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Trust Me

By monii777 All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


It has been eight years since Aaron Demetry had called her fat and ugly. Now Monique Lavisak is back and very completely the opposite. She is determined to make him swallow the words that he had said to her that one fateful day and make him beg on his knees for forgiveness. On the other hand, she has also returned for a different reason. She's here to hide away from a relationship breakup that broken her heart into so many pieces that she didn't know if it could ever be healed....

Chapter One

Five Years Later

Monique Leviska

I can’t believe that it has been five years since I left the country without looking back once. It wasn’t all that hard to do since I had been planning to study abroad anyways. Those eight years were great, but like always, good things must come to an end.

Now, here I am in front of my cousin’s somewhat famous boy band’s house, waiting for the door to open while I nervously bit my painted names. I had changed both inside and out. I was no longer the sweet, good-two-shoe Monique Leviska that got picked on by everyone. Oh, no, now I was Monii Leviska, the heiress to the Leviska cooperation a well as the boy band from England, The D.E.Mon lead singer; Andrew Novak’s ex-girlfriend.

Yeah, you heard me, ex-girlfriend. How come? Well, we were happily dating for three years, when Andrew’s dad decided that he needed his son to get married to someone that he approved of. In Dominic Novak’s eyes, I was just some poor girl that his son just so happened to find at college and decided to date on a whim. Little did he know that I was actually one of the wealthiest people in the world?

We fought about it, but nevertheless, Dominic got what he wanted in the end. Andrew broke it off with me, thankfully in private and then guess what? That bastard got engaged three months later. Talk about not forgetting me. Yeah, right! With a shake of my head in anger and disgust, I rolled my eyes at the still shut door and came back from my walk down the memory lane.

Was there anyone in the stupid house anyways? As I reached up to ring the doorbell again, the door was pulled open. I soon found myself face to face with a tall blonde with gorgeous green eyes. My own eyes widened when I recognized who it was. It was the boy band, A.N.Jell’s lead dancer, Calvin Rogers, also one of the only guys in my old high school, who didn’t pick on me. What a small world eh?

“Cal?” I gasped, blinking a little in surprise. With a small squeal, I launched myself into his wide-open arms as he grinned and held his arms open for a hug. He spun me around in a few circles before putting me down, back onto my feet. Looking me over, Calvin let out an appreciative whistle, his green eyes sparkling wickedly. I blushed a light pink as I smoothed my hand over the white mini-skirt that I had been wearing.

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in!” He said in teasing manner. “My, Monique, you’ve changed and quite a lot too, if I do say so myself. You look fucking hot.” He gave me another wink, causing me to blush again.

My face now going a deep pink, I took a deep breath and playfully whacked him on the arm. “Cut it out, Cal. You know, it’s not nice to tease girls, especially if they are younger than you.” I said in a severe mocking way. A smile played on my lips, as I looked the guy over myself.

“Like what you see, Monii?” Calvin mused spreading his arms wide, doing a little whirl. I rolled my eyes at him and shrugged my shoulders at him. The smile on my face turned in a smirk at the disappointed look on his face. We both looked at each other once more before breaking down into laughter.

Finally when we were both able to stop laughing, I wiped my eyes and said, “So, who’s currently at home?” A half worried look came across Calvin’s face as he glanced warily over his shoulders before ushering me into the house. It was only then I realized that I was still standing outside.

“Well, Jeremy and Warren are out, that leaves…” He trailed off carefully, watching my face. He and I both knew that he was treading on thin ice. But I quickly took in a deep breath and closed my eyes, as I tried to find my inner balance again.

“That leaves Aaron,” I whispered after I managed to calm down and reopen my eyes. My stomach was still flopping a little, but it didn’t make me run for the hills anymore. I should have known that this was coming. I knew that I also should have anticipated that this would happen. I had learned to be able to see his face again if I was actually going to take the opening that The A.N.Jell had up for a new costume and makeup designer.

Calvin nodded his head solemnly and replied, “You don’t need to do this you know, Monii. You still have time to get up and walk away. We didn’t sign anything yet.” Hearing that, I stubbornly shook my head, stuck out my chin and stared him straight in the eye.

“It’s okay, I want to do this. Scratch that, I have to do this. I need the money.” I said, half-lying between my teeth. The truth was that I didn’t, in reality. I was just feeling insecure that if I don’t go into hiding, I might be found by the D.E.Mons and all the bad memories as well as the good ones might all come back. At the moment, I just wanted to forget all about my past.

“That’s bull.” A familiar voice said behind me and Calvin and I both turned around to see whom it was standing by the front door. It turned out to be Jeremy, my cousin and also the fourth and final member, Warren Jackson. Jeremy came in with a shake of his head and repeated, “That’s bull. We both know you don’t need the money. You have enough to last you a life time.” He then smiled and opened his arms for a hug.

