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Chapter 22: It’s just a dream, right? – Part 1/2

Damon POV:

My father froze and turned his attention to me now; a sinister smile stretched across his face. “Come to enjoy the show, son?”

I was beyond horrified at the display before me, my father was beating my mate to death, and she now laid there unconscious. The sound of her faint heartbeat rang through my ears, and I knew if I wanted to get her out of here alive, I needed to be careful.

I stepped closer and straightened myself. “No, I came to finish this.” I told him, hoping he would believe me, “You were right. She is not fit to be my mate, let alone my Luna, and I need to be the one to take care of the problem.” I said as convincing as I possibly could while maintaining a neutral expression.

My father stood to his feet and narrowed his eyes, watching me intently. A moment later, he stepped back from Amelia and motioned with his hand towards her, “Then don’t let me stop you.” He said happily. I tore my gaze from his and focused on Amelia as I walked over to her.

As I stepped closer to Amelia, the damage my father had done was more severe than I had thought. I wasn’t so sure now if she would even make it. I clenched my teeth together, trying to control the rage that was building within me.

I knelt down next to her, my eyes roaming over the damage that had been done to her beautiful face, damage done by my father, my own flesh and blood. Someone as innocent as Amelia didn’t deserve this; she deserved so much better. My only goal now was to get revenge for what had been done to her; I craved it.

Perched on my right knee, I focused on her heartbeat, holding onto the hope that she would be alright. I was abruptly brought out of my trance by the sound of my father’s voice catching my attention now.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” He questioned impatiently. I looked up at him and immediately felt this urge to kill him.

I reached around and grabbed the knife out from the back of my jeans, the silver knife. Then, steadying myself, I focused on my target and threw the knife with as much force as I could conjure. I stood there and watched as the knife flew through the air straight towards my father’s chest. His eyes widened for a brief moment before he whipped his head to the left of him and grabbed hold of Mira, who I hadn’t even noticed was standing next to him. My father then used her as a shield, protecting himself from the blow.

The blade plunged deep into her chest, causing her to let out a blood-curdling scream. My face turned to astonishment at my father’s reaction to use a pack member as a shield like that. He threw Mira’s body to the ground like she was nothing.

He narrowed his eyes. “Guess I’ll have to finish this and then take care of you next.” His tone was dark and deep.

I leapt forward, not wasting a moment and reached for the knife, but my father beat me to it and yanked the knife out from Mira’s chest. I stopped just before he could slash me with the blade.

Instead, I rammed him in the side, causing him to stumble a bit and drop the knife. He snarled furiously, and I reached out for the handle of the blade, gripping it firmly between my fingers. I straightened myself, the knife back in my grasp now. My body shook with rage as I narrowed my eyes on my target, my father.

Before I could even make a move, my father bolted, running deeper into the woods. I chased after him, moving as fast as I could, but he was faster than me, ultimately leaving me in his dust. I continued following his scent but then stopped, realizing that this could be a diversion. I spun on my heels and turned around, running back towards Amelia.

I finally reached her, and thankfully my father was nowhere to be seen. I glanced around, carefully scanning everything surrounding us and listening intently, knowing that he was close. Things were quiet, almost too fucking quiet. A few moments passed, and he still wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

I looked over to Amelia and then rushed to her side, listening closely to her heartbeat. It was faint, and I knew she needed to get help fast. Then, suddenly, I was pulled away from Amelia and thrown into a tree. My vision became blurry upon impact, and everything around me started to spin. I gave my head a shake, and things began to clear up. I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them again, only to see my father hovering over Amelia, looking down at her with disgust.

I sat up slowly. “Don’t touch her,” I growled out.

My father kneeled beside Amelia and pulled her into him, wrapping his arms firmly around her. “I had such high hopes for you, son. I thought you would follow in my footsteps and lead this pack like a true Alpha, but I guess I was wrong. You’ve done nothing but disappoint me, and it was a mistake giving you the title.” He spewed out with a poisonous tone.

He looked down at Amelia. “Hope you said your goodbyes.” His hand then wrapped firmly around her neck, gripping it tightly, and that’s when I noticed Amelia’s hand inching towards the knife on the ground. Her eyes fluttered open as she grabbed the handle before plunging it into his chest.

His eyes widened, and he let go of Amelia as he stumbled backwards. I leapt up to my feet and tackled my father to the ground. I climbed on top of him and pulled the knife out from his chest, then reared back, ready to end his life.

I hesitated for a moment as I glared down at him. “I’ll never follow in your footsteps because you were never a father or true Alpha,” I said coldly before plunging the knife deep into his chest.

He gasped loudly, and I watched as the life left his eyes. Finally, the nightmare was over, and the monster who was my father was gone, killed by my hands. My heart thundered in my chest, and my body shook as the realization of what just happened hit me like a tidal wave.

The sound of feet pounding against the ground broke me from my thoughts, and I whipped around to see Lynn and Christopher approaching.

I stood to my feet and looked in their direction, curious as to how they got out of the cell. They glanced between me and my father’s lifeless body that lay on the ground. Christopher’s expression turned cold; Lynn looked to her husband before glancing over my shoulder, and pure horror masked her features now.

She rushed past me, shoving me out of her way and ran towards Amelia, who was still lying on the ground. I cautiously approached, fearing the absolute worst as I could no longer hear her heart beating. Christopher rushed to Lynn’s side, and he then immediately started to assess Amelia’s wounds. His hand came up, and he placed two fingers to the side of her neck, feeling for a heartbeat.

Lynn was sobbing now, and her body began to tremble as she sat there. Christopher perked up suddenly and looked at me. “She’s still alive; we need to get her help now!” He said quickly, and I didn’t waste another. I rushed to Amelia’s side and picked her up from the ground, cradling her limp body in my arms. She felt cold and lifeless in my arms, and I could just barely hear her faint heart beating now.

Seeing her like this broke my heart, and I felt like I had failed Amelia, that I didn’t protect her as I should have.

I held her close to me and kissed her forehead before looking at her parents. “Follow me,” I told them, then turned on my heels and headed back towards the house.

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