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CHAPTER 9: My little human – Part 1/3

Damon POV:

Luca and I had been down in the dungeons for hours now. I wanted more than anything to go back to the house so that I could be with Amelia. As I held her in my arms, touching, kissing and devouring every inch of her.

However, against my better judgement, I fought those urges and continued interrogating this piece of shit rogue that invaded my lands.

I wiped the blood from my hands with a towel and stalked back towards the rogue. I glared down at him. “So, Jesse, you say you are alone, and you followed three human scent trails here. That your friend was killed, and a human female’s scent was lingering on his body. Making you think it was wise to follow that trail here, to my territory?” I questioned, confirming the man’s confession.

He looked up at me, face swollen and bloody from the beatings. “Yes, how many times do I have to tell you, and I know she is here; I want her! So, I can get my revenge and rip her throat out.” He snarled.

Every muscle in my body tensed up with burning fury, and my lip twitched as my canines extended. I pulled my arm back and swung it forward, clocking him right in the jaw, doing it over and over again. Finally, I lifted my leg and booted him in the side, causing the chair to pull out from the floor, flying him across the room and into the wall.

I stomped over to him and lifted him off the ground, only to slam him right back into the hard, cement floor. I did this a couple more times before gripping his throat, lifting him into the air and slamming him into the wall, then pounded his face with my fist a few more times. Blood was everywhere, the walls, the floor, me and Jesse was a bloody mess, now limp in my grasp. The rage had started to subside as I realized that he was unconscious and possibly dead. The ringing in my ears eased, and my vision began to clear.

I released him, and he dropped to the floor like a dead weight. Luca walked over and looked at me, a worried expression on his face, as my beast frightened everyone and he was close to the surface. I took a step back, looking at the body on the floor and back to Luca. He turned his gaze away from me and leaned down to the body, putting two fingers on his neck, checking for a heartbeat.

Luca was still and silent as he felt for a pulse. Finally, he looked up at me and nodded his head, telling me that the rogue was still alive. I turned around and walked out the door, stopping in the hallway. “Keep him here, for now; we will deal with him later,” I said shortly, as I picked up the towel from the ground and wiped some of the blood off of me.

“Yes, I agree. That sounds like a good plan.” He said quickly.

I nodded and then continued down the hall, eager to see Amelia. I walked back to the house and went straight upstairs, not wanting her to see me like this. I went into my room cautiously, looking around to see if it was empty, and thankfully it was. Walking into the bathroom, I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower, thoroughly cleaning myself.

After finishing in the shower and getting dressed, choosing to wear a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans, I went to Amelia’s room, both me and my wolf, craving to see her. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I struck again, and still nothing. Finally, I gripped the door handle, threw it open and stepped into the room. The room was empty, with no sign of Amelia. I checked the closet and bathroom, both empty as well, which I found very strange, especially when I knew she wouldn’t go anywhere alone.

I walked out of her room, trying to think of where she would be, and I remembered that she had also become close with Ruth when she was in the med wing. So I flew down the stairs and headed towards that part of the house, hoping she would be there.

I stormed into the central ward, glancing around for Ruth and finally spotting her near the back. As I walked over to her, I looked around for Amelia, but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I was mere feet from Ruth, and she looked at me with a bewildered expression on her face “Alpha, is everything ok?” She asked, concern lacing her tone.

I glared down at her. “Where is Amelia, Ruth?” I asked in my Alpha tone.

Her eyes darted around. “I don’t know, Alpha; I haven’t seen her.” She tried to sound calm, but her voice deceived her.

I stepped closer to her. “Don’t lie to me.” I bellowed out.

She flinched at my tone and gulped roughly, the smell of fear emanating from her. “I’m sorry, Alpha, she is gone to a club in the city with Trevor.” She admitted to me.

My hands balled into fists at my side “What fucking club?” I asked through gritted teeth.

She squeezed her eyes closed. “It’s called Dance, Dance. The club is on Johnson street.”

Without saying another word, I fled from the room, furious and determined to bring her ass back here. I mind-linked with Luca and told him to meet me at the garage. Leaving the house, I walked over to the garage and walked in, only to realize that the jeep was gone, but I knew who had taken it. I couldn’t believe no one had heard or seen the jeep leaving the grounds. What a bunch of fucking morons!

I grabbed the keys to my car, and Luca walked in. We both climbed in the truck and headed for the city. I told Luca everything Ruth had said and that we needed to find Amelia and Trevor to bring them back home. We finally arrived at the club. The sign was so bright, lighting up half of the street, and there was a massive line up to get into the club. Luckily for us, we knew the owner, who was another werewolf. We were walking towards the door when I got a faint whiff of Amelia’s scent, but it was coming from somewhere to my left. I stopped and inhaled deeply, then stilled, as I heard a faint whimper.

I walked in that direction, and as I came closer to a dark alleyway, her scent became more robust, and I heard a female voice begging someone to stop. I rushed towards the alleyway, and what I saw before me, some man’s fucking hands on my girl, instantly brought out the beast within me, furious and wanting blood.

The change was instant, my wolf now in complete control. He leapt onto the man and tore him from her, tossing him at the brick wall. Then stalked over to him, licking his lips and dove on the man, tearing him to pieces. Seeing this piece of shit violate our mate caused the worst in us to come out, not giving a shit that we had just killed a human man and in public, a sacred and regularly enforced law for our kind.

I changed back into my human form, and Luca threw me some clothes and towels. I changed and cleaned myself. “Where is she?” I asked him.

He pointed towards the club. “Trevor came and took her inside the club.”

I practically jogged into the club, pushing my way past all the dancing fools. I looked to Luca. “Where did he take her?”

He nodded in the direction of a room guarded by a few of my men, they must have been here, or Luca told them to come. I stomped over to the door, stopping in front of the men, but they didn’t move and remained in place. My lip twitched, and I snarled, “Move the fuck out of my way!” I roared.

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