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More Than Friends

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Night One

I became a cam girl a few months ago when I was low on funds. My rent was increased, my job cut my overtime, and I didn’t know of any quick options other than begging my friends for money. I couldn’t take the embarrassment, so I turned on my webcam, found a website that paid well, and made it work.

I’m looking at my options. A better paying job, cheaper place, stripping for strangers on the internet as my full-time job. Cam work pays well enough, plus the orgasms. I fear what I would tell my family and friends.

Tonight a regular has requested a private show. His username is CallMeSir, but the first private show we did he told me to call him “TJ.” I don’t know TJ outside this realm. He doesn’t use voice, like other regulars. He types what he wants from me. It makes it more difficult to follow orders because I have to be close to the screen to read his words. But we make it work.

I have my hair done in waves. TJ complimented on my hair a few times. In the mirror, I put on my brightest red lipstick, my red push up bra, and lacy red panties. He likes lace.

I have my box of toys nearby. I arranged it earlier in the way TJ usually instructs me to use the toys. Nipple clamps, paddle, this lube with menthol he instructed me to buy that makes my clit or nipples more sensitive, and the vibrating dildo. There are more dildos in another box, butt plugs, just in case he has a new request.

I log on and test my cam and mic. I arrange myself in a pout and watch the screen.

CallMeSir has logged on.

It begins.

“Hello TJ. How are you?”

CallMeSir: Hello, Cinnamon. I’m tired after a long day. How are you?

“Mmm. I’m okay. Work was nothing special. I thought about you all day. Wondering what you would make me do tonight.” I slide my index finger between my lips and suck on it, giving him a coy look.

CallMeSir: I thought about you too. I only went to the bathroom once to masturbate. What about you?

I didn’t have time. But that’s not sexy. “My panties were soaked all day, but I didn’t want to waste an orgasm at work. I wanted to save it for you.”

CallMeSir: I think that’s better. I like the idea of you on edge all day while you think of me.

I’ve made him an avatar in my head. He’s probably nothing like I imagine. But I see him tall, dark, and handsome. Piercing green eyes. Or blue. Or dark soulful brown. So the eyes change depending on the mood. He has that scruffy look that’s hot. It would scrape my inner thighs.

I want to keep talking to him. I want to ask him personal questions. But when I have tested the waters, he’s been evasive. I know he has a right to be anonymous, but we talk a couple times a week, at least once in private per week, and then he joins my public shows sometimes. But it lacks the intimacy of our private sessions. And the way he makes me feel in them. I’ve done the cam shows for a five months but only know TJ for about two months, I’m addicted. I look forward to them way more than I should. I use his words, his instructions every time I touch myself.

“Should we get started?” I shouldn’t be so blunt. Maybe I should keep flirting until he asks.

CallMeSir: I love the red lipstick. I’d like to see your lips wrapped around my dick.

“I’d like to have your dick in my mouth. Listen to you moan while I use my tongue on you.”

CallMeSir: I bet you get all sloppy when you suck dick.

I do. I love a good sloppy dick sucking session.

CallMeSir: Get that purple dildo, the one with the veins, almost like a real dick. It’s bigger than most guys, but show me.

“You’re bigger than most guys, though.” I bend to my toy box beside me and open the latch on top. He can’t see my smirk. Every guy thinks they are the biggest and best.

I find the dildo he requests and pop back onto the screen with it. I wiggle my hand and make it flop around with a grin.

CallMeSir: You’re being a brat tonight already, Cinnamon. I might have to spank you.

Yes I am bigger than most guys.

I avoid shaking my head. Whatever you want to believe, sunshine. It’s his money.

I stroke my hand along the fake dick. I put on my best sexy voice. “TJ, you have the biggest dick I’ve seen. I don’t know if I can handle someone this big.”

CallMeSir: You’ll take it, my slutty girl. Now suck on the tip.

I part my lips and suck on the head of the dick. I pretend it’s human, warm, it’s attached to the tall, dark, handsome man and he’s standing above me while I stroke him, while I taste him.

One eye is on the screen, waiting further instruction.

CallMeSir: Take it deeper. Show me how deep you can get.

