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CHAPTER 16: Out of my element – Part 1/2

A shudder ran through my body, giving me goosebumps as my knees went weak. Damon then bit my ear lobe and started kissing my neck. “Damon….” I wanted to tell him to stop, but the words wouldn’t come out, as my mind and body were betraying me.

Damon’s hands slowly slid down the door before landing on my hips. His fingers dug into my skin as he pulled me flush against his body, letting me feel his thick cock.

He pressed his forehead to mine, staring into my eyes lovingly. “I can’t and won’t let you go, Amelia. I fucking need you,” Damon said softly.

The tension and anger melted away with his words. Even though things were complicated between us and a complete mess right now, I needed him too. I raised my hand and grazed it against his cheek, feeling every imperfection. Damon closed his eyes and relaxed into my touch, letting out a content sigh. I stood on my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him hungrily, passionately.

Damon’s hands slid up my body, his touch sending electric jolts through every nerve ending. One hand rested on the middle of my back as the other snaked its way up and tangled within my hair, gripping it lightly.

I moaned into his mouth and began to squirm from the heat building below. Damon removed his hands, leaving me to crave his touch, then removed his shirt, and I gawked at the beautiful man before me. His skin was tanned and tattooed. Abs and chest flawlessly toned. Damon had an amazing body, and I couldn’t comprehend that someone like him wanted someone like me. Someone who was scarred and broken.

I gripped the ends of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Then I grasped the button on my jeans, undoing them and pushing them down my legs as slowly as I could, knowing it was teasing him. He let out a groan, almost as if he was in pain, before grabbing hold of me by the ass and lifting me onto him. Damon pressed me against the door and his mouth collided with mine, kissing me intensely. I reached down and undid his pants, then pushed them down with my feet. He stepped out of his pants, leaving him in nothing but boxers now.

I ran my fingers through his hair, tugging on it, and he squeezed my ass cheeks roughly. His smell was intoxicating, his touch electrifying and his kisses like the air I needed to breathe; he was making me crazy. Everything about him caused my head to swim; he made my heart beat erratically, my stomach swirl around, and all rational thoughts go out the window.

Damon walked us over to the shower, turning the faucets on and warming the water. He still held onto me with only one hand, and I found this fascinating but a little scary at the same time. His strength was impeccable and a bit of a turn-on.

His other hand glided along my back as he stepped into the shower. The water was perfect, soaking our bodies as he stood us under the showerhead. Damon ran his hand up my back before grasping onto the back of my head, holding it firmly.

He taunted me, grazing his lips against mine and holding my head back when I tried to kiss him. Damon smirked, like the tease that he was. I stuck my tongue out and lightly stroked it across his lips. His eyes darkened, and a possessive growl erupted from his chest. Damon turned us and slammed my back against the wall; he wrapped his fingers around my underwear and ripped them from my body with one swift movement.

I gasped as the fabric tore, and my core began to throb, needing him to fill me. Damon consumed my mouth, and I dug my nails into his back, causing him to hiss. He ground himself into me, and I could feel how hard he was. I moaned and squirmed in his hold as the lust for him grew.

I reached down and tried to push his underwear off. Instead, Damon moved my hand away and removed the annoying piece of clothing. Then, he rubbed his cock along my folds, causing me to vibrate. Next, Damon started kissing my neck as he slowly pushed inside me. The feeling was mind-numbing, like nothing I had felt before, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Finally, he thrust into me hard and deep.

Damon pounded into me furiously, and my moans filled the room. He gripped onto my hips tightly as he fucked me with determination.

My legs began to shake, and I held onto him firmly, digging my nails into his back. He picked up his pace, thrusting faster, and I was nearing my climax now as the heat grew within my core.

He started kissing my neck again, burying his face into the crook and nipping at my skin. I moaned aloud as he sent me over the edge, screaming his name upon climaxing. Damon wrapped his arms around my back, and his thrusts became rougher.

Damon groaned aloud as he buried himself inside me, finally reaching his peak. He continued holding onto me but reared back and stared into my eyes, losing himself within them. I cupped his cheek with the palm of my hand, running my thumb along the stubble.

Damon sighed heavily. “I have to admit, Amelia, it’s starting to become unbearably difficult not to mark you.”

My brows furrowed. “Mark me? What do you mean?” This was the first time I had heard about this, and I had no idea what it meant.

Damon set me on my feet and cleared his throat. “Well, when my kind finds their mate, they mark them, binding them together for eternity. Think of it like marriage, but you can’t divorce them.” He informed me.

I wrinkled my nose in confusion. “And how do you mark your mate?” I hesitantly asked.

He sucked in a deep breath. “You bite them on the neck.” He said as he ran a finger across the crook of my neck. My eyes widened in horror and curiosity. “What? Are you serious? Why a bite?”

He smirked. “Yes, I’m serious and because it solidifies the bond, marking them as yours. Once you bite them, your scent mixes with their blood.”

I ran my hand through my hair as I replayed his words in my head, taking everything in. Then, suddenly, Damon wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. We should try to get some sleep.” I remained silent, only nodding my head in agreement.

We got out of the shower and put on clean clothes before getting into bed. I lay there still going over what Damon had just told me, but before long, sleep consumed my mind.

I woke up hours later, as another nightmare haunted my dreams. I sat up in the bed and rubbed my face, trying to ease away the negative feelings. Damon was sound asleep beside me, and this was the perfect time to be alone.

I quietly got out of bed and snuck out of the room. The house was eerily quiet, which I was grateful for, as no one would bother me.

I walked down the stairs and went outside, noticing a chair on my left. I took a seat and stared off into the night sky, watching the stars shimmer. When I was a little girl, my dad would sneak me out of the house to go stargazing in the middle of the night. We would spend hours outside staring up at the beauty of the night sky, counting and tracing the stars with our fingers. Dad taught me everything I know about the solar system, always telling me how important it was to know those that would guide and protect you.

A familiar and unwanted voice broke my attention as I continued looking up. “Why the fuck are you still here?” Samantha sneered.

I whipped my head in her direction. “Because your brother won’t let me go.” I casually replied, and it was the truth. I had tried to go home, begged to be let go, and was denied each time.

She scoffed, “You don’t belong here; this isn’t a place for people like you, and I’ve heard the rumours about you being Damon’s mate. Even if that is true, my father will never allow it. So you need to pack your shit and leave.” She sneered at me.

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