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More Than Friends

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Best friends, secrets, submission, pain, pleasure and the ultimate risk—love. By day she is Chloe, the secretary. By night she is Cinnamon, sexy cam model. Chloe has spent months nursing her best Taylor through heartbreak when he gets left at the altar, while hiding her second job from him. Her weekly shows with the mysterious TJ are the highlight of her week. And despite the similarities between Taylor and TJ they can’t be the same person. Right? Taylor has spent months hiding behind an anonymous account so he could pay Chloe to strip for him. But watching is no longer satisfying. He wants to claim her body, he wants to see her kneel. Could the man demanding Chloe’s submission be the one she already knows and loves? Will Taylor’s anguish stop him from claiming Chloe’s heart?

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Chloe’s hands shook as she pressed on the new email. A new client show request for her cam modelling persona, Cinnamon. She wasn’t used to it yet. Even after a month and a half new requests made her shake. She had two regular clients who requested shows and photo sets, but everything else was sporadic. Another request wasn’t unusual.

His username made Chloe snort: CallMeSir. Seriously? She had met a couple wannabe doms in the last month. They weren’t any good at it. Few guys were sexy on chat, they wanted her to be sexy without them having to do any work.

She pushed reply to the email.

Well, Sir, before we meet in private we should get to know each other. My name is Cinnamon, I’m twenty-six, I’m a Libra. My favorite singer is Lana Del Ray. I enjoy pineapple on my pizza, or chicken and feta cheese. In my spare time, haha who I am kidding? I don’t have spare time. When I have time I like to see my friends. I’ve never been submissive to anyone before, but for the right person I would be interested.

She hit send and opened her photo editing program to finish the series of photos she’d taken for a client.

A notification popped up about 20 minutes later.

Well, Cinnamon, I’d like to get to know you better. But if you get too saucy, I won’t hesitate to spank you. I’m twenty-eight, and my google search told me I’m an Aquarius. I also like alternative music, Lana Del Ray has a unique style. We’d have to order separate pizza as I’m certain none of those things go on real pizza. I have friends I like to spend time with. I was recently dumped so I’ve been feeling sad about relationships, which is why I’m here. I need someone to make me come. I used a random generator to pick my name, but a little domination might be fun. What’s your favorite sex toy?

Chloe gaped at the screen. Favorite sex toy? He was certainly more blunt that her usual clients. He knew what he wanted, and he wasn’t afraid to ask. Good first impression. She smiled as she replied. A few flirty emails and they set a date for two days from now. He also asked for a few photos to tide him over and she sent them after he paid. She had to step away to take them; he wanted her in submissive postures.

Chloe stomach fluttered as she dressed in lace for her first show with the mysterious man she had been emailing with. In fact, she spent a large part of two days waiting for and responding to his emails. They had talked about pain and pleasure at length. He bought more photos of her wearing a set of nipple clamps and he requested a video of her masturbating.

She tugged at Cinnamon; her alter ego, the part of her who loved the attention, who loved sex, loved trading herself for money. While she painted her face, she felt Cinnamon take over. The flutter changed from nerves to excitement and arousal.

Over the last two days she exchanged almost fifty emails with her new client. Tonight she’d have a face and voice to attach to her fantasies.

At her computer, she turned on her camera and waited. He was in chat but no video. She waved and blew a kiss. “Hello Sir. I’ve been excited for this moment.”

CallMeSir: I’m having some technical difficulties. My camera and mic aren’t working. I’ll have to type my side.

Cinnamon’s smile faltered for a moment. She bounced in her chair. “Of course, Sir. Whatever works for you. I was hoping to see you.”

CallMeSir: Why’s that?

She gave him a coy smile, fluttering her lashes. “Your words have inspired a few fantasies.”

CallMeSir: Oh, have you been naughty? I want you to grab the crop you showed me and punish yourself?

Cinnamon stared at the screen. He said he wanted to hurt her, but she didn’t expect it to be tonight. Nor did she expect to be turned on by the idea. She’d never been into pain before, but no one had asked her either.

She had to dig through her toy box to find the crop she teased him with in a bonus picture. Holding it up, she raised her brows. “Where?”

CallMeSir: Your thighs. Tip the camera so I can see you turn your skin red.

She followed his instructions, hoping her sweaty palms didn’t make her drop the crop. First shows were never this easy, never moved this fast. This wasn’t his first time with a model, or he knew what he wanted. EIther way, she slapped her thighs with the crop until he halted her with his words.

CallMeSir: Are you wet?

She nodded, biting her lip. “So fucking wet.” Her voice trembled as she spoke. Nerves, she wasn’t used to being open about the state of her pussy. Not yet, she was getting better. Focus on the client.

CallMeSir: Show me. And put the clamps on your nipples.

Cinnamon stripped off her lacey outfit and whimpered into the camera when the clamps closed on her nipples. Then she showed him how her bare pussy lips shone with her desire, after she covertly rubbed it over herself. She should speak, but she couldn’t think of a damn thing other than, “Please let me come” but she didn’t beg. Not yet.

CallMeSir: Touch your clit Cinnamon. Rub it and make yourself come while I jerk off.

She pressed her fingers to her clit, trying to imagine what he looked like watching her from some unknown location. Just being watched was hot enough, she rubbed her clit, someone out there was rubbing himself to her body gyrating in her chair.

Her pleasure built at lightning speed, electrifying her as she rocketed to orgasm. She couldn’t help moaning, as the gratification snapped through her body. Cinnamon’s body went lax against the chair, as she waited for herself to return to normal.

CallMeSir: Jesus, I haven’t come that hard in ages.

And they had done so little, little teasing, little flirting, or toys. A little pain, a lot of pleasure.

“Me neither, Sir. I’m glad I could fulfill your desires tonight.”

CallMeSir: Kneel for me before I go.

“You have ten more minutes.”

CallMeSir: You were very good. Kneel like a good girl. Let me just look at you submitting to me. So fucking beautiful.

Cinnamon slid to her knees on the floor so the camera could see her. She looked at the screen, waiting for his next instructions. “Whenever you want me to be your good girl, let me know, sir.”

CallMeSir: I’ll want that again soon Cinnamon. You are a very good girl. Sleep well.

CallMeSir has logged off.

Chloe turned off the camera without lifting herself from the floor. This was the new normal. Taking her clothes off for strangers, coming for them, and getting paid.

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