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Chapter 9: My little human – Part 3/3

Amelia POV:

The sun illuminated the room, waking me from my sleep. I stretched and then remembered; I was in Damon’s room. I looked to the other side of the bed, but he was gone. Not dwelling on it, I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder.

After exiting the bathroom, Damon was sitting on the bed. “Morning, how did you sleep?” He asked as he stood from the bed.

“I slept well.” I smiled, realizing I hadn’t slept like that since my parents died. However, the nightmares woke me a few times.

He sauntered towards me and loomed over me as he closed the distance between us. Damon brushed my cheek with his thumb, grazing the skin lightly. “Good, I’m glad. Are you hungry? breakfast is ready and waiting for us downstairs.” He said, smiling.

I smiled. “Yea, I’m hungry.” I did feel a bit hungry but also sick to my stomach.

“Good, come on, let’s go” He gestured towards the door and placed a hand on my back. His touch comforted me, made my body feel alive and electric. But his touch also made me feel uneasy after last night’s events.

We went downstairs and entered the kitchen, where two plates with eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of orange juice, were placed onto a small table.

I looked at Damon. “Is no one else joining us for breakfast?” I questioned. I figured we would have been having breakfast with other people.

He shook his head. “No, it’s just us. I thought you might like the quiet this morning.” He pulled out a chair for me to sit.

I gave him a small smile as I sat in the chair. “Thank you.” I was grateful that it was just us, not wanting to be around other people right now.

Damon took his seat across from me, and we began to eat. At first, the silence between us was almost deafening, I wanted to say something, make conversation, but I didn’t know what to say. I considered a few things, and as I was about to break the tension finally, Damon beat me to it.

He cleared his throat. “So, why did you come to Killarney Park?”

My eyes dropped down, and I stared at the food on my plate. I was considering whether or not I wanted to open up to Damon about my parents. Their death had been so brutal for me to talk about, and I didn’t know Damon all that well yet, but maybe talking to someone might help me to move on.

I sucked in a deep breath. “Um, I came here in tribute to my parents.” I summed up.

Damon’s brows scrunched together. “What do you mean?”

I looked away, staring at the floor as I willed the tears away. I didn’t want to cry in front of Damon again.

I cleared my throat. “A little over a month ago, my parents were on their way here, for a hiking trip, when…….” I inhaled a shuddering breath. “Their car went off the road.” I closed my eyes, hoping to contain the tears that were now on the brim of my eyes. “Their bodies were never found, and neither was the car, just pieces of the car and some of my parent’s belongings. The police searched for days but came up with nothing and presumed them dead.” Disappointment laced my tone, angry that I couldn’t give them a proper burial.

Damon’s jaw tensed up, and he clenched his fists together, appearing as though this news bothered him much more than I had expected. Finally, he closed his eyes and shook his head lightly before letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry, Amelia, that never should have happened to you or them.”

I pursed my lips and looked down at the food I had now lost my appetite to eat. “Yea, that’s why I came here, though, to pay tribute to them.”

He nodded. “I understand, and I apologize for disrupting your journey.” He said remorsefully.

I shrugged. “Well, you didn’t know, and you were only protecting your people from an unknown outsider.” I could understand his reasoning now, why he had done what he did.

He clenched his jaw again, grinding his teeth together. “That’s beside the point, you are only human, and things should have been handled differently based on that factor. But if it’s any constellation, I’m glad you’re here, with me.” He said with a small smile.

I smiled as my cheeks reddened. “Me too.” Even though everything has been a shit show since coming here, the one thing that I was glad for was Damon. He made me feel things I hadn’t felt in years; he made me feel alive.

We sat in silence and continued to eat our breakfast. Well, Damon ate; I mostly played with my food. As we were gathering our dishes up, Damon stopped. “I’d like to show you around today, introduce you to some of the people here, if you would like to.” He said with a questioning expression.

I pursed my lips, unsure whether or not I wanted to meet more people like Damon If I wanted to meet more werewolves. I was feeling uneasy about the idea of meeting people who despised humans. But it might be nice to get out and about today, to learn more about this hidden world and more about Damon.

I nodded my head and smiled. “I’d like that.”

The smile that spread across his face was almost priceless and made me feel great about my decision. He seemed so happy and excited.

“That’s great. I promise you won’t regret it.” I could’ve sworn his eyes were about to bulge out of his head, and I giggled at his childish behaviour. We placed our dishes into the dishwasher and headed upstairs to change. As I began to get changed, I became extremely nervous. These were people I didn’t know, and if they didn’t like me, they could get rid of me without breaking a sweat. I tried to push those thoughts to the back of my mind and remind myself that I would be with Damon, and numerous times now, he has proven to me that he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. These thoughts reassured me slightly.

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