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Chapter 16: Out of my element – Part 2/2

I stood from my chair and faced her. “Believe me, I know I don’t belong here. I know this isn’t the place for me, someone who isn’t like you. However, as I’ve said, Damon won’t let me leave, not only that.” I paused. “I care for your brother, and he means something to me. Because of that, I don’t know if I could leave Damon.” I admitted, not only to her but to myself.

Samantha furrowed her brows, then narrowed her eyes before she took a threatening step towards me. “One way or another, I’ll see to it that your gone, out of mine and Damon’s lives, then he can finally move on and mate with someone from our pack.” She huffed, then stormed off.

I sat back down in the chair and groaned. I wanted to be with Damon, as my feelings for him were immensely growing, but I knew deep down that would never happen. Something or someone would come between us.

The sun was starting to come up now, and I decided to stay outside, watching as the sun rose high in the sky, illuminating the lands below it. After a little while, I could hear people inside the house and right now, I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. So with that in mind, I decided to go and visit Shadow.

I finally made my way to the barn, and there was a different man in there who was less than pleased to see me. “Who are you?” He asked in an aggressive tone.

I stopped in my tracks. “I’m Amelia. I had come down here before and helped Rose with the chores. I just came to see if I could help again and also see Shadow.” As soon as I said his name, the stall gate began to rattle, and I could hear him loudly whinnying trying to break free.

The man whipped around and looked towards the stall, then back to me. His chest rose and fell heavily as he scrutinized me. “Fine, you can deal with Shadow. He’s been a fussy asshole the past couple of days anyway, so have fun.” He chuckled.

I hesitantly walked past the man as he glared at me, watching my every move. Finally, I reached Shadow’s stall, and he stuck his head out, neighing softly. I caressed his nose, moving my hand up to his head. I rested my head on him, breathing in his scent and letting it calm me. I swear this horse was my other half. Shadow started to get fussy, and I turned around to see the man standing there watching me curiously. “You must be something special. He won’t let anyone close to him. Anyways, I have to go get some more hay; I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” He said before leaving the barn.

I opened the stall door and let Shadow out. He gracefully strolled out and stood proudly. We walked over to another part of the barn, where I noticed numerous saddles hanging on the wall. Shadow trotted over, nudging a black and white saddle.

I walked towards it, inspecting and holding it in my hand. I bit my lip, contemplating whether or not I wanted to do this, as it might not be allowed. However, Shadow nudged the saddle almost as if urging me to put it on.

Finally, I said fuck it and placed the saddle onto Shadow’s back, strapping it all in. Once I was sure it was secured properly, I hopped onto Shadow’s back, and he took off like a bat out of hell, nearly throwing me from him.

Shadow raced through the yard, his hooves pounding against the soft grass and kicking up dirt as each one dug into the ground. The wind blew through my hair, and I held on tight as he continued to run, heading into the forest behind the packhouse. He skillfully swerved around the trees and bushes, dodging obstacles in his way. I had never felt freer in my life than I did now, especially being with Shadow.

Shadow stopped by a small creek, and I jumped off, giving him a break. I sat on the ground, resting my back against a tree and watching him take a drink from the water. Then, after a few minutes, I heard branches snapping from behind me. I stood to my feet and looked around, only to see Mira.

She was standing there glaring at me and teeth showing. I walked back to Shadow. “I’m leaving, ok?” I told her.

She snarled. “Damon’s mine, you whore. Go back where you came from and leave us be. Everything was perfect between us until your sorry ass came into the picture.” Mira screamed, not holding back how she felt one bit.

I didn’t respond, knowing it wouldn’t help me. So, I just climbed onto Shadows back, wanting to get out of here. However, Mira stood in front of us, blocking our way.

She growled, “You are nothing, you’re a pathetic human, and he is an Alpha. It would be a disgrace for him to be with someone like you, to mate with trash.” She sneered.

I ground my teeth, becoming agitated with her. “Move out of my way,” I said harshly.

She placed her hands on her hips. “And what are you going to do about it if I don’t?” she raised a challenging brow.

Shadow was on edge now, feeling the tension build in the air between us. He began to paw at the ground, snorting aggressively when she took another step towards us.

I glared at her. “I asked you to move out of my way. Do you really want to get into more trouble with Damon than you already are?” I said in a cocky tone, suddenly feeling brave.

She cackled, “Who is going to tell him? Because if I just get rid of you here and now, there will be no one to tell him.” She grinned.

Fear crept up my spine from her words, knowing she was right, it was just us out here, and if she killed me, no one else would know. “Why do you hate me so much? What did I do to you?” I asked incredulously.

Every muscle in her body tensed up. “Because you stole him from me. Damon was supposed to be mine, and you stole him. So now he wants nothing to do with me.” She whined, and I nearly snorted from laughter.

I scoffed. “I didn’t steal him from you or anyone. Damon is the one who captured me, held me fucking hostage and refused to let me go. The fact that he and I have developed feelings for each other was not planned at all.” I told her.

Her lip twitched, and her body began to vibrate with rage. “I’m warning you, human, go home now, or you will regret it.” She said with promise, as her eyes flashed black.

I sighed heavily and then commanded Shadow to take off, leaving her behind in our dust. As we rode back to the barn, Mira’s words repeated in my head, and she was right; I didn’t belong here. I belonged with my kind; my place was with regular humans, not supernatural humans. We finally reached the barn, and I felt like breaking down, feeling defeated.

I jumped off of Shadow, and we entered the barn. I guided Shadow back to his stall and locked it tightly. He stuck his head out, nudging my face, and I kissed him goodbye.

As I was leaving the barn, Trevor appeared out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of me. “Amelia! I’m glad I found you. I saw Peter at the storage building, and he told me you were here. I….” Trevor stopped talking, and his features became stricken as he looked at me. “What’s wrong.” He asked in a concerned tone.

I shook my head, really not in the mood to get into things. “Nothing, but I don’t have time to talk right now. I have some things I need to do.” I said quickly before walking past him and back towards the house. Trevor just continued to stand there, bewilderment on his face. I entered the house and went straight to my room.

I grabbed my bag out of the closet and began packing everything. Ready to get out of here and go back home.

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