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CHAPTER 8: Not again – Part 1/2


This chapter contains scenes of physical and sexual assault. Please continue ahead of this chapter if such settings may be offensive to you or cause you to be uncomfortable. You have been warned.

After driving for a while, Trevor and I finally arrived at the club. A vast, neon sign hung from the building, saying Dance, Dance. Trevor parked the jeep, and we climbed out, then started to walk towards the building. There was a line up around the corner, but apparently, Trevor had connections, as we were allowed to go inside without having to wait, causing the crowd outside to throw a fit. As we entered, I was blinded by strobe lights and my ears flooded with loud techno music. There were girls perched on swings that hung from the ceiling, glitter everywhere and people dancing the night away.

I looked at Trevor. “Should we get a drink first?” I yelled over the music.

“Hell, Yes!” He said as if it was apparent.

We walked over to the bar and ordered two beers. I gazed out at the crowd, memorized by the people dancing and laughing.

Trevor and I talked for a few minutes as we drank our beers. Then Trevor chugged back the rest of his and grabbed my arm. “Come on; we need to go dance!”

He pulled me towards the dance floor, pushing our way through the crowd. I laughed at how he danced and joined in with everyone as the glitter was thrown around us.

Trevor and I were dancing, having the time of our lives, when I felt hands grip my hips lightly. I stilled and turned around, only to find a strange man, who was now grinding on me.

He wasn’t bad-looking, with hazel eyes and shaggy brown hair. But he was not my type, and I came here to have fun with my friend, not hook up.

My brows pulled together. “Umm, can I help you?” I asked in a snarky tone.

“Just want to dance with you, baby” He smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth.

I pushed him away from me. “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Trevor peered over my shoulder. “Yea, their sweet cheeks, she’s with me. So, get lost!” Trevor shooed him away.

The man huffed angrily and rolled his eyes before reluctantly leaving. After dancing to a few more songs, I decided I needed something to drink as my parched throat burned.

I tapped on Trevor’s shoulder. “Hey, I’m going to go get a drink. Do you want anything?” I shouted over the music.

He shook his head. “No thanks.” Trevor smiled. “Hurry back!”

I smiled and began to head towards the bar when the same man from earlier stumbled into me.

I whipped my head to look at him, ready to spew out a few choice words, when I realized he didn’t look so good. “Omg, are you okay?” He looked to be very intoxicated.

He rubbed his head. “Ugh, sorry, had a bit too much to drink.” His words came out slurred.

I pursed my lips. “Yea, I can see that. Do you have someone who can take you home?” I asked him.

“Yea, my friend is waiting for me outside. I’m just having trouble getting out there.” He chuckled with embarrassment as he rubbed the back of his neck.

I hesitated for a moment, but it seemed like he needed some assistance. “Do you need some help?”

He batted his eyes. “If you wouldn’t mind.” He attempted a smile.

I looked around for Trevor to let him know that I was helping this man outside, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. Hopefully, he wouldn’t freak out. I threw the man’s arm over my neck and began to guide him outside of the club.

I looked up at him. “Where is your friend picking you up?” I asked him.

He pointed to his left. “Just around the corner there, in the alley.” He quickly blurted out.

An alley? that is weird, I thought, why not just out front here? “Ok, come on.” I wished I had found Trevor; he could have helped me. I was also feeling a bit uncomfortable doing this now.

“Thank you so much; you’re so nice.” The man said, but he didn’t seem to slur his words this time.

We slowly made our way towards the alley, and once we rounded the corner, stepping further into the alleyway, the dim streetlight revealed it to be empty. This was the moment when the alarm bells began to go off, and I started to feel very uneasy.

“Uh, looks like your friend isn’t here yet.” I looked to the man, who now had a malicious grin spreading across his face. “That’s because he isn’t coming; it’s just you and me, baby.”

He stood to his full height and straightened himself, revealing that he wasn’t intoxicated at all, that he was acting just to get me alone. I just hoped Trevor would notice that I had been gone for far too long and would come looking for me.

My heart began to race. “My friend is waiting for me; I should head back inside.” I began to hurry away, trying to escape from the alley, but he gripped my elbow and threw me up against the cement wall. I groaned in pain as my head collided with the hard surface.

“What’s your hurry? Don’t you want to have some real fun?” He grinned.

My lip trembled. “No, thank you. Now, please let me go.” I attempted to say with authority, but my voice cracked and deceived me. I was beginning to panic and wished I had just stayed at the house, where I was safe.

He kissed my neck and collarbone roughly, then raised his head to my ear, softly whispering, “Well, I do, and you’re not going anywhere.” He bit my ear lobe roughly.

“Let me go, now!” I tried to shove him away from me, but he was too strong for me, and the alcohol in my system had weakened me even more.

He grabbed my wrists and slammed them into the wall above my head. Fear and panic were now rising inside me as he continued to kiss my exposed skin.

I struggled and squirmed in his arms, but he just pressed his body tighter against mine. His free hand pulled the top of my dress down, exposing my breasts covered by only a thin bra. I whimpered, realizing what was going to happen and the situation I had just gotten myself into because of my own stupidity.

He groped my right breast roughly, squeezing it as he kissed my chest. His hand then slid down my body, reaching for the hem of my dress. My breath hitched as my heart began to pound out of my chest. I tried again to get out of his hold, attempting to lift my knee and hit him right in his dick, but he just spread my legs with his knees, placing himself between my thighs.

Tears began to pool in my eyes as he lifted my dress, slipping his hand underneath the fabric and began to rub my core. My body began to shake as I felt sick to my stomach, and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but nothing would come out.

He then slipped a finger inside me, and I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping this was just a dream and I would wake up soon. My lip quivered, and I felt disgusted with myself as a minuscule amount of pleasure rocketed through my body at what my attacker was doing to me; what was wrong with me? Why is my body reacting this way?

I began to sob. “Please, stop, don’t do this,” I begged.

He tightened his hold on my wrists. “Shut up bitch, and just enjoy the ride,” He sneered.

He turned me around and harshly slammed my face into the wall as he roughly pulled my underwear down.

“No, no, no, stop, please,” I screamed out, trying once again to free myself.

He slammed my head against the wall. “I said shut up.”

I began to feel dizzy and disoriented as I heard him undo his belt and then his zipper. Oh, god, please don’t let this happen, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, a loud, terrifying growl ripped through the air, and the man was ripped away from me, causing me to collapse to the ground.

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