Erotic Nights

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3- Your worst nightmare

Quinn walked into the office later than he wanted to and saw a couple of people murmuring amongst themselves. Seeing there were attorneys already in the office, and knowing he left out the paperwork he and his father were going through, he darted to his office. Upon arriving at his door, he noticed it was cracked open and stood there, scratching the back of his head, trying to remember if he shut the door. Remembering he did, he closed his eyes, hoping nobody had walked in and snooped around.

He quickly entered, then looked around his desk, saw nothing touched, and immediately felt relieved after seeing it was how he left it. It then dawned on him. He was in such a hurry to catch up to who he assumed was Jocelyn that when he closed the door, it might not have latched all the way and that it had popped open. He picked up the paperwork, grabbed some empty files, and began filing them before placing them into his filing cabinet.

After filling the files, he sat in his chair, thinking about his encounter with her on the elevator, grinning and chuckling about the situation and remembering how red her face became after he caught her checking out his manhood. Needing coffee, he headed out to the break room to see if there was any made.

As he walked into the open area, he noticed some curious eyes on him and stopped. “Good morning,” he said. “By the looks on all your faces, I get the feeling you’re curious as to who I am and why I’m here.”

“That’s exactly what we’re thinking. We saw you walk in and didn’t know if we had an intruder in here?” Alex blurted out.

“My name is Quinn... Quinn McAndrews, and you are?”

Alex’s face fell and widened his eyes as he stepped forward, nervously holding his hand out. “Alex Martin, attorney.”

A grim smile formed on his face, letting go of Alex’s hand. “Ah, the famous Alex who hasn’t won a case in months.”

“I-I actually won a case earlier this week,” Alex stuttered, then nervously smiled.

Quinn’s eyes narrowed. “And that makes you proud? You would think winning all your cases would make you proud.”

Alex felt his heart pounding through his chest, not liking the look Quinn was giving him. He turned his head to cough. He knew he needed to do something about his cases, and fast before he heard the two words, you’re fired. “I’m working on it, and to answer your question, I was proud to win that case. It was a huge one for me.”

Quinn raised a brow and smirked. “May I suggest something?”

“Sure,” Alex nervously responded.

“Instead of standing out here talking with the other attorneys, I think maybe you should be in your office working hard on your next big case, making sure you win it before I fire your ass.”

Quinn walked over to the other attorneys, shaking each of their hands as they introduced who they were. He liked how, after learning who their employees were from the night before, he was now able to put their names to their faces. After their short introduction, he grabbed himself a coffee and walked and looked around the office.

It had been years since he last stepped foot in the office, and he was quite surprised to see all the new faces. For the last five years, he spent his time working from home while traveling to other states for case hearings. He was one of a few attorneys who could defend clients in multiple states, and he loved it.

Curious if he missed Jocelyn walking in, he walked over to one of the legal secretaries, set his coffee down, and leaned his hip against her desk. “By chance, you wouldn’t happen to know if a Jocelyn Payne has come in yet, do you?”

“I haven’t seen her, but I can look and see if she has any court proceedings today,” she said, looking at him curiously.

Seeing the look on her face, he extended his hand out. “I’m sorry. I should have introduced myself. I’m Quinn McAndrews, Finn’s son.” He shook her hand, and as he released his hand from hers, he lifted his chin. “Please look and see what her schedule is.”

While she looked up her schedule, he turned and looked towards Jocelyn’s office, then turned around and gripped onto the edge of the desk as he leaned over, looking at her screen. “What have you found?”

“She has court this morning in Brooklyn.”

“Thank you,” he smiled, tapping his knuckle on the top of her desk.

He headed back to his office and stood by the window, looking out as he drank his coffee. Thinking of Jocelyn’s face, her body, and the way she looked at him had his dick twitching. Curious to see how she handled her cases, he grabbed his jacket and headed to Brooklyn’s courthouse.

The court was already in session when he arrived, and after slowly opening the door, he held onto the door as it was closing, making sure it wouldn’t make a loud sound when the door closed shut. He looked side to side, saw an open seat to his left, and quickly slid into the row and sat.

As the hearing was taking place, he felt he should be taking notes and reached into his inside pocket, grabbed his handheld notepad and pen, and began noting things he found interesting. He was in the middle of jotting down notes when he heard the judge speak. “Counselor, you may now speak to the jury.”

His head raised, he set his notebook down onto his lap, crossed his arms against his chest, and listened to her defense as she laid out all the evidence of her client’s innocence. While listening, he couldn’t help looking at her clothing attire and started adjusting his tie as his eyes looked her up and down, admiring her long legs and imagining them resting over his shoulders while tasting her.

