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Chapter 21: Defeated – Part 2/2

Damon charged towards him, teeth bared and roaring loud enough it echoed around me. His sharp canines dug into Xavier’s side, and he howled out in pain. Xavier raised his back leg and kicked Damon away from him. He tumbled on the ground but got right back to his feet, running towards his father again.

Xavier dodged him and was now coming straight towards me, snarling and teeth showing. My eyes widened at the monster closing in on me. I scurried backwards, desperately needing to get far away from him. But, before he could reach me, he was abruptly pulled back and tossed into the air. Damon looked at me and let out a huff while looking towards the house. I nodded my head in understanding and quickly got to my feet, running as fast as my legs would take me.

The commotion faded in the distance as I neared the house. I stopped just before the back door and glanced behind me, hoping to see if Damon was alright, but I could no longer see them or hear them now.

I turned back around, and before I could even reach for the door handle, I was harshly tackled to the ground. We rolled around for a moment and then came to an abrupt stop. My back was pressed firmly into the ground as Mira hovered over top of me.

She snarled, showing her teeth slightly, her sharp protruding canines. I gulped roughly, knowing this wouldn’t end well for me.

I writhed in her hold, “Let me go!” I demanded.

She froze, glaring into my eyes before a wicked smile spread across her face. “I have a better idea.” She says eagerly.

Mira stood to her feet, then snatched me off the ground, not being gentle. I planted my feet into the soil, not wanting to go with her willingly. The fear within me wouldn’t let me move, my heart nearly pounding out of my chest. She tugged on my arm so hard; I thought my shoulder was dislocated.

I let out a shriek of pain, and she smiled. “Hearing you in pain brings me such joy, and I look forward to the moment that you are out of my life.” Mira sneered, then narrowed her eyes. “Now move, or I’ll drag you!” Her voice bellowed around us.

I sucked in a deep breath and accepted that I was fucked. Mira began walking, and I followed beside her as she gripped my arm tightly, ensuring I couldn’t run from her. We walked for a few minutes before stopping deep within the forest.

Mira threw me to the ground like I was a piece of trash. Then, she smiled when my head bounced off a rock, causing my vision to go fuzzy, and everything began to spin around me.

I opened my eyes and could barely see Mira standing before glaring down at me. Her head then whipped, and she smiled broadly. “Here she is, and she is all yours.” She said gleefully.

I tilted my head up only to see Xavier standing there grinning down at me. “We meet again.” He said, and horror swam through me as a shiver of fear ran down my spine.

I was going to die and by Damon’s father, a sadistic man who despises humans.

I flipped myself over and attempted to stand to my feet, but Mira kicked me in the back, causing me to fall flat on my face. I looked up and saw Xavier’s shoes were now a foot away from my face.

This was it; he would torture and kill me, severing the bond between Damon and Me. Closing my eyes, I started to think of all the good times he and I had. The moments between us that I wanted to treasure forever, the moments in time that made me fall in love with him.

Xavier booted me in the side, and I groaned loudly. “You’re pathetic.” He sneered, and that made me laugh.

I looked up at him, a brow raised. “I’m pathetic? I’m not the one beating on someone that has no chance against me. You are the pathetic one!” I spat, earning myself a deep and vicious growl.

He kicked me in the face this time, and I screamed upon impact as pain rushed through the right side of my face.

He snorted, “Not so cocky now, are we?” He asked, and I chuckled.

I narrowed my eyes. “I’m not going down without a fight,” I said confidently and proudly. Even though I was scared out of my wits, I wouldn’t make this easy for Xavier.

Xavier climbed on top of me, putting all his weight on my stomach. The air rushed out of my lungs before he hauled back and punched me across the face. He did this a few more times, and I blacked out for a moment.

I finally came to, my vision slowly returning, but Xavier slapped me across the face, sending me into another state of dizziness. I laid there now, feeling like a puddle of goo as my body fought to stay awake and fighting. Damon came to mind, wondering if he was alive or if Xavier had killed him. I could only hope that he was alive and safe.

Damon POV:

I watched as Amelia ran towards the house, not taking my eyes off her until she was no longer in my sight. My head whipped back to my father now, narrowing my eyes in his direction before charging towards him. I tackled my father to the ground, my canines snapping at his neck, but he bucked me off with his back legs.

I landed on my feet and growled towards my father; he snarled in return before backing up and shifting back to his human form.

I followed suit and shifted back, now standing on two legs in front of the man that stood between Amelia and me being together.

Standing to my full height, I glared at my father. “I won’t let you hurt her,” I said firmly.

He lifted his hands in the air in surrender, and I furrowed my brows. “Ok, son, you win. I clearly can’t defeat you, but ill be back.” He said with promise before taking off in the opposite direction.

I instantly knew something was up; it was not like my father to give up so easily. Especially when it came to a matter like this, I followed his scent, keeping a reasonable distance between us so he wouldn’t know that I was behind him. However, after travelling a little while, I lost his scent for a brief time, feeling like I was going in circles now and chasing nothing.

Suddenly, I could smell him again, and I could smell….blood. A rush of fear coursed through me as I picked up Amelia’s scent mixed with the blood. I rushed in the direction of where the smells were most potent, praying to the moon goddess that I would make it in time.

I stopped abruptly as my eyes landed on the horrific scene before me. Amelia’s limp body lay on the ground covered in blood and bruises, with my father sitting on top of her, soaked in her blood.

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