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CHAPTER 5: My saviour and my enemy – Part 1/2

It was now nighttime, and the house had been quiet for a while; this was my cue to get the hell out of here! I opened the window, as quietly as I could, threw out the sheets that I fashioned into a rope and began to make my descent.

My feet hit the ground, and I stilled, looking all around me, making sure no one was within sight. Finally, the coast was clear, and I beelined it for the woods. I ran through the woods, my heavy breathing and footsteps the only noise surrounding me. I had been running for a while now and decided to slow down to conserve my energy. Nothing around me looked familiar, and it was so dark, making it difficult to see anything, and the further I went into the forest, the denser it became.

The moon shone through a small opening in the trees, illuminating a small creek. I stopped to rest, hoping the water may be clean enough for me to drink. Instead, I heard a low growl come from behind me as I approached the water. I stilled, my breathing quickened, and my eyes darted all around me, looking for the animal that the growl may have come from.

Suddenly, a pair of yellow eyes emerged from the trees on the other side of the water, glaring right at me. My body froze, and I stopped breathing as fear crept up my spine. Then, the eyes came forward, and it stepped into the light; what I saw couldn’t be fucking possible! It was a wolf, but not a normal one; this wolf was massive and glaring right at me like I was its last meal.

I panicked and took off in the opposite direction. I could hear the wolf chasing after me; it was snarling, growling and chomping its teeth. The sound of the beast’s paws thudded against the ground and echoed throughout the forest. Finally, I came to an abrupt stop as I reached the edge of a cliff. I stared down, and it was a considerable drop, about 20 feet or more. I didn’t know if I would survive if I jumped.

Before I could come to a decision, the wolf chasing me plowed into me, pushing me right over the edge. I tumbled down the side of the cliff, the rocks clawing at my skin. My body slammed into the ground, and I heard a crack, but I only felt minimal pain as the adrenaline was racing through me.

I looked up at the wolf that stood on the edge of the cliff, watching me, and I must have hit my head harder than I thought, as it looked like it was smiling at me? So much for escaping alive!

It leapt down from the cliff and landed almost gracefully; its head slowly rose to meet my gaze, then stalked towards me, licking its lips. I tried to hurry away from it, but my body began to scream in pain, not allowing me to move an inch.

The wolf barred its teeth at me, then chomped down on my leg, and I let out a blood-curdling scream. The wolf began to drag me across the ground. I fought and tried to kick it with my other leg, but it only growled at me and bit down harder.

My head was pounding, and my vision became clouded. Then, just as I was losing all hope and considered defeat, I heard my name being called out. I looked up to see Damon standing on the edge of the cliff; he observed the situation, and fury crossed his face.

He stepped back from the edge, and I gasped as he leapt over the edge; he was going to hurt himself or kill himself. Instead, however, he shifted into an enormous black wolf when he was in midair.

I screamed in horror at the sight before me. Am I imagining things? Am I going crazy? He landed on the other wolf, and they rolled away from me. Damon pinned the wolf under him and, seconds later, ripped its throat out, tossing the head away like it was trash. His head snapped to me, staring at me intently, then he started running towards me, and that’s when everything went black.

Damon POV:

I paced in my room, unable to get her off my mind. I walked over to the adjoining door so often that the carpet was starting to wear down. I grasped the door handle, wanting to rush in there and capture her lips with mine; the urge to taste her was driving me mad.

Kissing her on the cheek wasn’t enough; the soft feeling of her skin still lingered on my lips. I didn’t hear any movement in her room for some time, which concerned my wolf and me.

My wolf was pacing, needing to find Amelia, to be with her and make her ours. However, something felt off with him as well; he seemed to be worried.

Against my better judgement, I walked into her room, determined to be near her, but her bedroom was empty. I checked all over, and she wasn’t there; that’s when I noticed the window was open and a makeshift rope hung out the window. Fuck!

I looked out and scanned the yard, and she was nowhere to be seen; I howled in rage. Then, I mind-linked Luca, telling him that she escaped and the grounds needed to be searched while I searched the woods.

I leapt out the window and began running for the woods. I wanted to shift so bad that my skin ached and burned, it would help me find her faster, but I worried if I saw her, she would be scared at the sight of my wolf, scaring her off.

As I got further into the forest, I picked up on her scent, and she was close, but I also picked up the smell of a rogue. Shit! Hopefully, it hadn’t found her. Because if he harmed her in any way, I would rip him to pieces.

I heard faint growling to my left, and then a blood-curdling scream rang through my ears, almost deafening me. I followed the sound, only to come upon a rogue, with his teeth embedded into her skin, as he dragged Amelia by her leg.

“Amelia,” I shouted; she looked in my direction, and the expression on her face almost broke my heart.

I leapt off the cliff, and without thinking, I shifted into my wolf, letting my beast free, and we tackled the rogue, knocking him off Amelia. I clamped my teeth down on his throat and ripped his head off his body.

I was so fueled with rage and anger; I had almost forgotten she was here; my only focus was taking out the rogue and destroying him. When she let out a shuddering breath, it brought me back to reality. My gaze turned to her, and something was wrong with her. I started to run to her, and that’s when she passed out cold.

I immediately shifted back to human and cradled her in my arms, I looked over her body, and she seemed in bad shape. I wasn’t sure of the extent of her injuries, but she was losing a lot of blood from her leg; I scooped her up and ran towards the pack house.

Once close enough, I linked with Luca, telling him to get a doctor to the infirmary immediately.

Luca was waiting for me as I entered the infirmary wing, and his eyes widened when he saw me. “What the fuck happened?” He yelled out.

My eyes snapped to his, “A rogue attacked her.” I said through gritted teeth.

His brows shot up. “Fuck man, she doesn’t look good.” He said, pointing out the obvious.

“You fucking think?” I snapped at him.

I took her into one of the empty rooms and gently laid her down on the bed. A moment later, the doctor rushed in and began to examine her.

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