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CHAPTER 12: So close – Part 1/3

Once the man was out of sight, Damon’s cold gaze turned to me. I rolled my eyes, disappointed with him over his behaviour. I grabbed my book and started to walk inside the house, needing some space right now, but Damon wasn’t finished with our conversation. “Where do you think you are going?” He asked in a dark tone.

I continued walking towards the house and stopped at the door. “Leave me alone, Damon.” Then I opened the door and slammed it closed, heading straight for my room. I knew he would follow me, and the fact that I was brushing him off like this would only piss him off more. So, I picked up my pace, wanting to get to my room before he could reach me. As I neared the stairs, I heard the door open with a bang “Amelia, get your fucking ass back here.” He roared.

“Fuck off, Damon.” I hollered. I was practically running to my bedroom now, as his loud footsteps were closing in on me. I reached my room and opened the door, slamming it behind me, but before the door had closed completely, it abruptly stopped, and Damon swung it back open, causing the door to slam into the wall.

Damon’s nostrils flared, and his chest heaved as he stood in the doorway. Damon placed his hands on either side of the door frame and stood there in a taunting manner. My hormones were getting the better of me now at the sight of him standing there. His muscles were flexed, and his hair tousled. Damon’s shirt was slightly open, revealing his sculpted abs, and I couldn’t stop the heat that was building between my legs now.

“I wasn’t done talking to you.” His tone was dominant and frightening.

I straightened myself and tried to set aside my horniness. “Yes, well, I was and still am. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to be alone.” I attempted to sound confident, but my cracking voice got the better of me.

He narrowed his eyes at me, and then his hands slid down the door frame, slowly. Damon entered the room and slammed the door shut behind him, trapping me in here with a man I feared but also wanted to ravage me.

He stalked towards me, an unreadable expression on his handsome features. I took a step back. “Get out! I said I wanted to be alone.” I said firmly or at least tried to anyways.

A devious smirk spread across his plump lips as his eyes roamed up and down my body. “That’s not what your body says.” He said, raising a brow.

My heart was racing now, and my breath hitched. How could Damon tell what my body was saying? Could he smell my desire? I took another step back, needing to be as far away from him as I could get, but with each step I took back, he took another step forward, closing the distance between us.

I put my hand up in an attempt to stop him. “Damon, I said I would like to be alone, now please leave,” I said calmly, but he ignored my words and closed the distance between us.

I could feel the heat radiating off his body and onto mine. He stared down at me, a playful smile on his face. Damon then entwined his fingers in my hair and gripped it tightly. “I said I wasn’t done talking to you, and I don’t appreciate being walked away from during a conversation. Do I need to spank your ass, teaching you a lesson in respect?” He questioned me.

I squirmed in his hold, but he pressed his body to mine, pushing us firmly against the wall and tightened his grip on my hair. I closed my eyes, trying to reel in the arousal that was sparking to life inside of me.

He stared intently into my eyes, silencing me and freezing me in my spot. As I stared back into his bright, blue eyes, which held numerous emotions, the most obvious was desire. Damon tilted my head back and brought his lips to my ear. “My insides feel like they are on fire, burning, aching with the desire to be inside of you, to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my hard cock, as I thrust into you, deep and hard.” He whispered so tenderly, causing tingles to run up and down my spine. My legs squeezed together tightly, trying to dull the ache. My pussy was wet and throbbing now, with the need for him to fill me, to consume me.

He nipped at my ear lobe, and a low moan left my lips. Damon’s chest rumbled in response, then he leaned back and stared deep into my eyes before he devoured my mouth, kissing me with so much hunger, it stole my breath and a little bit of my soul. His hands snaked down my body and gripped my ass roughly, lifting me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he slammed my back into the wall again, his lips kissing my chest now. He held my ass with one hand while the other squeezed my breast. Damon then moved up and started to kiss my neck teasingly.

I ran my hands through his hair, tugging at the strands, the urge to have him was growing by the second. All negative thoughts about him and everything that has happened wiped from my mind at this moment. I was only focusing on the man that was stealing my heart. His mouth captured mine again, and I moaned into his mouth as his fingers playfully glided across my skin. Then, he moved his fingers down and rubbed my sensitive pussy over the fabric of my pants. The friction created made my insides clench, and I was now on the edge of pure bliss.

I moaned and began to writhe, needing him, needing that release. He turned us around, sat me down on the dresser, and then spread my legs with his knees. Damon grabbed my shirt, pulled it over my head, and was pleased to find that I wasn’t wearing a bra, as a wicked grin formed on his lips. He bent down and took my right breast into his mouth, sucking and biting on my erect bud.

“Damon.” I moaned out breathlessly.

He stood up abruptly, his eyes dark now and removed his shirt, then reached down and started to remove my pants, as well as my underwear, gripping both with his hands.

I leaned back, pressing myself against the wall and lifted my ass, helping him remove the clothing. I was now bare to him, he had seen me naked in the shower, but this time was different. Damon’s eyes roamed over my naked body, drinking me in, then he bent down and started to plant soft kisses on my thigh, caressing my legs with his hands. Next, his sweet mouth moved up my thigh, reaching my core and started to lick and suck on my swollen nub. My moans filled the room as he continued to torture me. Finally, Damon pulled me closer to him, causing me to slide down the wall. I placed one hand on the wall, using my other hand to grip his hair. My orgasm was so close now, right on edge, and I had a feeling he knew that, as suddenly, he stopped. Damon stood to his full height and had a predatory expression.

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