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Chapter 22: It’s just a dream, right? – Part 2/2

I nearly jogged the whole way there, and as we got closer, I continued to pray to the moon goddess that Amelia would survive this, but the fear of losing her was growing by the minute. We finally reached the house, and I kicked the doors open. I ran to the medical wing, bursting through the doors.

“Ruth, where are you? I need you now!” I hollered as I walked into the closest room and softly laid Amelia down on the bed.

Ruth rushed into the room and stopped abruptly upon seeing Amelia. Her face fell, and tears began to well in her eyes. Ruth looked at me. “What happened?” She questioned.

I looked away. “My father,” I said through gritted teeth.

Ruth approached Amelia’s side slowly, the sight of her beaten body hard for her to take in and started to look over her. She was quiet and careful as she assessed Amelia’s injuries, then sucked in a deep breath. “This is bad, Damon; I don’t know if I can save her.”

I ground my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut. “Don’t say that; you have to save her, Ruth,” I said shakily.

Ruth looked back to Amelia and exhaled heavily. “Ok, I’ll try.” She said quietly.

Trevor then walked into the room. “Oh my goddess, Amelia.” He said softly, his voice cracking slightly.

I looked at Trevor, and his expression nearly broke me. I placed a comforting hand onto his shoulder. “Help her,” I told him, and he just nodded, not looking away from her.

I couldn’t take being in the room anymore; the wall of strength I had built was quickly crumbling down on me. I left the room only to see Lynn and Christopher anxiously standing there.

Lynn’s eyes widened when she saw me. “Well? Can they save her? Is she going to be alright?” She asked quickly, worry lacing her tone.

I sucked in a deep breath. “They are doing everything that they can,” I told them, and their faces fell, sorrow now masking their features.

I walked away from them when Lynn began to cry, unable to handle all these emotions. I left the medical wing and went into the backyard, needing some air. I stood outside, and the cool air danced across my skin, causing goosebumps to rise. I fell to my knees and looked at the sky. “Please don’t take her from me.” I pleaded to the moon goddess, hoping she would hear my prayers.

My chest felt heavy, like the air in my lungs was stolen from me. Then, suddenly, I was brought out of my thoughts. “Damon?” Samantha’s voice rang from behind me.

I took in a few calming breathes before getting back to my feet. I turned around, and her face was stricken with relief as she gazed into my eyes. Her eyes were red and puffy, telling me she had been crying. “What, Samantha?” I said coldly, not in the mood for her bullshit right now.

However, Samantha surprised me when she rushed towards me and engulfed me in her arms. “I’m so glad you’re alive.” She said, sobbing.

I hugged her back, holding her tightly, “So am I, but I can’t say the same for dad.” I told her regretfully, and she stilled in my arms, then slowly backed away.

She let out a shuddering breath as she stared at me. “Damon, what do you mean?” She asked hesitantly.

I looked away for a moment, hating the look of sorrow in her eyes. “Our father had attacked Amelia, and things turned ugly, resulting in his death.” I simply told her.

Her eyes widened, and she covered her mouth with her hand attempting to contain the sobs. Samantha turned her back to me. “I’m sorry, I had no choice,” I said softly. I knew she would hate me for this and probably never forgive me, but it had to be done.

Samantha whipped around to glare at me, tears streaming down her face. She scoffed. “No choice? There is always a choice Damon. He was our father, and now….he’s gone.” Her voice cracked, and I started to regret my actions as I knew how close she was to our father and how much she loved him, despite all his faults.

My shoulders slumped, and I sighed heavily. “Samantha, I am….” I began to apologize to my sister once again but was suddenly cut off when I felt a sharp and overwhelming pain in my chest.

I dropped to my knees, clutching my chest; it felt like someone was prying my chest open, and I couldn’t breathe. Samantha rushed to my side. “Damon, what’s wrong?” She said worriedly, but I couldn’t answer her, so I just shook my head in response.

The pain intensified, and I thought for sure that I was going to die, but I couldn’t understand what was going on until I realized that it had to do with Amelia.

I looked up to see Luca rushing towards us, a grave expression on his face. His brows furrowed upon seeing me on the ground. “What’s going on? Are you ok?” He asked.

“We were talking, and then he just collapsed to the ground, holding his chest. He needs to see a doctor; something is wrong.” Samantha told him.

His eyes turned to me, and a knowing expression crossed his features before bending down to pick me up. Luca put my arm over his shoulder and braced himself; he looked at Samantha. “Come on.”

We slowly walked into the house and walked towards the medical wing. The fear and anticipation climbed with each step we took, wondering if what I feared the most had come true.

I wanted so badly to ask Luca what was going on, but the pain in my chest stopped me from doing so. Luca pushed the doors open to the medical wing, and the area was quiet, with barely a soul in sight.

We made our way to Amelia’s room, and my heart began to beat erratically. Luca opened the door to the room; standing there were Ruth and Trevor, both sobbing, as well as Amelia’s parents, all of them surrounding her bed and heartbroken.

Everyone turned to look in our direction with grief-stricken expressions, and I knew something was horribly wrong.

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