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Chapter 5: My saviour and my enemy – Part 2/2

I looked to the doctor. “Is she going to be, ok?” I asked nervously.

Her eyes roamed all over Amelia as her hands felt around her broken body. “She has quite a few bruises and cuts, possibly some broken ribs, her leg is broken badly as well. The main vein in her leg was punctured, and she is bleeding badly.” She looked into my eyes, a solemn expression. “We will do everything we can.” She smiled.

My eyes narrowed on her. “That answer is not reassuring,” I said in a deadly tone.

“I will do everything that I can to save her, Alpha. But I won’t be able to focus with you in here; I have to ask you to leave.” She said shakily.

I snarled at her and shook with rage as my chest heaved. Luca came up behind me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “She’s right; you need to give her space so that she can help her.” I glared at him, then stormed out of the room.

I knew that if I were in there, I would probably cause more problems, but at the same time, I didn’t give a shit! I just wanted to be with Amelia and not leave her side.

I grabbed a chair from the other room, dragged it into the hall, placed it next to her door, and sat down. I wasn’t going anywhere until I knew she was alright.

Amelia POV:

The sound of machines beeping flooded my ears as the smell of medical equipment wafted in the air. My whole body ached, and I felt so exhausted, it hurt even to open my eyes. I tried to reposition myself on the bed, as my ass felt numb from being in one spot. Finally, I opened my eyes just a little to look around, and I noticed Damon standing next to my bed.

“Here, let me help you.” He said softly. He gripped my hips gently and helped to turn me onto my side slightly, then propped a pillow behind my back for support.

I gave him a drunken smile as my eyes fluttered open and shut. “Thank you.”

He caressed my check with his thumb, and I was out again.

I was startled awake, dreaming of the wolf that attacked me. My breathing was erratic, and my heart began to feel like it was going a mile a minute.

Damon rushed to my side and engulfed me in his arms, then ran a hand down the length of my hair, trying to soothe me. “Shh, it’s ok. Your safe now.”

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself, but then I remembered that Damon had turned into a wolf. That’s when I began to panic, realizing he was right beside me, and I was in his arms.

I gasped, looking at him and tried to move away from him, pushing at his rock-solid chest. My eyes widened in fear. “You…you…turned into a wolf,” I said, my voice wavering.

His expression became neutral. “No, Amelia, I didn’t. A wolf attacked you.”

I shoved him away from me, putting distance between us. “Yea, I know I was attacked by a wolf. But I saw you jump off that cliff and turn into a wolf. I know I did!” I shouted.

He leaned closer to me, trying to eliminate the gap, but I put my hand up, stopping him. “Don’t come near me; you’re a monster!”

He looked hurt by my words, “Amelia, I promise I won’t hurt you.” He said calmly.

I scoffed. “Won’t hurt me? Yet, you tore the head off that wolf; you killed it and in a brutal way. How in the fuck, do you want me to believe that you won’t hurt me?” I asked him.

His expression became stern as he moved my hand away and leaned in closer to me. “If I hadn’t killed that wolf, you would be dead by now, rotting inside its stomach. I saved your life; if I were going to hurt you, Amelia, I would have killed you the moment I walked into that cell.” His tone was dark, but his words held truth to them.

What Damon said made sense; he could have killed me at any time. He could’ve let that other man attack me, but he didn’t, he had helped me, and this time, Damon saved my life.

Damon sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair as he watched me. I didn’t know what to say or how to react; I had just watched this man change into a wolf, something I only read about in stories.

I cleared my throat. “How?”

His brows scrunched together. “How, what?”

“How did you do that? And don’t lie to me; I know what I saw.” I said, narrowing my eyes on him.

He looked away from me. “I didn’t change into a wolf, Amelia. You were hallucinating.” His voice was low.

I sat up in my bed. “Bullshit! Don’t lie to me! I know what I saw, and I saw you turn into a wolf!” I yelled at him.

Damon whipped his head in my direction with a furious expression on his face. He leaned down, placing his hands on either side of my head, caging me between his muscular arms. His eyes changed from their beautiful blue to a dark shade of yellow. I sunk myself into the bed, terrified of him right now.

His jaw was clenched tightly, and his lip twitched. “Are you sure you saw me turn into a wolf? Are you sure you weren’t just imagining things?” He tilted his head to the side, bringing his lips to my ear. “Maybe, I am the big bad wolf, and you are my little red riding hood, and I’m just waiting for the perfect opportunity to eat……you……up.” He reared back, and a sinister smile spread across his lips.

My lip quivered, and I bit down on it to keep it still. I was so afraid of this man and what he would do to me. But my stupid ass reached up and slapped him across the face. His head whipped to the side upon impact, and he slowly turned back to look back at me. He narrowed his eyes while grinning at me and then started to laugh.

Damon leaned in again, bringing his face closer to mine. “You’re lucky you are injured and in this bed, or else I’d spank that pretty little ass of yours for that stunt.” He gripped my chin tightly, causing me to whimper. “Pull something like that again, and I promise you will regret it!” He spat.

He then stood from the bed, turned around and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut. I had finally let out the breath I didn’t know I had been holding in and started to hyperventilate as tears began to pour down my face. I gathered myself and observed my body, taking note of my injuries, and that’s when I saw my broken leg. My chest heaved, and more tears streamed down my face as I realized that I was stuck here until my leg healed. Fuck! I’m never going to escape this place.

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