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CHAPTER 13: His what? – Part 1/3

Amelia POV:

I woke up to the sound of a door being slammed shut; my eyes felt heavy and restless. I got up and went to the bathroom, doing my morning business. My room was dark, and I looked at the clock; 9:43 was displayed on the small screen, telling me it was morning time. I walked over to the window and peered out, seeing it was cloudy outside. There must be a storm brewing in the air, something I always looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed. The rain, the crackling thunder, and the bright lightning strike always brought me a sense of peace.

I opened my bedroom door and looked around the hallway, but it was empty. Walking over to Damon’s room, I hesitated, unsure if I wanted to bother him. Finally, I decided against it and headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast first.

The house seemed relatively quiet this morning, making me feel a bit uneasy as I strolled through the halls. Finally, I walked into the kitchen and there stood Samantha. As I entered the room, she glared at me, but I ignored her and continued going about, trying to find something quick to eat.

I could feel her eyes burning into the back of my head as I moved around the kitchen. Finally, I decided to make oatmeal; I grabbed everything and prepared my food. After the water had boiled, I poured it into the bowl and stirred my oatmeal around, then walked over and sat down at one of the stools. I did my best to ignore her, but that was like trying to ignore a pink elephant in the room. Finally, she walked over to me and slammed her coffee cup on the counter.

I looked up at her and raised a brow. “Something on your mind?” I asked her.

She narrowed her eyes. “I don’t know why my brother is keeping you here and hasn’t killed you yet, but I will find out, and when I do, I’ll gladly take care of you myself.” She said with a sadistic smile.

Apprehension slid into the pit of my stomach at the thought of what she would do to me, but I knew Damon would protect me; I felt it in my bones “I don’t know why he is keeping me here, and I am going home in a few days, I promise you that.” So I assured her, but I guess that wasn’t the answer she was seeking.

She snorted, “Lying won’t help you. I know something is up, but in the meantime, stay away from my brother and me.” She sneered before stomping out of the room. I released the breath I was holding in, letting the uneasy feeling melt away the further she got from me.

After I had finished my breakfast, I cleaned up my mess and went back up to my room but stopped before going in. I stood there in the hallway, biting my lip and hesitating to go into my room. I looked over at Damon’s bedroom door, curious if he was in there and what he was doing. I wanted to finish what we had started yesterday, but maybe, it was a good thing that we hadn’t gone through with it, as it may make leaving here more difficult.

The attraction I felt towards Damon was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The butterflies I felt in my stomach when I was with him, was overwhelming. I didn’t understand why I was feeling this way, but I would be going home soon and acting on these feelings was probably not a good idea.

I walked into my room and got dressed, wanting to see Trevor, as I hadn’t since the night at the club. I threw on a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt, then left my room. As I walked down the stairs, I bumped into Luca, almost falling on my ass. Thankfully, he had caught me before I could make a complete fool of myself.

Luca’s arms were wrapped around my waist, holding me tightly and keeping me from falling. “Are you ok?” He asked as he stared down at me with me a concerned expression. Luca helped to straighten me up and back onto my feet but didn’t let me go.

I was feeling uneasy now, having another man touch me. I nodded my head, then cleared my throat. “Yes, I am fine, thank you,” I said, avoiding his gaze.

I wiggled in his arms slightly, trying to get him to release me, but he didn’t let go, and his arms remained wrapped around my body, that was until a loud growl filled the air. I whipped my head around to see Damon standing there, looking furious. His hands were balled up at his sides, and his jaw clenched tightly. “What is going on here?” He asked, restraint in his tone.

Luca finally let go of me, and I took a step back from him. “Nothing, Alpha. Amelia here had bumped into me, and I caught her before she fell.” Luca informed Damon, but that didn’t seem to be a sufficient enough answer.

Damon walked closer to us, now standing inches away from me and the heat between my thighs returned. My breathing hitched, and my heart rate spiked, unable to control the sexual urge building within me.

Damon placed a hand on the small of my back, causing me to still and bite my lip, but that did little to help in distracting me from his touch.

“Thank you, Luca. You can go now.” Damon said in a clipped tone.

Luca nodded and bowed, before continuing down the stairs, leaving Damon and me alone, something I couldn’t handle right now. I took a step forward, needing to put distance between us, but Damon’s muscular arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me into him. My back collided with his toned, abs and I could feel the hard erection in his pants pressing against my ass, making things even hotter or was that just me?

Damon leaned down. “Is someone having an issue?” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I squirmed in his hold, but he only tightened his arm around me. “I don’t know what you are talking about, now; let me go?” I asked, my voice shaky.

He chuckled softly. “I can smell your arousal, baby. I know you want me, just as bad as I want you.” He whispered seductively.

I squeezed my eyes shut as my chest rose and fell heavily. “Damon,” I said softly, the urge for him to touch me growing by the second.

He released his hold on my waist, and I put some much-needed distance between us. I turned around to face him, and he was standing there, looking up at me, with a grin spread across his face.

I looked away from him, unable to focus or maintain myself when he looked so damn delicious. “Do you know where Trevor is? I would like to go see him.” I asked, changing the subject and creating a distraction from the tension in the air.

His expression changed, and now he seemed angry “I don’t know if I want you near Trevor, after what happened.” He said, his tone edgy and deep.

I smiled, hoping to ease some of his worries. “I promise, I won’t leave the grounds. I want to visit with him, he is my friend, and I miss him.” I told him honestly, and I meant it. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and he had been nothing but good to me.

Damon narrowed his eyes as he studied me. “Fine, I’ll take you to see him, only because I have a lot to do today and I’d rather you not be alone. But I’m warning you, Amelia, you are not to leave the grounds or go anywhere else.” He took a taunting step towards me. “Remember, I will find you, and I won’t hesitate to spank that ass of yours for disobeying me.” He said with promise, and I squeezed my thighs together at the thought of him spanking me.

I nodded in agreement. “Thank you, and I won’t, I promise,” I said, assuring him that I wouldn’t go against his wishes, even though I was intrigued about Damon’s promise to punish me.

He studied me for another moment, his eyes boring into mine. “Come on; he should be at his house.”

We then left the main house and walked over to the other building. We continued in silence but stole glances at each other every few seconds.

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