He knows it’s not deep. He likes making me gag on it though. My sick bastard. I press my tongue down on the floor of my mouth and shove it deep until I can’t handle it. I swallow hard, but my gag kicks in.

CallMeSir: I think that’s deeper than last time. I want you to practice for the next week once a day hold it as deep as you can for as long as you can. If you improve, there will be a tip.

I nod, staring straight at the camera, my mouth full of purple dick. Hopefully straight into his eyes. I imagine they are dark tonight. Dark and brooding.

CallMeSir: Get sloppy down on it. Let me see your spit run down your chin.

I use my tongue around his dick, loosening my lips enough so he can see my tongue working the flesh. Saliva drips from my mouth down my chin. I struggle to stop myself from wiping it away, instead I force myself to push more out.

CallMeSir: Good girl. I’d fill your mouth with my come and watch it drip down your chin. Down your chest. If I had enough money to buy a night with you I’d cover you in my come. Take the dildo out and tell me if you’d like that.

From him? Probably.

“Yes, Sir. I’d like to be filled with your come, covered in it.”

My pussy is wet and electrified. I want to touch myself.

CallMeSir: You’re such a dirty girl. After I filled your mouth, I’d push you on the bed and spank your ass red.

This is the part he enjoys most. Making me hurt myself.

No, it’s him hurting me. I’m his proxy.

“Should I get the paddle?” I bite my bottom lip.

CallMeSir: Let me see your panties first.

I tip the cam so it shows my underwear. I get on my feet and turn in a circle so he can see them. Is he smiling? Does he like them? “I bought them for you.”

My face heats, embarrassed because it’s true. I thought of him while I picked out seven new pairs of panties at the lingerie store. One for each night. If you wear the same panties too often, the regulars pick up on it and complain. Fuckers. But for TJ, I’d do anything to please him.

CallMeSir: Red is my new favorite color. The color of your skin after I’m done spanking it.

A moan escapes me. I slap my hand over my mouth.

CallMeSir: Don’t cover up your moans. I want to hear them all.

Sit on the chair and show me how wet your panties are. Have you ruined them already?

I bite my fingertip and nod, with a naughty smile, the girl caught in the cookie jar. “Yes, Sir. I’m wet.”

CallMeSir: Show me how wet. Sit in your chair and put your feet on the chair, spread your legs and show my your wet panties.

I sit and adjust the camera so it’s zoomed in on my crotch. The first time I did this I thought I might die. But now it’s nothing new. There’s a small damp patch.

CallMeSir: You aren’t soaked yet. Take them off and show me the inside.

The patch inside my underwear is bigger. I hold the red lace close so he can inspect. We haven’t done enough to get me soaked. Perhaps after the spanking.

CallMeSir: Not bad from sucking a fake dick on a camera. You like being a bad girl.

“I do TJ. I like being your bad girl. I never would do these things if you didn’t ask.” My voice is a whisper, I lean closer to the mic so he can hear me. But that is difficult. I’m confessing truths, but I don’t know if he knows i’ts the truth. It could be a persona I’m playing for him. It’s not, but he may believe that. All cam girls have a persona. I do too, but with TJ it’s different.

CallMeSir: I know. That’s why you are my favorite. Get the wooden paddle. I wish I could be there in your bedroom, bend you over the chair and spank you like you deserve.

I set my panties on the computer desk and retrieve the wooden paddle. Not what I imagined he would want, but he always exceeds my expectations.

CallMeSir: I might have to work more overtime to afford more private sessions with you. I could buy your time and keep you all to myself.

I slap the paddle against my inner arm, it doesn’t hurt, just makes a slap sound.

CallMeSir: Do you have the nipple clamps on?

I shake my head. “No, Sir. I was waiting for your permission.”

CallMeSir: Take off your bra and put them on. Get close to the cam so I can see how tight they are.

I move close, my nipple fills the screen and I clip it around the sensitive nub. Fuck. I bite my bottom lip until the initial pain fades. The flash of chat catches my eye as I move to the second side.

CallMeSir: For the other one, let me see your face.

I sit in the chair and set up the second clamp. I make sure I’m looking into the camera before I release it against my skin. The pain shoots through me, making me hiss.