He was deep in thought when he heard her quit speaking, and he quickly got back to reality. A smirk crossed his face when he realized she stopped talking because of him, and she was looking directly at him. He nodded his head, still smirking. She quickly turned back to the jury and stumbled with her words when she finally starting speaking.

After finishing her argument to the jury and heading back to her seat, she looked out the corner of her eye towards Quinn. She couldn’t believe he was there, and it had her wondering what he was doing inside the courtroom when he was in Manhattan the night before. She leaned closer to her client, eyeing Quinn as she spoke.

Quinn’s eyes remained glued to her, ignoring the prosecutor as he spoke to the jury. He liked her argument, thought it was strong, well thought out, and more than impressed with how she presented her case. He was jotting down some notes when he heard the judge calling for recess. His head raised, eyed the back of Jocelyn’s head, and stood when she turned and looked at him.

The moment he stepped out of the courtroom, he felt his phone vibrating inside his pocket and stopped to see who was calling. His eyes rolled, seeing it was his father, and answered it. “I’m in Brooklyn,” he responded quietly, pausing to hear what his father had to say.

“I’ll be back in Manhattan sometime later. I’m at the courthouse watching a hearing,” he quietly said, pausing to turn, making sure she wasn’t around. “Jocelyn’s hearing. I’ve got to go,” he informed, then he hung up quickly when he saw her walking out of the courtroom.

Jocelyn spotted him and furrowed her brows as she took a few steps closer to him. “Are you lost?”

“Who me?” He asked, pointing to his chest and looking around him.

“Yes, you. Last night you were in Manhattan. What could you possibly be doing down here in Brooklyn? And here in my courtroom.”

He raised his eyebrows and twitched the corner of his lip. “Your courtroom? I didn’t know this was yours. I thought it was the county’s?”

“Who are you?”

He leaned forward and smiled. “I’m your worst nightmare.”

She looked him up and down and rested her hands over her hips. “I can see that. Apparently, I need to be pinched.”

He smiled. “Pinched, why?” He asked, thinking he would love to pinch her.

“To wake up from this nightmare.”

He stepped closer and grinned. “I’ll pinch you anywhere you would like. Just tell me where and I’d be delighted to do so.”

His woodsy masculine smell crept up her nostrils, and rather than soaking in his amazing smell; she took a step back. He was invading her space, and without knowing who this guy was, she was beginning to feel creeped out. All she knew was he was in the conference room talking to Finn, which had her wondering if he was looking for an attorney to hire.

“If you’re looking to hire an attorney, I can give you my business card,” she said, reaching into her purse and pulling out a card, handing it to him. “I don’t talk to potential clients until they make an appointment,” she instructed as he removed the card from her hand. She turned on her heel and stepped a couple of steps before stopping and turning around. “Oh, and by the way, I charge a thousand dollars an hour... and being you took up fifteen minutes of my time, you owe me a hundred dollars.”

He chuckled. “A hundred dollars... hmm... that’s highway robbery, don’t you think? If I were to do the math at a thousand dollars an hour in which you claim to charge per hour, not to mention it would be highway robbery, that would come out to be two-hundred-fifty dollars and five cents. Would you like cash, check, or would you rather discuss this over dinner? I’ll buy. Your choice.”

“Boy, you sure are full of yourself. Make an appointment,” Jocelyn scowled.

He laughed. If she only knew who I was, he thought. “Right, appointment... I’ll get right on that.”

She turned around and began walking over to her client. Wanting to get the last word in, he called out to her. “By the way, I like Mexican food... tacos. They’re my favorite.”

“Good for you,” she retorted before turning back to her client.

Once the court proceedings restarted, Quinn sat a while longer, watching, listening, and getting a kick out of irking Jocelyn. As upset as she was getting with him, he was impressed with how she would not let it interfere with her argumentative defense. Since it was getting late and knowing that the jury wouldn’t have their decision made before the end of the hearing, he raised his arm, slid back the sleeve of his jacket, and looked at his watch.

Quinn wanted to get to the office before Jocelyn, and he sneaked out of the courtroom. Along the way, he thought of her, the words they exchanged and chuckled. Thinking of how embarrassed she was the night before had him feel more than curious about how she would react once she realizes who he is. Doing as she asked, once he got into the office, he went straight to his office, shut the door, and grabbed his phone, making an appointment with the secretary. “What’s your name?” the secretary asked.

“Just tell her it’s her worst nightmare. She’ll know who it is.”

After hanging up with the secretary, he called his father and filled him in on what he was curious to know. His father then brought up Graham. The two went back and forth as they talked about possibly making Graham partner. Alex happened to walk past Quinn’s office and overheard their conversation since Quinn’s door was cracked open.

