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Chapter 17: Can’t do this anymore – Part 3/3

I looked to the other side of the bed, where Damon sat reading a book, and I jolted upwards. “Omg, what the fuck have you done?” I screamed at him.

Damon tilted his head “Amelia, enough!” He warned me.

“No, you’ve made a huge mistake, and I told you no, but you marked me against my will. What the fuck?” Panic was now taking over me. My life is ruined; I’d never be able to leave him now. I was stuck and trapped with him forever. I would never be the Luna he deserves, that his people deserve, and what’s more, I couldn’t give him an heir.

“Amelia! I said enough,” He boomed as he gripped my shoulders.

I shook him off. “No, fuck you, Damon, you have no idea what you’ve done. Leave me alone.” I attempted to get up from the bed, but Damon pulled me back. He then climbed on top of me and held me down.

“Like fuck I will, you’re mine, and the mark on your neck verifies it.” He said while glancing down at his handiwork, “I won’t leave you alone.” Damon loomed over me and stared deep into my eyes before he cupped my cheek. “I did not make a mistake, do you understand me?” He said, raising a questioning brow.

He melted my heart just then, almost believing him, but I shook him off again and swatted away his hands. “Yes, you have Damon! I am human, and I can’t give you children!” I finally admitted as tears streamed down my face.

He looked confused for a moment as he scrunched his brows together. “What do you mean?” Damon asked.

I squeezed my eyes shut and turned away from him. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Damon gripped my chin firmly, forcing me to look at him. “Tell me what you mean, now!” He said in a low and dangerous tone.

I closed my eyes, willing back the tears. “I can’t give you children. I have no uterus Damon, happy now! Asshole!”

Upon admitting that to him, my chest ached. It was a time in my past that held nothing but bad memories.

“What? Why not?” He questioned curiously.

I bit my lip, not wanting to relive everything. “I don’t want to talk about it.” But Damon cocked a brow and gave me a ‘don’t anger me look.’

I let out a ragged breath. “Please don’t make me Damon,” I pleaded.

He released my wrists and sat us up before lifting me onto his lap. Damon then turned my face towards him. “Tell me why,” He said gently but with a bit of authority.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep breath. “When I was 14, I got sick. I ended up being diagnosed with severe endometriosis, an incurable disease. Things were bad, and it affected my life so much. In the end, my only option was to have a hysterectomy if I wanted to go back to having a somewhat normal life. Now, I’m only half a woman, and I can’t give you children of your own, children to take over the pack when you’re gone. Heirs that will continue to lead and protect your people.” I let it all out and told him the truth. It pained me to do so, but it also felt good to share that with someone.

Damon cupped my face and stared deep into my eyes. “Although I would love to have children with you to see you are carrying my child, the fact that you can’t have children will not hinder my decision in wanting to spend the rest of my life with you. As long as you are by my side, facing and conquering everything with me, then that’s all I need, and I can always pass the title down to another family member.

I squeezed my eyes shut as his words resonated through me, “Shouldn’t the person who takes your title be your heir, your child? Shouldn’t you be with someone who is like you, strong, confident and born to be a leader.”

Damon squeezed my shoulders. “Amelia, enough. What’s done is done, and we can’t change that. You are mine, and I am yours, forever and always. No one and nothing will come between us.”

I looked away from him. “But….” I started to say, but Damon gripped my chin and forced me to look at him. “Having children or not, as long as you are happy, that is all that matters to me; it’s you and me against the world, baby. As long as you are by my side, that’s all I need.”

My lip quivered as I tried to regain myself. “What about the fact that you will live longer than me? Trevor told me that your life expectancy reaches into the hundreds. Am I going to change into a wolf now?” I asked nervously.

Damon shook his head. “Yes, my kind can indeed live much longer than a human, but when you die, Amelia, I will die with you. As for the changing, no, you are not going to change into a wolf; we are born this way.”

My chest tightened, and I released a shuddering breath as the tears began to fall down my face. Damon’s hands came up and cupped my face, wiping the tears away with his thumbs before leaning in and kissing me tenderly.

Damon deepened the kiss gently and passionately. Butterflies swarmed in my belly as my body vibrated from his touch. Finally, he leaned me back and onto the mattress, hovering above me now. I stared into his loving eyes, feeling safe and warm.

He stood to his feet and slowly took off his shirt, revealing his sculpted abs. Damon bent down and caressed my sides, his touch soft. He gripped my shirt and slid it upwards, lifting it over my head.

The heat between my legs intensified with every inch of skin he touched. His lips pecked my stomach, causing the hairs on my body to rise as goosebumps spread across my skin. Damon then popped the button on my jeans and slowly pulled them from my legs. A whoosh of cold air swept across my bare skin, making me shiver.

He was being gentle and taking his time, savouring this moment between us. When my parents died, I felt so lost and disconnected. Meeting Damon has changed everything. The thundering ache I felt in my chest faded, and I felt whole again. He was my everything, and I had fallen for him.

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