CallMeSir: Some women can get off from just their nipples.

“I’m more sensitive I think than average, but not that much. I need my clit touched to get off.” If only it were that easy.

CallMeSir: Noted. Slap that paddle against your thighs. Make it hurt.

I slap it against my thighs, three blows each, hard enough to make my mouth drop open. “Good?” I ask in a tight voice.

CallMeSir: Good enough. Stand up, turn around, and massage your ass with both hands. Warm up the muscle. A couple minutes is good. Then turn around for more instruction.

I set the paddle aside and turn around. I grab my ass with both hands and grip as deep into the tissue as I can. After two minutes passes, I whirl around to see his next words.

CallMeSir: Warm yourself with the paddle. You can turn around every ten spanks to check in.

I pick up the paddle. It’s new to me. He bought it for me, and we haven’t used it yet. We used other lighter tools, but this was a special order. I rub a finger over my lip while staring into the camera while I find a good grip on the paddle.

My nerves are simmering with a mix of arousal and anxiety.

CallMeSir: Do you want to do this?

My hesitation is noticeable. “Yes, Sir.”

CallMeSir: If you don’t want to we can do something else.

It’s not the pain holding me back. I like the pain. “I’m afraid I won’t live up to your expectations.”

There’s no reply for several breaths. I reach for the mouse, ready to refresh the page in case something froze up. But the three dots that tell me he’s replying pop up. I slap the paddle against my hip until his reply comes up.

CallMeSir: You always exceed my expectations. Take the first ten slow, steady. It’s a warm up.

I’ve learned so much from him about where the lines of pain and pleasure blur. He speaks in poetry, but the dirtiest fucking poetry you’ve read. He can arouse me with a few keystrokes. Submission to him is not just for the money anymore. It’s him. It’s TJ. It’s my Sir.

I can’t tell him any of that, I simply turn around and slap my ass ten times. I return to him.

CallMeSir: Ten more.

Ten, becomes twenty. He instructs me to hit harder every time until it hurts. I want to wail on myself, to hurt, to show him how much I want to please him with my red skin. But that self-preservation kicks in. I wonder where he lives. If I could see him. If I could let him slap me hard enough to please us both.

No, taking this off the internet is too dangerous. He could be a serial killer, or something…. I don’t want to ruin this fantasy. Meeting me might ruin his fantasy of me. Part of the excitement comes from the fantasy.

I cry out for the last ten. My skin is red, I can see it in the screen over my shoulder. My muscles will be sore tomorrow from holding the position and the rough treatment of my ass. And I would revel in it. It will be the best fucking day ever.

CallMeSir: That’s enough. How do you feel?

I stand there staring at the screen. The camera angle cuts off my head. “Good. A bit trippy.”

CallMeSir: Move the cam. I want to see your face. Are you turned on?

I realize I’m breathing heavy as I move the cam back to my face. Am I turned on? I close my eyes and tune into my body. “I don’t know. It was overwhelming for me. That was… intense.”

CallMeSir: It was. Maybe we should stop here.

“No!” Oops. I grab my chair and sit. I pull my tone back. “No one has come yet.”

CallMeSir: That’s true. I’m okay though. That session gave me enough for a week of masturbatory fodder.

I pout. “You don’t want to see me come?”

CallMeSir: I want to make sure you are okay before my selfish desires.

“Oh. Well, I want to come. I want to make you come while you watch me.”

CallMeSir: I want that. I want to watch you fuck yourself with that purple dildo.

I grab the dildo and a bottle of lubricant from my box, pull my legs up and look at the screen. “Can you see me?”

CallMeSir: I can. But move back so I can see your sexy cunt and face.

“Tell me when.” I edge backward until he gives the word.

CallMeSir: I’m glad you let your hair grow out a little. Don’t be offended, I don’t like a bald pussy.

I smile as I rub the dildo against my slit. “I’ll remember that. I’m going to pretend this is your dick rubbing against me. We’d lie on my bed, on my silk sheets and you’d be over me, rubbing your dick against my slit, teasing me.”

CallMeSir: I have my dick in my hand, and I’ll imagine that as well. I’d like to get slick from your pussy.

