life she started hard crushing on her, the crush was Eva Brennan, Eva was dating a boy who didn't deserve her and they fought and then broke up and then Eva dated another boy who also didn't deserve her and they fought and broke up and Lily confessed to Eva for once and then Eva confessed to her and they were dating.

End of chapter, what do you think of the first chapter? give me feedback please and also this is a real story! what will happen next! Author Lily Brennaschi.
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