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Chapter 23: Goodbyes are always the hardest – Part 1/3

Ruth looked to Trevor, and he nodded his head; they then began to come in our direction, preparing to leave the room. As Ruth passed by me, she looked at me with an apologetic expression, and Trevor couldn’t bring himself to even look at me. Luca began to walk us forwards, and I stopped him, not sure if I could do this, if I could see her like this or say goodbye, as I knew now, that Amelia was dead or dying.

Luca looked at me; sympathy etched on his features. “You’ve got this man.” He said reassuringly, and I nodded in agreement. We walked over to Amelia’s bed, and as we got closer, I could now see her. My heart nearly broke in half as I gazed upon her lifeless body.

I looked to Lynn and Christopher. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her, that I couldn’t save her,” I told them.

Christopher sucked in a deep breath. “We know you did all that you could for our daughter.” He said with a sympathetic tone as he continued to gaze upon his daughter’s face. Lynn looked at me, then to her husband, and he nodded. “We will give you a few moments with her.”

I gave them a small smile. “Thank you,” I said genuinely, appreciating the fact that they were giving me some alone time with her.

Luca grabbed a chair and placed it next to Amelia’s bed. I sat down on the chair. “Thanks, man.”

Luca gave me a curt nod. “No problem. I’ll just be outside if you need anything.” He told me before leaving the room.

I stared at Amelia’s face and grabbed her hand, holding it tightly in mine. “I want more than anything for this to just be one horrible nightmare, but I know it’s not and that you are gone.” I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep, shuddering breath. “I am so fucking sorry for everything baby, I should have done more to protect you, to keep you safe, and I failed you.” I leaned in closer to her, inhaling her intoxicating scent, and tears now brimmed my eyes. “The day I had met you, I knew you were the one for me, the one I had been searching for to fill that ever-growing hole in my soul; you are my other half. I love you, Amelia, more than I could ever explain to you, and I’ll see you again one day.”

I bent down and kissed her forehead, lingering there for a moment so that I could savour this last kiss with her. I didn’t want this to be our last kiss, our last moments together. I didn’t want my time with Amelia to be over yet.

I shakily stood to my feet and paced around the room, feeling angrier by the minute that she had been taken from me so soon. My chest began to rise and fall heavily as my rage boiled within me. Finally, I grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it across the room, needing to release some of the anger.

I growled loudly, “This isn’t fucking fair; how could you take her from me? She doesn’t deserve to die.” I shouted to the moon goddess.

Abruptly, Luca burst through the door, a worried expression on his face. “Are you alright? What was that bang?” He asked.

I turned away from him, not wanting him to see the tears in my eyes. “I’m fine, and it was just me breaking shit.” I squeezed my eyes closed and composed myself before turning to face him. “Come on, let’s get out of here,” I told him; as I needed some air.

I began walking from the room and noticed that Luca looked as though he wanted to say something but was afraid to get the words out, which I was glad for as I didn’t want his sympathy. I left the room and saw that Amelia’s parents were still here.

I walked over to them, trying to find the right words to say, “I’m sorry for your loss; Amelia was truly an amazing person. You both are more than welcome to stay in one of the guest rooms for now until you have made arrangements.”

Lynn didn’t look at me, just continued to hold her head in her hands, and Christopher nodded. Both looked so heartbroken and lost, making me feel like even more of a failure. I spun on my heels and began to storm away from everyone when an ear-splitting scream sounded throughout the medical wing.

I stopped dead in my tracks and whipped my head around, wondering where it came from and who. Ruth, Trevor, Lynn and Christopher all looked to me with bewilderment etched on their faces.

Luca nearly fell on his ass when he rushed into the hallway “Damon! Get in here now!” He shouted at me from the doorway of Amelia’s room. I hesitated for a moment before quickly making my way back to her room.

I stepped into her room, and my eyes widened as a feeling of amazement came over me. Amelia was lying in her bed, thrashing around and shrieking. I rushed to her side, gripping her shoulders tightly. “Amelia! Amelia, stop. You are going to hurt yourself!” I hollered at her, and she finally began to calm down. Her breathing was erratic, and I could hear her heart pounding within her chest.

Amelia’s eyes nervously roamed all around her until they finally landed on me, and it was as if all the negative emotions she was feeling washed away.

Her lip quivered, and tears pooled in her eyes. “Damon?” She said quietly before I engulfed her into a hug, holding her as close and tight to me as I could.

I released a sigh of relief, feeling as if a 1000 pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders. “You scared me, baby; I thought I lost you,” I whispered to her.

She reared back and looked into my eyes, giving me a small sweet smile. Amelia opened her mouth to reply but was cut off when her parents frantically barged into the room.

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked between them and me, confusion written all over her beautiful face. “Mom? Dad?” She choked out, tears spilling from her reddened eyes. Lynn was the first one at Amelia’s side, and I moved out of the way, knowing how much she needed to see her daughter. She stood there staring at her daughter happily before wrapping her arms tightly around her and hugging her. Amelia sat up in the bed and welcomed her mother’s embrace, sobbing as she did.

Christopher stood beside me now. He looked down at me, raising a brow in question, and I shrugged my shoulders, just as confused as he was. Lynn finally released Amelia from her grasp and stepped back a bit.

She cupped Amelia’s face with her hands, smiled down at her lovingly, and then made room for Christopher. He gazed down at her, his eyes roaming over her face. “Are you ok, sweetheart?” He asked worriedly.

She smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, dad, I’m fine. Honestly, I feel good.” Amelia told him reassuringly. “I am just so happy to see you and mom, that you both are alive.” She said happily.

Christopher pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at her. “Really? Are you sure?” He questioned, unsure about her answer.

Amelia snorted and shook her head at him. “I missed you.” She told him, then reached up to hug him. Christopher hugged her back, holding her firmly and squeezing his eyes shut. His love for her was evident and was something I admired.

He reared back and exhaled heavily. “I missed you too, kiddo,” Christopher said to her in a soft tone.

Amelia looked between her parents again; bewilderment etched on her features now. “How are you and mom alive? After you both went missing, we eventually presumed you dead, and then I found your wrecked car in the woods, which only made me think that you both were truly dead. I also found the papers you had collected on Damon and that your reasoning for coming here was to eliminate him.” She questioned her father.

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