Quinn looked at his door while talking to his father and furrowed his brows. “What the fuck?” He scowled while standing. “If you’re going to have me working at the office, this fucking door needs to be addressed,” he demanded, pausing as he shut the door. Making sure it closed all the way. “Why? Because this damn door never shuts,” he groaned, staring at the door. He re-opened the door and peeked his head out, rolling his eyes from side to side, looking to see if anyone was nearby that could have heard him talking. Seeing no one, he closed and locked it.

Jocelyn walked into the office and heard voices coming from the break room. Curious about what all the talking was about, she walked in and heard Alex saying they were looking to make a partner with one of them, Graham being their top choice.


Alex looked her way and shrugged his shoulder. “I just overheard Quinn talking on the phone to someone about how they’re looking to make partner with one of the attorneys here, and from what I gathered, Graham is who they’re thinking of asking.”

Oh, hell, no, she thought. “Graham? He’s like a hundred years old, isn’t he? Why would they want him to make partner?”

Shawn shrugged his shoulder. “He’s good and one damn good attorney. I can see why they would be interested in him. And he isn’t a hundred. He’s sixty.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Jealous, are we?” Alex teasingly asked. “What? Do you think you would be a better choice? You’re way too young, anyway.”

She laughed. “No, I’m not jealous. But if they’re looking to make a partner with one of their own, you would think they would choose someone much younger. And one who would be around much longer.”

“Yep, she’s jealous,” Alex snickered.

She snapped her head towards Alex and pointed her finger at him. “You watch it before I tell them about your indiscretions.” His lips tightened. “That’s what I thought,” she hissed and then realized he said the name, Quinn. “Quinn’s here?”

“Yeah, he’s been here barking orders since the moment he walked in this morning,” Shawn replied. “He’s kind of a jerk. Have you ever met him?”

“No, never... I thought he wasn’t supposed to be around until next week?” She asked, looking confused, not that she cared anyway. She felt she hadn’t done anything to upset him or Finn and knew there would be no reason for her to be reprimanded for anything. If anything, she felt they should be congratulating her on all her recent wins.

“I suggest avoiding him if you can. But then again, you have tits, so he may treat you differently. I saw how nice he was to the secretary this morning.”

“I can handle anyone. I’m not worried,” Jocelyn stated as she headed out.

She sat at her desk, powered up her laptop, and entered her notes from the hearing. She knew she had a chance at winning this case, but there was one detail the prosecutor mentioned, something her client never informed her about, which had her worried. She needed time to dig up the information, emailed the judge, and asked for a continuance, motioning for a new court date.

After hitting the send button, she left her office and walked over to the secretary, asking if she had any messages. “You have a few, actually,” she smiled while grabbing the notes from her bin and handed them to her. “Oh, and your sister called. Says it’s important you call her back.”

Her brows dipped, curious as to what was so important. She hadn’t talked to her for a while and was surprised to hear she called her work phone instead of her cell phone. “How important?”

“She insisted it was imperative you call her back. It was something along the lines of her needing a drink. And wanted you to meet her at seven over at the hook? Whatever that means.”


She walked back into her office and looked through her messages. One of the messages caught her eye, and she pulled it out of the bunch. Then she set the other messages on top of her desk. Appointment made at the Red Hook, tonight at seven, and don’t be late. It’s the only time allowed in my busy schedule. P.S. this is your worst nightmare.

“Who the hell does he think he is? I don’t meet potential clients anywhere but here,” she snapped.

She stormed out of her office and over to the secretary, holding the message up for her to see. “When did he call?”

“A couple of hours ago,” she nervously said. “I asked for his name, but that’s all he would tell me. He said you would know who he is.”

“Did you not tell him I don’t meet clients anywhere and that I only meet with them here in my office?”

Quinn was walking down the hallway when he heard Jocelyn asking about the message and stood back, grinning. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, listening to what they were saying.

“I did, and he was quite persistent. He said with his busy schedule; this was the only time and place he would be able to meet with you.”

“There’s no phone number to call the asshole back.”

“Sorry, he wouldn’t give me one.”

“If he calls back, tell him I said to go piss up a rope. I’m busy.”

Quinn covered his mouth to block the sound of his laugh and turned around. He headed back into his office and picked up the phone calling the office. “Jocelyn Payne, please.”

The secretary looked at Jocelyn and covered the speaker of the phone, pointing and whispering, “It’s him.”

Jocelyn reached for the phone and placed it to her ear. “Listen here, psycho stalker. I have plans tonight. So, I will not be meeting with you. I said to you earlier if you want to meet with me, to make an appointment, which means here, at this law firm, not some fancy bar to have drinks with your stalking ass. With that said, go piss up a rope.”

She handed the phone back to Elsa and smiled. “Thanks, I feel better. Do you think he got the hint?”

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