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Story of love amidst uncertainty and chaos of shifter type origins

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Hierarchy & Leadership

The True King: The person who pins the supers in a plane of existence linking them to a higher power. He is the one who ensures all supers keeps law and order and avoid chaos. He answers to the deities.

The High Kings (Inner Council): Members chosen from the supers who have more powers far beyond the control of the type of supers they are born from. They have special abilities that surpasses even that of the specific leader in their clan and kingdom. They answer only to the true king.

The High Council (Council): Members are leaders of the different types of super species. They represent their species like members of a parliament. They form the major governing body of supers. Their decisions are not influenced by any higher being but are driven by the needs of their people. They answer to the true king. They are the Alpha Kings e.g., the wolf king, the bear king, the moonshine king, the sun king, the mer-king, the Raven king, the eagle king. They embody and lead a clan.

The Alphas: They lead individual packs. They answer to the alpha king e.g. the Mountain Peak Alpha
The Betas: second in command to the alpha in a pack
The Deltas: are third in command in a pack. Answer to the beta and alpha

The Members: they belong to a pack as it civilians.
The Omegas: they have the force to back up and defend the tribe. They are the last resort in time of battle of hardship. They are built to withstand and face a lot of hardships yet remain strong. They show hidden powers with recessive genes that awaken only when alpha is in danger and they need more support.

The story is under heavy editing and finally completed.

I appreciate you taking time to read my story.

Hope you will take the turns and go forward with me as the story unravels

Wattpad @Nabee_Bennal

Inkitt @Nabee_Bennal

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