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~STORY CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT ~ Sarah Darrell always wanted a simple life. But after having an abusive childhood and teenage she came to. Know life is not a fairytale. Being mistreated by her step mother and sister, she decided to leave behind her city, her home , her family. Today at the age of 22 she is a strong, independent and confident women She is returning to NYC again after 6 years and will be taking over her late mother's company and fulfilling her mother's last wish. Meet Adrian Parker , at the age of 26 he is the CEO of world's leading company. He is drop dead gorgeous and unlike other billionaire he is one woman man. Planning to marry Jessica and making her officially his forever was his next move. But faith has decided something else for Sarah and Adrian _________________________________________ Adrian forcefully pushed the door open. He started walking angrily towards me, grabbing my arm he said "What were you thinking back there dancing with that Noah. Didn't I said you to behave well but you couldn't give up your whoring act for few hours." I flinched at his loud tone and controlled my tears that started forming in my eyes "Well at least I wasn't the one who was flirting with his ex". I retorted back. "Well Jessica is not like you, you are the one seeking attention of every rich man back there. You purposely choose to wear such revealing dress,

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Sarah P.O.V

Life is not easy as a fairytale it has shades that are lighter and darker. I used to believe that everything would always have a happy ending. Maybe it’s because I was too naïve growing up, but I always thought my life would be like a fairy tale, or at least I hoped it would be better one day.

My Mom Sophia, passed away when I was just 5 and after few years my father, Neil Darrell started dated Lisa. Soon Lisa and her daughter Chloe shifted to our house. During the initial days, Lisa was always good towards me but as soon as she got married to my father, she started showing her other evil side. I and Chloe was the same age but Lisa made sure that Chloe got all the attention of both Lisa and Dad.

After few months I started noticing how Dad also started ignoring me and got busy with his perfect family. As time passed I was just an extra unwanted family member which no one cares about in the house.

My only happy place was with my maternal grandparents who lived in Italy but we always made sure to visit each other whenever we can. Apart from my family, there were only two people in the whole world whom I loved the most after my family. They were my childhood best friend- Jessica Martin and Adrian Parker. We three were inseparable until Adrian moved to boarding school in London.

I and Jessica made sure to stay together and always made sure to talk with Adrian every weekend. As soon as I got into high school, Jessica started to ignore me and preferred to hang around with Chole, and soon they were the new best friends. After few days even Adrian stopped replying to my messages and calls.

Bypassing time everyone around me made sure to compare with Chloe or other girls. Lisa always looks toward the chance to insult my looks clothes and she made sure people treat me the same way as she did. Even My dad started looking at me as a disgrace. I tolerated all the insults, abuse, wrongdoings but soon I realized this would only make them stronger.
As little girls, we are shown scenarios where time and time again of women who were “damsels in distress” and needed saving. But as I got older, I realized that I don’t need any Prince Charming to save me.

The only person capable of saving me is myself, I need to become a strong, independent woman and have to stand up for myself. I need to overcome my hurdles and fight my own battles.

By the end of high school, I was very clear about my future and goals, I made sure to work hard to get into the top universities. My hard work paid off when I got into Harvard with a full scholarship. Moving to Boston from New York was a whole new experience for me. It was the first time I was moving out from the hell, from my family, from my old life. In Boston there was no one to judge me with my clothes or looks, there people actually wanted to be my friend because of who I am.

The University days made me explore new things, it actually made me discover the real me. I used to manage my studies in the morning and part-time job in the evening to manage my expenses.

After five years today, I hold a dual master’s degree in Engineering and MBA. Tomorrow I will be leaving Boston and going back to NYC after almost 5 years. In this time period, neither my family nor Jessica or Adrian tried to contact me. My Grandfather did offer me some finances for my needs but I barely touched them.

Packing back all my stuff and got ready for the airport. I tie my hair in a ponytail and examined my reflection in the mirror. My brown hair cascading back up till my waist, I always preferred having short hair till my high school. My round face was almost bare with minimal makeup. My glasses were gone and my hazel eyes with thick lashes were perfectly coated with Mascara.

Before arriving in Boston I hardly knew any makeup skills but after moving to Boston I learned to groom myself well. My roommate Ester Caswell is the one who supported me in these 5 years. She is the sister I could ever ask for. I was basically so pale and thin when I initially moved here, mainly because I hardly got anything to eat at home, most of the food was the leftovers.
Throughout my university days, I focused on my studies, career, and my health. Today being 5′6 I was neither too fat nor too thin, Although I was still a bit insecure about my body but according to Ester I have curves in all the right places.

She has gone to her parent’s house for a week and soon she will be moving to NYC as well. Taking a last look at the mirror I took my stuff and called a cab. Soon I was on my way to the airport, hoping that everything goes well.






Little did I know this journey back to NYC is gonna make my life upside down.

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