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Chapter 9: My little human – Part 2/3

Without further hesitation, they all scattered, making room for me. I flung the door open and ducked down, entering the room. My chest heaved, and I glared at Trevor. “Get the fuck out!” I said, using my Alpha tone. Amelia didn’t want him to leave, but he obeyed my orders and left the room. I slammed the door closed and went to her side. My eyes scanned her body, and she had on one of Trevor’s shirts, making me grind teeth at the sight of her wearing another man’s shirt. I tried to take the shirt off her to get a better look at her, but she clung to the shirt, not letting it go.

I cocked my head slightly and glared down at her. “Let go,” I demanded.

She closed her eyes shut, breathing in deeply, before letting go of the shirt. Then, noticing a few scraps, I grabbed the first aid kit and took out what I needed.

I slowed my breathing and calmed myself before saying anything to her, but the anger got the better of me. “What the fuck were you thinking?” I asked her.

She hissed when the alcohol touched her skin, “I just wanted to have some fun.” She said shakily.

I raised a brow. “And look where it got you.” Her expression was none other than shock at my words; maybe that was a bit too harsh.

She scoffed, “Got me? You think I fucking asked for this, Damon?”

Now I felt like an ass. “No...bu.” She didn’t allow me to answer.

She shook her head, her brown hair bouncing around. “There is no but, Damon. I just wanted to have some fun and relax for a bit. You have had me held up in that house for almost a month now. The only time I’ve had outside the house since the day I was taken was when you took me out of the dungeons and the day I tried to escape. So, I just wanted some time away.” Tears were now staining her cheeks as she began to sob silently.

I gently ran my thumb across her cheek. “You shouldn’t have left; you were safe at the house; if I hadn’t shown up when I did, he...” I closed my eyes and gripped the counter, trying to reign back the beast, as we thought of the memory and what could’ve been. I sucked in a deep breath and stared deep into her eyes. “I can’t have anything happen to you, Amelia, don’t you understand that?” I asked of her, needing her to understand how much she meant to me.

Her eyes fell shut as more tears flowed from her beautiful eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left.” She said softly.

I pulled her into me, holding her close. “Shh, it’s ok,” I whispered to her, then remained like this, just holding her for a few minutes, not wanting to let her go. Reluctantly, I finally released her and walked over to the door. Amelia asked where I was going, but I didn’t answer, as I didn’t intend on going anywhere. I opened the door and asked the men to grab me a blanket. Luca threw one at me, and I closed the door. I walked back over to her, draped the blanket around her, then picked her up, cradling her in my arms. “We’re going home,” I told her, and she just burrowed herself into me, making my whole body relax and my mind feel at ease, especially knowing she was safe now.

We finally arrived back at the house; I carried her out of the car and into the house, heading straight for my room. As we passed her room, she furrowed her brows in confusion. “Wait, why aren’t you taking me to my room?” She asked me.

I focused ahead of us. “You’re sleeping in my room tonight,” I said, and Amelia let out a sigh of relief. It felt good knowing that she felt safe like this with me and wasn’t going to fight me on it.

We walked into the room, and I closed the door behind us with my foot, then sat her down on the bed. “Would you like to have a shower?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes, but I need some clothes.” She said, slight embarrassment masking her tone.

“I’ll get them; just go get into the shower; the bathroom is over there,” I told her before leaving the room to go and get her something to wear for tonight. I came back to the room, and I could hear her crying; rushing into the bathroom, I burst through the door, throwing it open “Amelia?” I noticed the shower was on, and I opened the door, only to find her curled up in a ball on the shower floor. I knelt next to her. “Are you ok?” I asked, concerned for her.

She just nodded in response as I brushed aside her wet hair. Amelia squeezed her eyes shut, willing the tears away, but I could feel her pain, her sorrow, I felt everything she was right now, and without saying another word, I climbed into the shower, engulfing her in my arms. I held onto her as if my life depended on it, trying to ease her anxious body and mind. We stayed like that for some time, just embracing each other. Finally, I got Amelia cleaned up and out of the shower, wrapping a clean towel around her. I held her close to me again and kissed the top of her head, inhaling her scent.

I finally released her. “Here, I brought your clothes, get changed.”

Before getting into some dry clothes, I walked into the bedroom, took off my wet clothes, and placed them into the hamper. Then, I got into the bed and waited patiently for Amelia to finish in the bathroom. Finally, she came into the room, looking tired and mentally worn out. I lifted the blanket and padded the bed, gesturing for her to get in. Amelia walked over, snuggling into me, and I pulled her closer, needing to feel her against me. It felt good holding her like this to have her feel so content in my presence and my arms.

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