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Chapter 6: Trapped – Part 3/3

She flinched at my outburst but quickly regained herself and stood confidently.

She threw her arms in the air. “Why not? I am no longer injured and want to return home, where I belong.” She snapped.

I began to shake from the fury building within me. “Because I fucking said so, and you belong here, with me.” Shit! I didn’t mean to say that out loud. The words had just come out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

Her brows furrowed together in confusion. “What do you mean here with you?” She questioned.

I cleared my throat and thought of the first logical thing I could say “So, I can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t tell others about us, about werewolves.” I told her in an attempt to cover up what I had just said.

Her eyes widened before she looked away from me. “Trevor told me that he and you spoke, that he told you the truth,” I informed her; my pack didn’t hide anything from me, and even if they tried to, I still found out.

Amelia folded her arms across her chest. “Well, at least Trevor was honest with me and didn’t lie to me.” She scowled at me.

It pained my wolf and me to know that another man had told her this information, that I was stupid enough to lie to her. I should have just told her the truth then and there.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and huffed in annoyance. “If you hadn’t run away, you would have never found out!” I said through gritted teeth.

She scoffed at my words, “I wouldn’t have had reason to run if you hadn’t fucking kidnapped me.” Amelia screamed at me; anger etched onto her beautiful features now.

I rose from my chair and, in an instant, was standing face to face with her. She gasped and pressed herself into the wall, clearly stunned at my speed and the minimal amount of distance between us now.

Amelia POV:

Damon wrapped his large hand firmly around my neck, twisted us around and slammed me onto the desk, caging me between him and the wood. I trembled slightly from fear. Especially with the knowledge, I had gained over these past few weeks. Knowing now just how easy it would be for this man to rip me to pieces without a second thought.

He glared down at me. “You crossed into my lands and attacked one of my men; it was determined that you were a threat and the safety of my people is always top priority. At first, I didn’t know what to do with you; I had thought about letting you go in the beginning, but then that man attacked you, and I wanted to ensure you were alright before deciding on what to do, but then you just had to run, causing even more problems.” Damon said through gritted teeth. His body was pressed to mine, making my skin feel like it was on fire.

I was baffled by his words, how he so quickly blamed everything on me. “I ran because you wouldn’t fucking let me go; I felt as though I had no other choice in the matter. I want to go home; I don’t want to be here anymore.” I yelled in his face as I had finally let it all out, and tears began to well in my eyes. I was overwhelmed with everything, feeling angry and miserable.

His expression was neutral, eyes holding no emotion. “Now that you know our secret, I can’t let you go yet. Not until I’ve determined that you are not a liability to the pack.” He stated calmly.

Fury coursed through my veins now, taking over my thoughts as I drank in his words, telling me that I couldn’t leave, that I couldn’t go home.

I struggled underneath him. “Let me go and get the fuck off of me.” I was frustrated and annoyed with him and his decision.

A wicked smile spread across his face before he leaned down. “I like you like this, though, vulnerable and squirming beneath me.” He whispered sweetly in my ear.

I was taken aback by his words, the sudden change in subject and I took notice of the hard cock pressing against my thigh. I shook my head and got back on track.

“I am not going to tell anyone about your kind; I wouldn’t put you guys in danger, especially after talking with Trevor,” I told him truthfully.

Trevor had explained everything to me, and I could never put him in danger, especially when he trusted me.

He released me and stood on his feet. “As I said, I will determine that over time, and when I’m sure you will not tell anyone, then you can go home.” His expression was stern, yet sympathetic and I felt as though he was lying to me about something, about the real reason he wouldn’t let me go.

Rage boiled inside of me now. I got off the desk and stood in front of him, my chest heaving now.

I shoved him in the chest. “Fuck you, Damon and your bullshit lie; let me go home!” I began to pound on his chest with my fists, and for a moment, I could’ve sworn I saw a smile form on those plump lips, but I had to have been seeing things, as his expression was apathetic now.

Damon gripped my wrists tightly. “That’s enough.” He growled, “I will not discuss this any further; my decision is final.” He released my wrists and began to walk back to his desk.

My nostrils flared. “I hate you; you’re an asshole.” I turned on my feet and headed towards the door, but Damon grabbed me by the waist, swung me around and slammed me into the wall.

“I would learn to watch that pretty little mouth of yours if I were you; you know what I am and what I’m capable of.” He said in a deadly tone.

I didn’t say anything, just looked away from him. I felt defeated and drained at the moment; I needed to be alone. “Can I go to my room now?”

He released me and took a step back, making room for me to go by him. I stormed out of his office, slamming the door behind me. I went to my room, and as I entered, I noticed the windows now had bars on them; you’ve got to be fucking kidding me? This truly is a prison, and I am the prisoner.

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