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Chapter 23: Goodbyes are always the hardest – Part 3/3

My breathing quickened, and my heart began to pound within my chest as the anticipation grew. Damon lifted my shirt slightly and planted soft kisses along my stomach, causing goosebumps to rise all over my skin. He reared back and lifted my shirt off of me before kissing my chest, one hand tightly gripping my hip and the other roaming over my body.

I ran my fingers through his hair, gripping it lightly as the fire grew in my belly. Damon growled as I tugged on the strands of his hair and then kissed me hard. My body came to life as he consumed my mouth with his and my thighs squeezed together, the desire to have him growing within me.

I reached down and lifted his shirt, pulling it over his head and staring at the beautiful man that hovered above me. I cupped his cheek with my hand and ran my thumb across the stubbled skin, grateful that I was still here and with him. Then, pulling him towards me, I kissed Damon passionately and softly, savouring it for a moment.

Damon reared back and lifted me with him, holding me tightly to his body, our lips never parting. He undid my bra and slipped it off my shoulders, tossing it into the corner of the room. His hands glided up my body, sending jolts of electricity throughout my body, just from his touch.

He laid me down again, then slowly slipped my pants off, along with my underwear leaving me bare to him now. Damon started to kiss my exposed flesh while his hands explored my body. He trailed down, now kissing my inner thigh and gently biting it, causing me to squirm.

Damon ran his tongue along the length of my core, sending another jolt of electricity throughout my body. I began to writhe and moan aloud from what he was doing to my body. Next, his thumb started to rub circles on my clit, as his tongue continued to explore my aching pussy.

My breathing was erratic now, and I clenched onto the sheets needing something to hold onto, something to keep me anchored. Finally, Damon halted his assault on my now throbbing pussy and started to kiss his way back up my body. He hovered over me and stared at me for a beat, his eyes roaming my face.

A loving smile spread across his face. “I love you, Amelia.” He said in a soft tone.

Damon then kissed me like never before, a kiss that held so many emotions, I felt it in my soul. I pulled back and looked into his eyes. “I love you too,” I told him.

He pushed himself off the bed and stood up. Damon then removed his pants before getting back on the bed and climbing on top of me. He pressed his hard cock against my opening as he kissed my neck gently.

Damon then pushed himself into me slowly, taking his time and relishing this moment. He continued kissing my neck before engulfing my mouth with his and then picked up his pace, thrusting into me harder and deeper now.

“Fuck, Damon.” I moaned aloud as my body started to vibrate.

His arms snaked their way under my legs, and his hands firmly gripped my hips, deepening himself inside of me, fucking me harder and faster now. The sound of our moans echoed around the room, and our bodies were now covered in a thin coat of sweat. My body felt like it was on fire, and my legs began to shake now as the orgasm built within my belly.

Damon continued pounding into me, causing me to gasp for air now, as each thrust stole my breath. The room spun for a moment, my body feeling numb and tingly from head to toe. I was so close to the edge now, one step, and I would walk over, plunging into pure ecstasy.

Quite abruptly, Damon stilled, and my eyes widened in disbelief. Because he had stopped, my orgasm now remained on paused; it was so close, yet so far. I furrowed my brows at him as I tried to catch my breath and wondered what the hell he was doing.

He released my legs and surprised me when he flipped us, me on top of him now. I could tell he had done this on purpose, not wanting to stop yet, not letting me cum yet. I moved up and down slowly, teasing him since he stopped my release.

Damon narrowed his eyes at me before thrusting into me roughly, and I moaned loudly. My legs began to shake now, and Damon gripped my hips tightly and slammed me onto him. my hands rested on his chest, and my nails started to dig into his skin, causing him to growl out in satisfaction.

I continued moving up and down, picking up my pace now. Damon’s groans grew louder each time now, and I could tell that he was just as close as me now. I could feel my orgasm building again, growing stronger and faster now. Finally, Damon sat up and wrapped his arms around me, holding me to his body. He thrust into me deeply, yet gently, and that’s when I fell over the edge.

My body shook violently, and my skin felt like it was on fire as fireworks went off inside my belly. Damon groaned aloud as he went over the edge as well. He buried his head between my breasts as he breathed heavily. After a moment of staying like that, Damon started kissing my chest, moving up to my neck, then cheek and finally my lips, kissing me softly and passionately.

Damon’s hand reached up swiped away the few stray strands of hair stuck to my face. He stared into my eyes, not saying a word, but the look in his eyes spoke a thousand words. I bent down and kissed him again, deepening it this time, before leaning back and smiling at him.

I tilted my head. “I love you, Damon, and I mean it when I say that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I had come here looking to ease the pain I felt, and I found you. Damon, you are what I was looking for and so much more.” I told him honestly, meaning every damn word.

His chest rose and fell heavily as he just sat there, staring at me. Then, Damon surprised me when he pulled me into him and kissed me harshly.

Damon pulled back and looked at me, a severe expression on his face. “This is only the beginning, baby; we have many years ahead of us, years I can’t wait to spend with you by my side, as my wife and my Luna.”

I never thought I would find love or that I would even understand what it truly meant. But meeting Damon has changed my life in numerous ways, and now, I know what the true meaning of love is.

The End

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