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Chapter 20: Facing reality – Part 1/2

Amelia POV:

My eyes burned, and my whole body ached; I attempted to move, only to realize that I was restrained. My vision was blurry at first, but I only took a moment to focus. I glanced around me, seeing that I was tied to a chair in an empty concrete room, and I was all alone. My heart began to thunder as the panic rose within me. “Where the hell am I?” I said aloud and to no one in particular.

“Hello!” I shouted, listening for voices or sounds, but there was nothing but silence.

“Someone help,” I shouted, hoping my plea would be heard. A few moments later, I could hear loud footfalls closing in. The door handle began to jiggle, and I held my breath, my anticipation climbing as I waited to see who it was.

The door swung open, and a man stepped into the room. He was tall, slicked-back brown hair and piercing green eyes, but he was nothing compared to Damon, not even close.

He stood there glaring at me, his intimidating stare burning a hole in my soul. “Where am I?” I asked, trying to sound brave, but my voice failed me.

He straightened himself. “You are not at liberty to be asking questions. Especially in that tone.” The man bent down, bringing his face closer to mine. “Talk to me like that again, and you will regret it.” He grinned ear to ear, sending a shiver of fear straight down my spine.

I swallowed roughly and watched as the man stood to his full height again. Then, suddenly, another man entered the room, the same man I had met at Damon’s house. He walked in and glanced between the other man and me. “That’s enough, Zachariah. I’ll take it from here, thank you.” He told him in a calm demeanour.

Zacarias’s cold stare was fixed on me intently before looking at the older man and leaving the room hesitantly. He closed the door behind him, leaving me alone with Xavier now, and my lip began to tremble at the thought of what he was going to do to me.

“Please, don’t do….” I started to plead with him, but my words were abruptly cut off as his large hand connected with my cheek, slapping me across the face.

“You will speak only when you are spoken to!” He boomed.

I squeezed my eyes shut, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. My cheek burned from the impact, and my bottom lip trembled as I sucked in a deep breath.

I opened my eyes and looked at Xavier. He hovered over me, glaring down with a look of pure disgust written on his face.

“You are human and born to be a hunter; your kind is despicable compared to mine. Taking innocent lives and destroying homes.” He said with a snarl.

My brows furrowed with his words, “I’m not a hunter.” I said, defending myself.

His upper lip curled into a snarl. “Not yet. But are you not the daughter of Christopher and Lynn Brown?”

I raised a brow, wondering how he knew my parents. “Yes, I am, but….” Xavier cut me off.

He straightened himself, towering over me now. “They are also the leaders of the Red Ryders, meaning you are destined to follow in their footsteps and become a threat to my kind.”

His words struck me like a bullet, taking me aback. “No, that can’t be right,” I said reassuringly.

He raised a brow. “No? So tell me, did you ever wonder why your parents travelled so much?” He questioned in a bored tone.

It did cross my mind a few times, but they always said it was for business. Then, things started to click together like a puzzle. I could remember hearing them talk about strange things, and when I asked them about it, they said it was just about a movie or tv show they had watched.

I was at a loss for words; I didn’t know what to say or do. Are my parents actually hunters? Was I truly destined to kill Damon and those like him?

I shook my head rapidly. “No, your lying! You are just saying these things, so you have a better reason to kill me. Whether you like it or not, I am Damon’s mate.” I told him, almost instantly regretting my words.

His face turned slightly animalistic as the fury poured from him before Xavier picked me up in the chair and slammed my body against the hard wall. Upon impact, the chair crumbled to the floor as my back collided harshly with the concrete. I let out a sharp breath as the pain coursed through my body.

Xavier’s dark eyes bore into mine. “You are not his mate! Nor will you ever be, and as soon as I have disposed of you, he will find his true mate. The one that is meant to lead that pack with him.” He said in a dark and deep tone.

My body ached, and my chest felt heavy, unable to breathe normally. “Please…stop.” I pleaded with him, knowing that none of what he said was true. I certainly wasn’t a hunter, and I couldn’t grasp the idea that my parents were.

A malicious grin spread across his face. “I know what needs to be done.” He said in a menacing tone.

Fear slithered its ugly face slowly up my spine, making me freeze in my spot, not wanting to know what he was planning. I could only hope that Damon would save me, but what if he believed the same thing now? What would he do?

Damon POV:

We spent some time at the cliff, just basking in the moonlight, wondering where Amelia was and if she was alright. Then, finally, the rising sun told us it was time to go back and deal with this.

Taking our time, we eventually made it back to the house. Before crossing the tree line and into the backyard, I shifted back to human. I grabbed a stack of hidden clothes from a nearby bush and got dressed. Then, walking into the yard, I stopped, staring at the dungeon door.

I needed to know more about her, about Amelia. Even though she was my natural-born enemy, she was also my mate, and I loved her. I also can’t let her go, and no matter what, I won’t let her go.

I made my way over to the door and stormed down the stairs, feeling anxious now. I stopped in front of their cell and stared into their eyes. “Tell me about her?” I questioned them.

Lynn stood from the bench, but Christopher gripped her wrist, stopping her in her tracks. She gazed into his eyes, her features softening and eyes full of love. His posture relaxed, and shoulders slumped, an effect caused by your mate, something I craved for right now.

He released her wrist, and her attention turned back to me. “What do you want to know?” She asked as she approached the bars.

I took a step closer and straightened myself. “Everything,”

She smiled. “Amelia is one of the purest souls that we have ever seen. She puts others before herself, never complaining; she is kind and sweet. Someone that we are proud to call our daughter.” Lynn chuckled. “When Amelia was 5, she found an injured wolf; its leg was in bad shape. She brought it home, crying her heart out, begging us to save it, and we did. One of our highest laws is never to harm pups, but, I’ll be honest, I don’t think it would have survived if it weren’t for Amelia’s love. She cared for that pup like it was her baby. Once it was healed, we explained that it needed to go back home. She put up a fight, dying to keep it, but we just couldn’t allow it. After some persuasion, she finally released it back into the woods. Neither of them wanted to leave each other’s side, it was something unheard of, and we knew she was different.”

Lynn sighed, “She isn’t like us in any way, shape or form; we finally came to the decision to not pass down the title to her because deep down, we know she wouldn’t be up to the task, and it would kill the beautiful person that she is if she had to harm one of your kind.”

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