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Chapter 23: Goodbyes are always the hardest – Part 2/3

Christopher’s expression became neutral now as he sucked in a deep breath. “Yes, well, your mother and I are hunters. We are the leaders of the Red Ryder group; our job is to eliminate supernatural creatures, a lifestyle we don’t want for you, Amelia. Your mom and I were coming here to take Damon out when we were ambushed and taken hostage by your mate here.” He said, pointing a finger in my direction, and I looked away from Amelia’s scrutinizing gaze, feeling ashamed of my actions. “However, when Xavier took you, Damon came to us, questioning your mother and me about who you were to us. After Damon told us that he was your mate, we realized that we couldn’t hurt him, as it would only hurt you; that’s when we agreed to work together so that we could save you. Even though we are natural enemies, he is a good man who loves you, and I guess I can live with the fact that he will be my son-in-law.” Christopher said playfully.

Amelia’s attention was now on me, and her features softened as she gazed into my eyes, nearly melting my fucking heart. I honestly thought I had lost her, and I didn’t know how I would survive that loss, but she was alive, and my heart soared with relief.

I reached out for her hand, holding it in mine and squeezed. “What do you remember?” I asked her.

Her eyes wandered around, and she pursed her lips, trying to remember. “The last thing I remember was…Xavier.” She sucked in a deep breath. “Beating me to death, and then I stabbed him,” Amelia said while looking down at the bed.

Amelia’s eyes then met mine. “How am I alive?” She asked.

My brows furrowed, not sure how to answer that because we didn’t even know. “I don’t know. You were dead, Amelia, and then you just started screaming.” I told her honestly.

Her face scrunched up in confusion, and she ran a hand through her hair. I reached up and cupped Amelia’s face with my hand, turning her to look at me. “Your alive, baby and that’s all that matters.” Then, I leaned in and kissed her.

Amelia responded by deepening the kiss, and I could live in this moment with her forever. However, we were interrupted by her father loudly clearing his throat. We both reared back and smiled at each other before turning our attention to Amelia’s parents.

Lynn stepped forward and turned to her husband, placing a hand on his chest. “We should probably go get settled, darling. Plus, we need to contact the group.” She said to Christopher.

He looked between his wife and daughter, then sighed, “Yes, you are right.” He said in a displeased tone. Christopher’s gaze then turned to me, a stern look masking his features now, and I nodded to him, knowing what that look meant. He then turned back to Amelia and bent down, kissing her forehead.

Christopher straightened himself. “We will see you a little later.” So he told her, and Amelia just nodded. Lynn tilted her head and smiled before following her husband out of the room.

Ruth and Trevor stepped into the room; both of them had tears streaming down their faces. This all felt surreal for a moment, as if I was dreaming, and none of this was real. Yet Amelia was here, and she was alive; I don’t know how or why but, I was grateful.

After the trio had their moment of reuniting, Ruth checked Amelia over. She reared back, shoulders slumping, and then Ruth pursed her lips. “I’m baffled; she is perfectly fine. All of her previous injuries have healed, and I can’t find anything wrong with her.” She told me in an astonished tone.

Amelia smiled. “Well, that’s good, right?” She asked curiously.

Ruth nodded. “Yes, of course, it is, but I just don’t understand how. Like, Amelia, you were badly injured, and you had died; you had no pulse. Now, you are completely healed, perfectly healthy and alive.” She told her.

Amelia’s brows furrowed in confusion. “I can’t explain how because I don’t know how I am alive and healed. But, I’m here, with all of you, and that’s all that matters to me.” She said, smiling, as her eyes flickered between the three of us.

Amelia POV:

The last thing I could remember was Xavier’s cruel face lingering over me as he continued to hit me relentlessly, and then everything went dark for a while before I came to again and stabbed Xavier. After that, I didn’t remember anything else; my mind was blank. I rubbed my forehead, trying my hardest to remember anything.

Suddenly, I remembered seeing an older woman with long golden hair and bright blue eyes in the darkness. “Wait, I remember something,” I said in a rush, and everyone’s attention was fixed on me intently now.

Damon’s brows furrowed together. “What do you remember?” He asked curiously.

I looked away from him, focusing on the wall in front of me as I recalled things. “After Xavier attacked me, I remember being surrounded in darkness. Suddenly I was blinded by a bright light, and then a woman appeared before me. She had long golden hair, bright blue eyes, and she wore a white dress that flowed behind her. The woman gave off this comforting aura, and I felt safe in her presence. She told me that Damon needed me, and it wasn’t my time yet, so she was granting me a second chance.” I told Damon truthfully. “I wonder who she was and why she had chosen me to be given another chance at life?” I said aloud, trying to answer those very questions myself.

Damon, Ruth and Trevor glanced between each other, a bewildered expression masking their features. “From what you just described, it fits the description of Selena the Moon Goddess, and I believe that’s who you might have seen. According to folklore, Selena is described as beautiful and welcoming; she is also depicted as someone who is powerful enough to grant life. Perhaps she chose you to be given a second chance at life because she knew you wouldn’t waste it, and she knew that you were worthy of being granted something so precious.” Damon told me, and maybe he was right as I sure didn’t have any other explanation.

I pursed my lips and softly nodded. “Yea, perhaps you are right. The main thing is that I am alive.” I didn’t want to dwell on things too much, I had been given a second chance, and I wasn’t going to waste it.

I looked at Ruth. “Am I alright to leave? I could use a hot shower.” I said to her, emphasizing the shower part.

Ruth snorted, “I bet you do, and yes, you are good to leave.” She happily told me, and I jumped from the bed, engulfing her in a hug.

I pulled back and smiled at her before turning to Trevor and hugging him as well, so he didn’t feel left out. Then, abruptly, I was lifted from the ground and now resting in Damon’s arms.

I shrieked as his arms snaked underneath my legs and behind my back so he could cradle me in his arms bridal style. I turned my gaze to him and raised a brow. “Umm, what are you doing?” I asked him curiously.

Damon gave me a wicked smile. “Taking you to our room.” He said as if it was apparent.

I smiled, knowing what was about to happen, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, then kissed him hungrily. Damon responded by kissing me with a fiery passion as he picked up his pace.

We finally made it to the bedroom, and I almost thought Damon would rip the door off the hinges, unable to open it fast enough. I giggled at his behaviour, finding it cute, he looked down at me with a brow raised, and I just smiled up at him. Damon kicked the door closed behind him and walked over to the bed, then gently set me down on the soft sheets.

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