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Chapter 7: Desires – Part 2/2

I watched her cautiously leave her room and go down the stairs. I quietly followed her, watching her every move; some of the pack members here seemed to be warming up to her quickly, others not so much, but they knew she was under my protection and wouldn’t dare to go against me.

Those who resided within the packhouse had quickly found out about Amelia being here and that I was protecting her. Luca and I assured everyone that she was here for observation purposes to see if she was a hunter and if she had companions with her. Some seemed to have bought it, and others not so much.

I slipped into my office and began to catch up on business when Luca barged in and flopped into one of the chairs.

I raised an eyebrow “Yea, come in, Luca and have a seat.” I said jokingly.

He smiled. “Thanks, man, will do.”

I groaned. “What do you want?”

He tapped his chin with his index finger. “Well, Alpha, how did things go last night?” He questioned with a knowing smirk.

I glared at him. “None of your business.” My wolf flashed before my eyes, becoming irritated with him already.

Luca chuckled. “We need to soundproof the house; I didn’t enjoy that as much as she did last night.”

A low, threatening growl slipped from my mouth as my wolf was becoming infuriated with him now. “Luca, I’m….” Before I could finish my sentence, one of my warriors at the border mind linked with me, informing me of a breach at the borders and a captured rogue.

Luca and I shot up from our seats and made our way out of the house, heading straight for the dungeons.

Amelia POV:

I had fallen asleep at some point while reading, only to be woken up by Trevor barging into my bedroom.

“Get up, lazy girl!” He shouted at me.

I grunted at his enthusiastic and hyper demeanour. “How are you always so cheerful?” I asked with an annoyed tone.

“Because I get to see you, and I get to annoy you.” He laughed.

I rolled my eyes at him and buried myself back in the bed, trying to ignore him, but he just flopped himself onto my bed.

“What do you want, Trevor?” My voice muffled through the pillow.

He shook me almost violently. “Well, tonight, one of the clubs in the city is having their annual glitter party, and we are going.” He shrieked.

I perked up at the thought of getting out of the house, being free from these four walls, but then paused, “I’m not allowed out of the house Trevor, how am I going to go? Damon will never allow me to leave.” I slumped back down.

He smiled. “Well, a little birdy told me that the Alpha is going to be very busy for the remainder of the day and a good portion of the night, meaning he will be distracted. So, come evening, you and I can easily slip out, take one of the cars and go to the city.” He grinned deviously.

I lay there contemplating his words. Would we be able to leave without being caught? Would Damon find out that we snuck out? How severe would the consequences be for both of us?

Trevor nudged my shoulder, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Stop overthinking it; we are going!” He declared. I guess I did not have a choice.

“Ok, let’s do it!” I said with excitement. I needed this; I needed to get out, let loose and have some fun.

I gripped his shoulders. “Wait! I need some clothes.” I couldn’t very well go to a club wearing sweatpants and a baggy sweater.

“Don’t worry, your pretty little head doll; Ruth is giving me something for you to wear.” He winked.

It was now evening, and I had not seen Damon all day. I was sitting in my room, doing my hair and makeup, I did not want to attract too much attention, so I went with a sexy but subtle look. As I was finishing up, Trevor barged into my room. He was wearing a black long sleeve, silk shirt, grey pants and converses. I eyed him up and down, taking in his appearance; he had even done his hair.

I whistled at him. “Well, don’t you look handsome.” I smiled.

He waved me off. “Pshh, of course, I do, and you don’t look so bad yourself.” He winked at me. “But you will need this to finish the look.” He grinned and handed me a mid-thigh length, strapless, black dress and red pumps. I stood there, mouth agape, eyeing the dress.

“Are you serious?” I looked between him and the dress. “I can’t wear this! It’s too short and flashy, Trevor. I don’t want to attract attention tonight; I want to have fun with you.” I sighed, uncomfortable with the idea of wearing something that didn’t conceal much.

“Oh, come on, don’t be a party pooper. You will look beautiful in this dress, and if anyone bothers you, I’ll take care of them.” He said while grinning like the devil he is.

I groaned. “Fine!” Finally, I caved in and took the dress from him.

I slipped into the bathroom and changed into the dress, then stood there and examined myself. It was something I would have never picked out for myself, as it was not my style, but I had to admit, the dress made me feel good. The soft fabric hugged my curves perfectly and made my body pop. I honestly did feel like a sexy vixen.

I walked out of the bathroom, and Trevor’s eyes widened.

Trevor whistled, “Damn Amelia if I weren’t gay, I would do you.” He said while pursing his lips.

I shook my head. “You are awful; you know that?”

He smiled. “That’s why you love me.” Then, he walked over and kissed my cheek.

I scoffed. “Not the point. When are we leaving? I don’t want anyone to see me dressed like this.” But, of course, if anyone caught us and saw me in this dress, especially Damon, we were both screwed.

Trevor looked down at his watch. “In two minutes, the guards will be changing shifts, and that will be our only chance to make a dash for it without being seen.” He decided to inform me. I was nervous already, and he just made it worse.

After a couple of minutes, Trevor and I quietly snuck downstairs and out the front door. We ducked around the side of the house and ran towards the garage. Trevor grabbed a set of keys off the hook, choosing a black jeep. We hopped into the jeep and drove off.

As we drove off, I began to feel like I was betraying Damon and his trust. He had his moments where he was a complete asshole and moments where he was good, but I needed this. Besides, he doesn’t own me; he cannot tell me what to do. Yet, I still felt guilty for leaving and just hoped he would not find out.

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