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Chapter 12: So close – Part 3/3

I stormed away from Brian and went straight to Amelia’s room, but it was empty, I checked my room as well, and she wasn’t there either. I then went downstairs and checked the kitchen, but no one was in sight. I was becoming frustrated and even more furious now. I turned to leave the kitchen, and that’s when I caught a glimpse of her sitting outside. I rushed out the doors and headed straight for her, ready to scold her for not telling me. But, instead, Amelia just sat there in her chair, reading a book, acting as if I wasn’t there.

I stopped in front of her. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that Mira had come at you in the barn?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Because it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Did she just fucking say that? I scoffed at her words, finding them ridiculous “Not that big of a deal? Are you fucking kidding me? She could have seriously injured you, and she needs to be reprimanded for her actions. So, yes, it is a big fucking deal.” I shouted at her as I began to shake from the anger.

Amelia stood from her chair. “Well, she didn’t hurt me, Rose was there, and I didn’t find it to be a big deal. So, I didn’t say anything.” She then tried to walk away from me, and I began to see red, furious that she was acting like an immature child. I gripped her arm and stopped her from going any further.

She looked at me, uneasiness in her eyes. “Let go, Damon.” She said shakily.

But I didn’t release her; my wolf wouldn’t let me. “You should have told me. I have every right to know when something like that happens. I am the fucking Alpha.” I said furiously, causing her to flinch at my words.

Amelia started to tug at her arm, trying to release it from my hold, but my grip only tightened, and there was panic in her eyes now. “I don’t have to tell you shit, especially when it wasn’t a big deal. Now, let go of my arm; you’re hurting me.” She demanded.

Some of my anger eased as I stared into her eyes. “Goddamnit, Amelia, you are my fucking m….” Shadow abruptly cut off my sentence. One of the three horses we had here, and apparently, he was pretty pissed with me. Shadow was acting hostile towards me, and I took a step back, releasing Amelia’s arm.

I looked to Amelia, confused as fuck. “What the fuck?” I asked her, not understanding what was going on right now. After a few minutes of Shadow trying to duel with me, Amelia had calmed him down. “Shh, it’s ok, Shadow. I’m alright.” She whispered to him. It was becoming clear that she had formed some kind of bond with the horse.

Suddenly, Stephen approached us, running to catch up with the horse. I was pretty displeased that he had gotten out, that they weren’t supervising the animals better. However, it was clear to me that Shadow and Amelia had formed a bond, one that I was a bit jealous of, to be honest, but I found their bond to be quite interesting as it was something that was very rare. After giving Stephen a stern talking, I was sure he wouldn’t let it happen again. Stephen then took Shadow, and they headed back towards the barns.

She rolled her eyes at me before walking away from me. Irritation and anger sparked within me at the defiant woman who turned her back to me. “Where do you think you are going?” I asked her.

But she ignored me and continued to walk towards the house. “Leave me alone, Damon.” That was all she said before opening the door to enter the house and slamming it closed.

I rushed into the house, swinging the door open harshly. “Amelia, get your fucking ass back here!” I demanded.

But that sassy little mate of mine decided against that “Fuck off, Damon.” She shouted as she continued up the stairs, and I was right on her tail now. She attempted to close the door, barring me from her room, but she was too slow. I pushed the door back open, and it hit the wall. I glowered down at her as she backed herself into the room. “I wasn’t done talking to you,” I said in a dark tone.

Amelia stood confidently, defiantly. “Yes, well, I was and still am. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to be alone.” Her voice cracked slightly with her words, and I could hear her heart rate pick up. I entered the room and shut the door behind me, closing the distance between us.

Amelia and I were going at it, consuming one another, with a hunger that couldn’t be satisfied. She felt so good in my arms, squirming from my touch, but of course, I wasn’t allowed to have this moment with her, a moment I had been yearning for since I met her.

A knock sounded on the door, disrupting me from claiming my mate. Maybe it was for the best, but I wanted this, and I know she did too.

Luca’s voice came from the other side of the door, telling me that there was an urgent matter I needed to deal with; I didn’t want to leave her, I didn’t want to stop what we had started, I wanted to finish it and claim what was mine.

However, I reluctantly left Amelia there, unsatisfied but promising her that we would finish this later, and that was a promise I did not intend to break. I left the room and glared at Luca. “This better be fucking important!” I said through gritted teeth.

“There have been sightings of hunters in the area, Damon. I wouldn’t disturb you if it weren’t important.” He assured me.

My mood instantly changed, and now, fury was the only thing I felt as my wolf began to pace, wanting to eradicate the situation. The hunters have always been a problem for our kind, but they were increasing their numbers, and their attacks were becoming more frequent, more advanced. They were determined to wipe our species out.

I released a heavy breath, reigning my wolf back in. “We need to be ready for whatever they throw at us. Gather the others and let’s group in my office.” Luca and I then proceeded to my office.

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