“Jer!” I said, hopping into his arms and was then pulled into a bear hug. Pulling away, I stuck out my tongue and said, “Yes I do. I need the money.” Then hesitantly I added, “I also need help as well.”

“Need help?” A new voice joined us and I automatically froze in Jeremy’s arms as I quickly recognized that voice. Aaron Demetry had just joined us in the living room. Everyone turned to face him as one.

“Well?” Aaron said, his golden eyes, the one that had haunted me for the pass eight years, looked thoughtfully at his members before landing on me. For the first time in eight years, silver orbs locked onto golden ones once again.

Aaron Demetry

I was just coming back from our gym downstairs when I heard voices talking in the living room. Pausing, I stopped to listen, wondering if I needed to go and see what’s going on. At first, it sounded like it was Calvin taking on the phone with one of his numerous girlfriends. But when the vice came floating towards me loud and clear, I knew that someone else was in the house.

Walking up the numerous flights of stairs, as I reached the main floor, I heard War and Jer’s voice joining them in the room. To my surprise, whomever Calvin’s guest was very friendly with Jeremy. Picking up my stepped of my walking, I managed to come into the living room to pick up the last few words of the sentence that were being last spoken.

“Need help?” I echoed and all heads turned to face me. I saw different emotions flickered on everyone’s faces as they saw who was talking to them. I couldn’t help but feel amused as well as confused when I saw fear etched on their faces.

No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel pleasure off of other fear and pain. I not that sick minded, mind you. But it was just that they had no reason to fear me, not one. Unless… My mind got side tracked when my eyes fell on to the beauty, that seemed rather froze and scared to see me.

I raised an eyebrow for a fraction a second before my own eyes widened when she met my eyes. Big, frozen, and very scared eyes stared into my own. For the first time, I felt a wave of electrifying shock flooded thought my system as silver and gold met. I had never felt this way towards any other women before.

My lips formed into a smile by themselves and I heard myself say, “Hello and who would you be?” Once again, to my surprise, the young woman broke away from Jer and started laughing, rather hysterically, in my opinion. I felt myself back a few steps away from her.

“Oh, that’s just rich. She gasped out between laughter. “I can’t believe it. This is just terrific.” For the third time today, surprise as well as confusion hit me hard once more. “Let’s keep it that way.” She finished off with a sniffle.

“Keep it that way? Keep it what way?” I repeated blankly, in a confused tone. I shot Calvin a look. He looked back at me with a mixture of pity, surprise and dare I say it, disgust? Anger coursed through me like lightening and I snapped, “What’s going on?”

The woman just gave me a breathtaking smile that almost made me forget my anger. But it returned, when she said, “No need to worry about it, Aaron.” I grounded my teeth together as I heard her say my name. I wasn’t angry because she said my name, no, I was more angry about the fact that she knew who I was while I didn’t have a fucking clue to whom she was.

“Monii,” Jer said in a sight warning tone, but the woman shrugged it away like she didn’t care. Well, at least thanks to him, I now have a name to match the pretty face with. Monii, huh? But unfortunately, it still didn’t ring any bells in my mind.

“No Jer, it’s alright. Actually it works perfectly for me. I still can’t believe my luck.” Monii said in a purring chuckle, as she shot me an amused look. Her whole body seemed so relaxed now, compared to how tense she was just a moment ago. A shower of different emotions shot through me, not knowing which one to pick.

Deciding on anger, I thundered loudly, focusing on her, “What the hell is going on? I need answers Miss, or I’m afraid that I’m going to have to turn you out.” Monii raised a perfect eyebrow before dropping in and turning a sudden accusing look onto the other three members of my group.

“You didn’t tell him?” She hissed, turning a sudden 180-degree turn from her sunny disposition from before. She jabbed an accusing finger at Calvin, who shrunk away. “You promised me that you would take care of everything!”

“But I did.” Calvin protested, “I gave him your file and application and placed it on his desk.” A dim light bulb began to shine in my mind, as I fought to remember what was placed on my desk. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw War slip pass me and into our main office.

A moment later, he came out of it, saying, “Here it is, still sealed and unopened.” He waved the manila envelope in front of my face. I raised an annoyed eyebrow at him and snatched it out of his hand.

However, before I could open it, Monii shook her head and snapped, “No, forget it, Cal. I’m going to take up your suggestion of not doing this. I can’t work with someone who obviously doesn’t even care!” Turning to me, she added, “You’re still as shallow and full of yourself, just like before!”

After saying that, I saw her eyes grow big and her hands flew to her mouth. The light bulb grew brighter as I grasped onto another clue to the mystery of the identity of the silver-eyed woman in front of me. She had said before, so did we meet a long time ago?

Flipping the envelope over, I quickly opened it and pulled out the application. At the line of her name, my eyes widened and I nearly dropped the whole package. Clutching the stuff in my hands, I turned to her one more, eyes searching for more clues to my past, to her past. She couldn’t be her. She just couldn’t.


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