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Chapter 10: Rising feelings – Part 2/2

We stepped into the room, and it was the sitting room I had noticed earlier. “This is the library or study room, whichever you would like to call it. The room is shared by everyone who lives here.” He turned us around, and we walked over to the entertainment room. “This is the games room, just as the other room; it is shared by everyone here.” He explained to me. We left the room, and Damon led me down a long hallway. There were four sets of stairs at the end of the hall; two sets went up, and the other two went down. “Each set of stairs will lead you to another area within the house, where the pack members’ homes are. Each member has their own home; no one shares a home, as privacy is respected here.” This place reminded me of a dorm house; everyone has their place but shares the building. I thought it was kind of cool, to be honest, everyone living together and never having to be alone.

We continued past the stairs and into an in-home theatre. There were a few couches, multiple chairs, shelves with stacked movies, and a large tv on the wall. “This is the theatre room, not a lot of members use any of these rooms, as most activities they do in their own home. But the rooms are here for their use if they so decide. We don’t leave the area often, so we made it less confining here and more friendly, more fun, I guess.” He said as he looked around the room.

I pursed my lips. “That makes sense; it allows them to get out of their home and go somewhere else, a place where they can relax and unwind. I think this is all pretty interesting and amazing, to be honest. I’m curious, though, do they always stay in here, like in their homes or within the building?” I asked him.

He shook his head and chuckled. “No, a good portion of the people are warriors within the pack. So, most days, they are in the field training, from sun up to sun down. The other pack members take care of the grounds, both of the houses, the livestock or the gardens; everyone here has a purpose or task, contributing to the pack.”

“Oh, I see. So, pretty much, your pack is like a small community that works and lives together?” I asked.

He swayed his head from side to side. “Yea, pretty much, I guess.” He told me.

“Does anyone ever leave the area?” I asked him.

“Yes, of course. Almost everyone does, from time to time. Some pack members even have businesses they manage in the city; some attend the farmer’s market, selling the things we grow and make here. Like myself, I own quite a few properties and businesses in the city; it’s how we fund the pack and its needs. However, we choose to stay as isolated as possible for obvious reasons.” He explained to me, and I felt honoured that he was sharing so much with me, things that no other human knew.

I pursed my lips. “I was kind of wondering how you afforded everything, to be honest. Especially when you live such a comfortable lifestyle.” I said, chuckling.

“Yes, well, as much as we would love to be completely isolated, the money we need has to come from somewhere.”

I walked over to a set of French doors and moved back the curtain, looking outside at the vast land. Damon came up behind me and was so close to me; I could feel the heat radiating off him. “These doors lead out into the gardens and to the barns,” Damon said, his breath tickling my ear.

I closed my eyes as my breath hitched; Damon’s proximity caused an array of emotions and urges’s to surface. Then, needing to create some distance, I pushed the doors open and walked outside.

Multiple garden beds and fields were overflowing with various herbs, vegetables, and fruits to my left. To my right were two large barns, with fencing wrapped around each one. I walked over to the garden beds and glanced around at everything thing. There were carrots, broccoli, pumpkins, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and so much more growing. Then, I looked up and noticed a small field of sunflowers growing. As I approached the flowers, it reminded me of home, reminded me of mom and how she used to love sunflowers. She always said that sunflowers were the best flowers because not only were they beautiful, but they held a piece of the sun, brightening everything around it. Every time we went out for a drive and she saw a sunflower field, we always had to stop so that she could admire them.

I cupped one of the flowers with my hand and brought it down to my face, breathing in its scent and rubbing the petals across my face. I was so preoccupied with admiring the tall flowers; I didn’t realize Damon was standing next to me.

I craned my neck to look up at him, and he was observing me. I let the flower go, and it bounced back into place. As Damon was hot on my heels, I walked further into the field, surrounding myself with the flowers. I stopped after a few feet and turned around to look at Damon. He was closer to me than I had thought, as I almost bumped into him. Damon’s chest rose and fell heavily; his eyes fixed on me. We both remained silent and just stared at each other, gazing into one another’s eyes. Damon brought a hand up and cupped my cheek before sliding it to the back of my head and gripping my neck firmly. He closed what little distance was left between, bringing his body closer to mine, and my breath hitched from his actions. My heart was racing in my chest now as I anticipated his next move.

Damon’s eyes now focused on my lips, and I could see the desire in his eyes to kiss me. I wanted him too, more than anything. I wanted to feel his lips on mine as he claimed me.

Damon bent down and brought his face to mine as he pulled me closer to him. His lips were mere inches from mine, and I closed my eyes, waiting for us to connect, waiting for him to devour me, but nothing happened. Finally, I opened my eyes to see why and he was just standing there, silent and unmoving. It seemed as if he was daydreaming, lost in his thoughts, as he stood there. Damon blinked rapidly and shook his head, focusing on me once again.

His face fell, and he held a disappointed expression now. “I have to go; there is something that I need to do.” He said regretfully.

I nodded my head in understanding. “That’s ok. Would it be alright if I stayed here and kept looking around?” I asked him, hoping he would agree.

He stood there, contemplating my question. “Yes, that’s fine.” He said hesitantly.

I smiled. “Thank you.” Damon just nodded, then kissed the top of my head and let me go before walking away from me.

I stood there, wishing he didn’t have to go, missing his touch and disappointed that things didn’t progress as I had hoped, but maybe it was for the best. As I started to walk out of the field, Damon burst through the tall flowers, shoving them out of his way and sauntering towards me, a determined expression on his face. My brows furrowed as I stared at him. “Damon is every….” I started to ask him if things were ok, but my words were abruptly cut off when he suddenly grabbed my face and smashed his lips with mine. Damon’s hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me into him and moulding our bodies together as he consumed my entire being. Damon continued to kiss me with such ferocity, it stole my breath away and weakened me at the knees. I ran my hands up his back, gripping his shirt and digging my nails into his skin. He released a low satisfying growl, before pulling back and releasing me from his embrace. I stood there, breathless and speechless from his actions. Finally, he just smiled, then walked away from me, leaving me there in the field, bewildered at what just happened but also feeling euphoric from the kiss.

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