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Chapter 21: Defeated – Part 1/2

I started to thrash and kick. “Let me Go!” I demanded.

They ignored me and continued dragging me backwards. I threw my head back, my skull colliding harshly with their nose. My head spun as I connected; the large man dropped me to the ground, but I quickly recovered. I turned around to look at him, noticing he clutched his nose.

The man removed his hand from his nose and glared down at me, eyes turning black now. “You little bitch!” He growled out, the anger rolling off him in waves.

I scurried backwards, trying to put as much distance as possible between him and me, knowing that he would probably kill me.

I didn’t get far before the burly pissed-off giant towered over me, caging me between the car and certain doom. He raised his leg and booted me in the face. Then, everything went black, sending me into a deep sleep.

I awoke sometime later, unable to move. “Good, you’re finally awake; it’s about damn time. Now, get the fuck up. We have somewhere to be.” I looked up to see Xavier standing over me. Again, I didn’t move because I couldn’t, my body hurt, and my head was pounding. Also, my hands were tied behind my back, making it difficult to get up.

When I made no effort to move, Xavier roughly grabbed my arm and yanked me up, causing me to let out a shriek of pain. “Shut up, you whiny bitch.” He hollered at me, and I flinched at his harsh tone.

He shoved me forward, and I stumbled, falling into a tree. I braced myself against the wood, relaxing into it. Then, I took a moment to collect myself before I pushed off the tree with my shoulder and started walking.

“Keeping going straight ahead, stay to the path and if you try to run, I’ll catch you and kill you myself.” He said with promise, making my whole body tense.

We had been walking for hours now, and with each step, my legs burned. I looked around us, finding the area familiar. Xavier came up behind me and pushed me forward. I fell face-first onto the soft grass, quickly looking up to see that I was in Damon’s backyard.

Xavier gripped my hair, yanking me forward. I groaned out in pain as he dragged me across the yard. He stopped just before the door that led down to the dungeons. Xavier forced me to my knees and pulled my head back, still holding my hair firmly.

“Damon, it’s time for your punishment,” Xavier said in an almost playful tone.

The anticipation was killing me as I waited for Damon to arrive. Seconds later, Damon burst through the door and stopped abruptly when our eyes met. The unease I felt melted away as I stared into those blue orbs. I felt so relieved to see him, tears welling in my eyes.

Damon’s jaw clenched as his eyes took in my appearance. “Let her go now, dad!” Damon bellowed out, but Xavier only gripped my hair tighter and let out a howling laugh.

“Please, boy, you don’t scare me, and you don’t give me orders,” Xavier growled out, sounding fierce.

Damon’s posture stiffened, and his fists clenched tightly. “Dad….” He began to say, but his father cut him off.

“Son, I’ve come to tell you that I know what your punishment is for your despicable actions.” He said proudly. I tilted my head slightly to look up at Xavier, who was grinning maliciously down at me and my heart sank upon seeing the look in his eyes as I now knew what he was planning to do.

I looked back to Damon; he didn’t move or say a word, his eyes fixed solely on me. His features softened a bit as he stared into my eyes, and it felt as if he was trying to absorb the negative emotions I felt in this moment and put me at ease, but it only made me want to be in his arms even more.

I felt a cool liquid drip down my face, and I realized that I was now crying. Damon’s focus turned back to his father, and a darkness I had never seen before now masked his features.

Xavier yanked my head back roughly, causing me to whimper, and Damon took a threatening step towards us. His father raised a hand, stopping Damon in his tracks. “Don’t even try it, boy!” He said coldly.

I looked up to see Xavier’s gaze fixed on me, and a sadistic smile grew across his face. “Now, for breaking one of our most sacred laws, your punishment is to kill this pathetic human.” He spat, and Damon’s face instantly became one of horror.

His chest rose and fell as he glared at his father. “Is this some kind of cruel joke? She’s my mate; I won’t do it.” Damon said while shaking his head in defiance.

Xavier wrapped his free hand tightly around my throat, cutting off my air. “Then I will.” He said in a harsh tone as I began to squirm in his hold.

Damons eyes widened and turned pitch black, his wolf rising to the surface. “STOP!” He roared.

The firm hold around my neck eased, allowing me to breathe, and I gasped for air the second I could. Xavier then threw me to the ground. “Well, either you kill her or I do; it’s your choice, son.”

I looked up at Damon, and his expression held no emotion; he was just staring down at me with a blank face. My gut was telling me that something was wrong, and I wondered for a brief moment if Damon was considering this, but I knew he would never hurt me, no matter what.

Damon took a step towards me, his gaze still locked with mine. He stopped a foot in front of me and bent down, picking me up by the shoulders. Damon set me on my feet and stared lovingly into my eyes before his eyes went dark.

He tore his gaze from mine, looking to his father now. Damon then looked back at me before kissing me deep and fervently. I melted into him, embracing this moment, but it only lasted for a second when Damon broke the kiss and threw me to the side. He rushed towards his father colliding into him roughly, sending them both tumbling to the ground. They rose to their feet and straightened themselves. Their chests were heaving now as they stared each other down.

Xavier let out a low growl. “What are you doing, Damon?” He asked loudly.

His head lowered. “Getting rid of the real problem.” He snarled. Damon then charged at his dad once more, shifting into his wolf midway. Xavier reared back and out of Damon’s way, changing into his wolf now.

They were both large in size; their bodies were broad and muscular. Damon was superior to his father, though, with silky black fur. Xavier’s fur was a dark grey, and he had a jagged scar across his right shoulder.

Vicious snarls filled the air as they began to circle each other and snap their jaws. Xavier lunged forward, and Damon swept him up, throwing him through the air. He landed with a thud against a tree, but he quickly recovered, landing on his feet.

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