Get the dildo wet in your pussy then suck it off.

I use my fingers to part my lips and nudge the head into my opening. Together they make a slurping sound. I lift the purple dick to my lips and suck my juice off. “It’s good, but I wish it was my pussy served from your real dick.”

I push the dildo inside my cunt and thrust it slowly. “You’d fuck me slow for a few minutes, real slow, teasing me. Then shove your dick in my mouth and our tastes would mingle. A beautiful new recipe.”

CallMeSir: oh yes, Cinnamon. Fuck yourself with the dildo.

I thrust the dick faster. Wish it was TJ jackhammering me. His mouth covering mine to swallow my moans. I let them out, loud and proud.

My arousal mounts to the breaking point. I can’t get off like this. I can’t come from penetration alone. A groan escapes my mouth. “I need a vibrator to come. Do you mind if I switch?”

CallMeSir: Grab whatever you need. I’m close. I’m imagining tugging on your nipple clamps and making you scream my name. Then I’d strum your clit like my guitar.

He plays guitar? Good to know. I make a note and toss the dildo on a towel on the floor otherwise they get cat hair on them.

I get my favorite vibrator. It’s a fancy one that has a million vibration settings. I flip through to find one that’s strong and steady. I want to get off as fast as possible.

CallMeSir: Make yourself come for me, my beautiful slut.

I make sure my pussy is in the camera view before I spread my cunt lips and press the vibrating silicone against my clit. Its hum electrifies every nerve in my body. I close my eyes and imagine my tall, dark, and handsome TJ between my legs, licking my pussy like it’s he’s starved for it. His eyes are dark on mine as he devours me.

The shaking starts from my clit and spreads through my hips and thighs. I use one hand to grip the chair as the orgasm overtakes me.

My mouth drops open. “TJ. Fuck, yes. I’m coming so fucking hard.”

The orgasm leaves me limp in my chair.

The screen is flashing, so I open my eyes.

CallMeSir: I came too. Fuck that was hot.

Good thing I thought ahead and brought a towel tonight.

Are you okay?

“I’m okay. You didn’t kill me. Good thing I don’t have plans to move after you’re done with me.”

CallMeSir: That good? It looked good.

“It was fucking amazing, TJ. You make me come better than anyone.”

CallMeSir: Good. I’m glad. I wish I could take you to bed, and cuddle you all night.

“Then wake me with more great sex, right?” This fantasy sounds way better than it should.

CallMeSir: Yes! :) Before I go I want to watch your face when you take off your nipple clamps. You’ve been wearing them a longtime tonight, should be a good one.

“You’re a sadist.” I give a fake growl.

CallMeSir: I’ve been told it’s my best quality.

He’s much sweeter than he gives himself credit for, but he enjoys seeing me in pain. I plant my feet on the floor and grab the right clamp and release it. Pain shoots through my body as the blood rushes back in. I drop the clamp and grab my breast as the air whooshes out of me.

CallMeSir: I never tired of watching your face when you take them off.

I glare at the screen, then peel the second away. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” My hand cups my breast and my palm tries to soothe, but only inflames. But in less than a minute the pain wanes and disappears into the ethos of my memories.

“Fuck that hurts like hell. I love it before you ask. I’m almost aroused all over again.” I duck my head as my face heats.

CallMeSir: I’m glad you had a good night. I did too. You’re a good girl. You deserve a reward. We will chat again soon.

“Good night, Sir.”

He logs off, then I close my computer down. I clean my toys and pack them away. When I open the bedroom door, the cat sneaks in and curls up on the end of my bed. Without dressing, I slide into my silk sheets. A luxury I managed last week with extra tips from the cam job.

My phone beeps from the nightstand and I check it. Email, a tip. My eyes widened. A big tip from TJ. With the message, “Don’t forget your deep throat practice.”

I won’t. I’ll email him in the morning about it. And everyday until we have another private show. My body is still buzzing. I grab my wand from the nightstand and press it between my legs, bringing myself to orgasm again, remembering all the things he said and I did tonight.

This is bad. I’m in over my head. I’m addicted to this man. And his honeyed words and the way he makes me feel, the things he does to me. It’s too much, too fast, too strange.
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