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Chapter 15: Regret – Part 2/3

I closed my eyes, reeling in his words. So, Damon wasn’t lying; if his father found out about us, he would kill me. I pinched the bridge of my nose, feeling overwhelmed.

I tilted my head and looked at Trevor. “What’s a hunter?”

He cleared his throat. “They hunt and kill anything supernatural. They have no sympathy or empathy for our kind; they are born and raised to hunt and kill us, vowing to wipe us out from the face of the earth.” So he told me, sorrow and anger lacing his tone.

I remained quiet for a moment while I let his words sink in. “Why, though? Why do hunters have such a vendetta against supernatural creatures?” I asked curiously.

He shrugged his shoulders. “As far I know, back when the moon goddess had first created supernatural creatures, they were wild, uncontrollable, incapable of taming their beast side and a group of people began hunting them to protect those that were defenceless. The group that started this calls themselves the Red Ryder’s.” He snorted.

That name sounded familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure why. “That’s horrible, are the Red Ryder’s still around today?” I quickly blurted out, needing to know more.

He nodded his head. “Yes, they are, very much so. They are constantly trying to take our pack out, but Damon has been able to stay a step ahead of them and keep us all safe.” He said, appreciation in his tone.

I smiled when Trevor spoke his name. During my time here, I have learned just how much Damon does for his people and how far he is willing to go to protect them. Damon is unlike anyone I have ever met, in more ways than one, but we were poison to each other.

I huffed and rested my head in my hands as my mind raced with everything. “Trevor, I don’t know what to do,” I whined.

He pulled me into him and hugged me tightly. “Listen, I have somewhere to go, but we can talk more about this later. I promise, things will work out.” He tried to reassure me.

My chest felt heavy, and my head began to throb from the numerous thoughts rattling around in my brain. I slowly nodded my head, knowing I needed to take a breather and try to sort this all out. “Ok, I’m going to head out then. I’ll see you later.” I stood to my feet, watching as Trevor’s face fell, regret etched on his features.

I walked to the door, hesitating to open it, having so many more questions to ask and no one else to turn to in this place. I had never felt more alone and lost in my life than I did now.

Damon POV:

I came out of the bathroom, only to see an empty bed. Worry and anger began to boil within me, stirring my wolf. I checked the balcony, and the doors were still locked. I checked the closet, and she wasn’t there either. I walked out of my room and picked up her scent. I followed it to her bedroom and then the stairs. I continued following her scent, leading me straight to Trevor’s place.

I sighed, feeling a little relieved but pissed with her for leaving like that. I moved closer to the door, listening to their conversation. Things were quiet, except for the two steady heartbeats.

I backed away from the door as I could hear someone coming closer. There was another door just a few feet from me that read ‘closet.’ I rushed in and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack. I shook my head, feeling like a complete dumbass, as I hid in the closet from my mate.

After she walked past, I waited a few minutes before following her. Finally, Amelia left the building and headed for the woods. She continued walking, admiring everything around her, before stopping at a small river. I walked closer to her, watching as Amelia sat on the ground and took her shoes off before putting her feet into the water. Amelia appeared almost as if she wasn’t here, like something was consuming her.

I decided to talk to her, as I could feel something was wrong. So I walked towards her; as I closed in, I could smell her, and it was the most intoxicating scent. “What are you doing here?” I asked aloud.

She jumped and let out a sharp gasp. I had startled her, which was what I was trying to avoid. “Fuck Damon, you scared the life out of me.” Her reaction was nothing short of snarky.

I raised a brow, holding back my smirk. “Why are you out here and alone at that?”

Amelia tore her gaze from mine, staring back at the water. “I needed to be alone; I needed to think.”

My body tensed, not liking her answer. “You shouldn’t be out here alone, Amelia, and what did you need to think about?” I asked reluctantly.

She stood to her feet and turned to face me, letting out a heavy sigh. “Everything Damon, all that I have just learned in the past 24 hours.” She said, exasperated. Amelia dusted her pants. “I need to be alone right now.” She said in a firm and steady tone.

My hands balled into fists at my side, at the thought of her leaving me. Amelia grabbed her shoes and put them back on before walking away from me. I reached out and grabbed her arm, swinging her around to face me. I backed her into a tree and pressed my body against hers.

I placed a hand on either side of her head and leaned down. “Don’t you dare run from me; you are mine, and I don’t plan on letting you go. If you run, I will chase you. If you try to hide, I will find you. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, you will never escape me. You are mine, Amelia and I will do whatever it takes to make you all mine, to show you what you mean to me.” I whispered, meaning every word.

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