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Chapter 17: Can’t do this anymore – Part 2/3

Amelia POV:

Damon walked into the room, burst through the door like a tornado and came to an abrupt stop. “What’s going on here?”

I furiously shook my head. “Damon, we can’t do this anymore.” I solemnly told him, feeling my heartbreak with each word.

He balled his hands up at his side. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I can’t let you mark me, Damon. We can’t be together; it’s best if I just go and you can find someone better, someone who is like you. I’m not the one for you.” My voice cracked, and I swallowed hard, pushing the lump in my throat back down.

He stood there seething with anger, and his eyes turned pitch black as he stalked towards me slowly. “We are going to be together, and I am going to mark you, Amelia. I don’t give a shit what anyone else says or thinks. I don’t want anyone else except you. When the fuck are you going to accept that!” He angrily shouted at me.

I turned around and continued throwing my belongings into my bag. “Never, because I know it’s not true. Werewolves hate humans, and you had been raised to hate humans. So it is against the law for you to mate with a human.”

A low growl came from him. “Yes, you are right. Most of my kind does hate humans, we aren’t supposed to mate with someone who isn’t a werewolf, but that won’t stop me from mating with you. Does this have to do with what Samantha said?” He demanded to know.

I paused; someone must have told him about that because I didn’t. “It doesn’t matter. Not only that, you can’t be with a measly human like me, you are an Alpha, and if you mated with me, it would destroy your future.” I hated saying that; it made my stomach churn.

“Goddamnit!” He roared, “That’s enough!” His deep and frightening tone echoed throughout the room, causing me to jump.

I whipped my head around and stared at him. “Your right; that is enough.” I grabbed my bag and zipped it up before picking it up from the bed. Suddenly, Damon came up from behind me and roughly grabbed the bag from me, throwing it across the room. He then gripped my shoulders and pinned me onto the bed.

Damon’s jaw was clenched tightly. “You aren’t going anywhere. You’re mine!” He growled out.

I wiggled in his hold. “No, I’m not, I’m not yours, and I’m leaving. Now let me go.” I demanded.

His eyes became pitch black, filled with determination as he narrowed in on my neck. Fuck was he going to mark me. He held me down and gripped my arms tight enough to bruise. It was clear to me now that his wolf was taking over.

I struggled, trying my hardest to get out of his hold, but each time I moved, his grasp tightened, causing a small whimper to escape.

“Stop, Damon, please. I’m begging you don’t do this not like this, please!” I was almost in tears and scared out of my wits. The look in his eyes was pure darkness, pure animal.

The Damon I knew was gone. His canines extended, and my eyes widened in fear as he lowered his head, closing in on my neck. First, his teeth hovered above my skin, grazing it gently. Damon then plunged his teeth into my neck and bit down hard.

I let out a blood-curdling scream as he bit me. The pain was excruciating at first and slowly replaced with a deep, consuming pleasure. It radiated throughout my whole body; I began to shake and vibrate from need and want. He retracted his teeth and then licked the spot for a moment before kissing it gently. Finally, he cupped my face and kissed me roughly.

He sat up and tore my shirt off, then my bra. I went to cover myself, suddenly feeling self-conscious, and he roughly grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head. He snarled at me in a warning, and I froze at his reaction, not wanting to agitate him in this state. “Don’t move,” He growled.

He released my wrists and cupped both of my breasts, squeezing them roughly. Then, he bent down and took one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it hard.
He reared back, sitting on his heels and stared deeply into my eyes, almost lovingly. Damon then stood from the bed and ripped my shorts off before doing the same to my underwear.

My clothes were scattered on the floor in pieces; my nerves were going haywire from the need and desire I had for him right now. I knew this was dangerous and I was scared as I should be, but for some reason, none of that mattered. I just needed him and needed him fucking me raw.

He removed his pants and climbed onto the bed, lifting my legs in the air and placing them onto his shoulders as he pulled my ass against him. Damon rubbed his hard cock against my clit, soaking himself in my juices before plunging into me hard and deep. I moaned from the mixture of pain and pleasure. My toes became tingly, and my legs shacked violently.

“Damon....harder... faster,” I moaned. He growled and hissed in response as he thrust into me for dear life.

“You’re mine and only mine,” He grunted, sounding possessive yet so sexy.

My head felt cloudy, spinning in circles, and the only thing I could focus on right now was Damon, how he dominated every part of my being. His touch, his kisses, were euphoric, like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of, and I needed more.

The high finally came crashing down, and I must have fallen asleep at some point. I reluctantly opened my eyes, and the room was dimly lit, indicating it was almost nighttime. I looked down at myself, and I was fully dressed now; Damon must have dressed me. I stilled thinking of his name and held my hand to my neck; that’s when the realization of everything hit me like a tsunami.

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