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CHAPTER 3: It’s time to leave – Part 1/2

Damon POV:

I was sitting in my office chair when my wolf began to stir, giving me a massive headache. He began to growl and snarl at me, urging me to go to our mate. He continued pacing around in circles, acting as if something was worrying him. A feeling of nausea washed over me as I felt that something was wrong with her, with my mate.

I decided to go and check on her, to calm myself and my wolf. I entered the cells and heard her screams and whimpers, then her pleading for help and to be released. I quickened my pace and reached her cell within seconds. Only to witness a pack member assaulting my mate.

Fury washed over me as my wolf began to surface, with the need to tear this man’s flesh apart for touching her, for hurting her, she’s mine! She’s ours!

I stormed into the cell and ripped him from her, and began beating him to a pulp. He was almost dead when I heard her let out a small whimper, bringing me out of my angered state. I threw him across the room and rushed to her side to ensure she was ok.

I gripped her arms as softly as I could and helped her to her feet. She stood shakily, trying to gain her balance. Amelia flinched harshly at my touch, causing my heart to ache. She tried to pull away and was fighting me. “Stop! You’re going to hurt yourself.” I said softly or tried, too, at least.

She peeked around her shoulder and glanced at me; the expression on her face was difficult to read; it was a mixture between fear and desire?

“I am not going to hurt you, ok?” I said, trying to soothe her nerves. I turned her around to face me and looked over her body to see if she had any injuries. Her body had a few scrapes and bruises, one right on her cheek. I reached up and rang my thumb across it. The anger started to return, and my wolf wanted blood. A growl rumbled up from my chest, my wolf struggling to come out.

Amelia brought me out of my murderous thoughts when I noticed her looking around me at Jordan’s limp and beaten body. Terror was etched onto her beautiful face as she looked up at me and started to struggle again.

It took everything in me to not show any emotion and maintain a neutral expression. “Stop, now! I assure you; he is still alive, just badly injured. I do not condone that behaviour. It is strictly forbidden, and he deserved what he got.” I meant every word, and, in my opinion, he deserves worse!

She hesitantly nodded her head and then started to look around the floor and at herself frantically. I looked down and noticed her shredded clothes scattered around. I removed my shirt and wrapped it around her body. It gave me a sense of great pride, seeing her wear my clothes and also made my cock twitch.

“I imagine you are feeling exposed and uncomfortable. So you may wear this, for the time being.” I said, trying to be a gentleman.

She looked up at me. “Thank you.” A small smile spread across her face.

Reluctantly, I let go of her and opened the cell door. “Follow me.”

She remained still, refusing to even look at me. “Would you prefer to stay here?” I asked.

Her eyes locked with mine. “No!” She bellowed out.

“Then let’s go,” I said shortly, becoming irritated with her stubbornness now.

We left the cell and walked down the hall. I watched her, glancing between the other cells. Finally, we reached the door, and she stopped in front of the door, blocking me from opening it.

“Excuse me,” I said, and she flinched. I tried to ignore her reaction.

Her brows furrowed. “Sorry?” She was confused, and it was apparent.

I was becoming a bit frustrated now. “I need to unlock the door.” I tilted my head up and nodded in the direction of the door she was still standing before, blocking me from opening it.

Her eyes flickered between me and the door, then she moved, her back now against the wall. “Oh, sorry.” She said, embarrassed.

I walked past her, and my arm brushed against her soft skin, causing an eruption of sparks to shoot throughout my body. I pushed those feelings back down and continued to open the door, gesturing for her to walk out before closing the door behind us.

As we exited the cells, I watched her eyeing the forest; it was clear to me that she was contemplating the idea of running.

I closed the distance between us. “Don’t even think about it. I would catch you before you even reached the tree lines and.” I leaned down, closing the slight distance that remained between us. “Believe me; you don’t want that.” I grinned wickedly at the thought of her running and me catching her. I secretly wished she would run, so I could chase my little mate and fuck the shit out of her. I noticed her eyeing my body, and I smirked, thankful I had the same effect on her as she had on me.

I led her into the house quickly, not wanting anyone to have the chance to ask questions. It was bad enough they were all watching us closely. But I had decided that it was best to give her a room within the house, choosing the one next to mine so that I could keep a close eye on her, making sure no one would ever touch her again, except for me.

I opened the room door and nudged her inside. “You will stay in here for now. My room is next door, so if you try anything, I will know.” I said in a firm tone.

“I won’t, thank you.” She said dryly. I closed and locked the door, even though I just wanted to be with her, be there for her.

I stood outside her door for a moment, wanting to walk back in there and make her mine. As I stood there, I heard the faint sound of crying. I gently pressed my forehead against the door, frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t comfort her and hold her within my arms.

“This is just as painful for me as it is for you, baby,” I whispered through the door.

Before I did something that I honestly wouldn’t regret, I walked away, knowing it would ultimately put Amelia in danger.

Amelia POV:

I don’t know when I had fallen asleep, but I was out long enough that it was now nighttime and the room was almost pitch black, except for the small amount of moonlight shining through the small window.

I carefully got up from the bed and tried to navigate the room, using the moonlight as my guide. After fumbling for a few minutes, I finally found the light switch. The light hurt my eyes for a second, and as they adjusted, I took in the room.

Black carpeting covered the floor; the walls painted a dark blue, and the dark wood furniture tied everything together beautifully. There were three other doors in the room; I walked over to the closest one to me, and as I had suspected, the door was locked. So, I turned around, made my way over to the next one, and opened the door, revealing a large, empty closet. It was the kind of closet I had only ever seen in magazines. The walls and flooring matched the bedroom. The shelves and drawers were white, a large vanity sat along the back wall, and a large white sofa was in the middle of the room.

I walked out of the closet and went over to the last door. It was a bathroom, the bathroom I always dreamed of, with black honeycomb flooring, a large stand-up shower, with multiple heads and white subway tiles: a large dark grey tub, double sinks, and a dark wood vanity. Maybe I’ll sleep in here, I thought to myself.

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