Erotic Nights

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5- We need a ride

Jocelyn and Leah laughed as they stood outside the bar, talking about old times while waiting for their Uber ride. They watched for their ride, hoping the next car coming in was theirs. Only the vehicles that were coming in weren’t for them. Jocelyn looked at her phone, looking to see how far away their driver was, and groaned when it gave her a notice of delay.

“Fucking driver said it’s going to be about another fifteen minutes to a half-hour before he arrives, claims he ran into some car problems,” she slurred.

“Cancel that one and order another.”

“I should. I’m cold, and I’m ready for bed.”

Leah laughed. “Call that Johnny Bravo guy. He said he would come to get us.”

“Psycho stalker guy? Yeah right... In my shape and form, there’s no telling what he would do to me, not to mention what I’d do to him,” she said. Then she thought about him, his beautiful looks, smile, cocky smirks, charm, and what he mentioned to her, then shook her head. “No way. That man would take advantage of me.”

“I doubt it. He said himself he’d rather come to get us than for us to hire an Uber guy that could take advantage of us. Call him.”

Jocelyn sighed, debating on what to do. She didn’t want to wait any longer and wanted to hit the pillow. Leah grabbed Jocelyn’s phone from her hand and looked at her phone. “Password?”

“Here, give it to me. I’ll call the extremely sexy Johnny Bravo guy. Which by the way, I use my fingerprint to turn on my phone. Besides, my backup password is for me to know and for you never to know, especially now that you’ll be living with me.”

Gee, thanks. I’m your sister. Not one of your co-workers.”

“I don’t even know who I’m looking for,” she said, scrolling through her contacts until she got to the letter M and saw not a name but a message. My tongue knows how to pleasure very well. In her stomach, the butterflies came alive and began to dance, along with her inner core throbbing to beat the band. Just the thought of his face between her thighs had her clit swelling. She looked at Leah and lowered her hand that was holding her phone. “I can’t call him.”


She held up her phone and showed her what he entered into her phone. Leah leaned forward and, as she looked at the message, she blinked a couple of times, trying to focus on what he wrote. “Now, do you see why I can’t call him? He’s got plans, and I’m drunk.”

Leah smiled, laughed, and excitedly clapped her hands. She had a feeling this man wanted Jocelyn, and she had a strange feeling this was not a come and go type of guy. She also felt once Jocelyn got to know him, he would be around much longer than the previous guys she dated. “Jocelyn, from what I got out of him, he loves to be funny, and I feel he’s having fun with you at your expense. He sees how worked up you get, which only adds more fuel to the fire. I noticed how interested he is in you, and maybe, just maybe, you should give him a chance. What do you have to lose? You go from guy to guy all the time. What would be so different from him? I’m sure this message was only to make you smile. I saw your lips forming into a smile when you were reading the message.”

She lifted her hand and looked at the screen one more time, and sighed, “He’s looking for an attorney, which makes me think he’s done something wrong. I can’t mess with a client or a potential client. What if he’s some stalking killer? What if he’s-”

“Call the overly sexy, model-looking, a dream of a human being... I’ll bet he’s none of what you’re thinking. Call him,” she impatiently urged, lifting Jocelyn’s hand. “Would you like me to call him?”

“No, I’ll call.”

She looked at Leah and shook her head as she held the phone to her ear. “First of all, I’m glad your tongue knows how to please. Hopefully, what you mean by that is by you using it to talk your way out of getting yourself in trouble. Secondly, I need to remind you I don’t fuck clients, and lastly, does your offer still stand? Our Uber driver’s car broke down, and nobody is available for quite a while. My sister and I are drunk, cold, and we’re in dire need of a bed.”

Quinn chuckled through the phone. “I knew you would call. You can’t resist me,” he proudly said while grabbing his keys off the counter. “And yes, I’ll come to get the two of you.”

“Thank you.”

He opened his door, and as he stepped into the hallway, he thought of something. “You said you were cold. Since you went to the bar half-dressed wearing no bra, does that mean your tits are fully erected?”


He chuckled while putting his phone inside his jacket pocket, then stood outside the elevator, waiting for the doors to open.


Pulling up to the bar, he saw two females leaning against a car. Figuring it was them, he pulled up next to them, stepped out, and walked over to them, chuckling. “Your knight in shining armor is here to save the night. Are you ready?” He asked as he opened the back door, waving for them to get in.

Leah turned around and smiled as she slid into the back seat. “Thanks for coming to get us, but I think she may need a little help. I think the fresh air caused her to get more drunk than she already was.”

He turned around and reached for her hand. “Come on, feisty woman.”

She reached for his hand, and with her other hand, she held onto the opening of her jacket, making sure it didn’t open as she stepped closer to him, not wanting to expose anything that would cause him to comment something sexual. Leah slid over, allowing him to help her into the back seat. A smile crept up his face when she released her hand from her jacket to allow him to place the seatbelt on her, which then exposed her breasts that were bulging out from the top of her shirt.

“Is that an invitation?” He asked as he stared at her chest.

Leah giggled as Jocelyn shoved him out the door. “I knew this was wrong of me to call him,” she groaned.

As he got into the driver’s seat, he turned around and chuckled when he looked at Jocelyn. Her eyes were closed, and she laid her head on Leah’s shoulder. “I see the princess is knocked out. Where am I bringing you two?”

Leah gave him the address to Jocelyn’s Manhattan apartment, and as he drove, Jocelyn slept. “My sister doesn’t drink much, so you’ll have to excuse her.”

“I know it’s not that far of a drive, but what were you two doing drinking in Brooklyn if you live where you do in Manhattan?”

“I was living in Brooklyn up until this afternoon. I had her come meet me,” she said, then filled him in on what happened and how she asked her to meet her there. “I should ask the same about you.”

“About what?”

“About you asking her to meet you at the same bar. Is she right about you, you’re some sort of stalker?”

He chuckled. “No, I’m not a stalker. I chose that place because of the location; it’s a nice bar, and the atmosphere is nice. I felt I needed to clear the air with her and show I’m not a bad guy like she thinks I may be. I could have chosen a dive bar to meet her at, but then she would have thought more of me being this crazy psycho guy she thinks I am.”

“Well, are you? If you think about it, crazy men out there like to do anything to get in a woman’s pants. They’ll wine and dine them, make the woman feel like they’re with a great, nice, and wonderful guy, but then they show their true colors. Showing us, they’re nothing but a psycho, looking for one main thing.”

“I’m nothing like that. I’m the real deal.”

“So, Johnny Bravo... what do you want with my sister? She mentioned you two met last night and how you were in the courtroom with her today, watching her. What is it exactly that you want from her?”

He smiled. “I find Jocelyn intriguing and like how feisty she is. There’s something about her that makes me want to get to know who she is. After she mentioned who she worked for, I looked her up, read about her, and found where she would be in court. I needed to see for myself how good of an attorney she is. Especially for someone as young as she is,” he said, somewhat telling the truth, not wanting her to know who he is before Jocelyn were to find out.

“Why? What did you do that you need to hire her for?”

“It’s not for me. It’s for a client of mine,” he truthfully admitted as he pulled up to their apartment and parked. He turned around and smiled. “Trust me. I’m not out to hurt your sister.”

Leah left it at that and looked at Jocelyn, still leaning on her shoulder. “I think I may need a little help. There’s no way I’ll be able to get her inside with her like this.”

He got out, walked around the car, and opened the door. “I’ve got it,” he said as he unbuckled her and lifted her into his arms. “If you can get the doors for me, that would be great.”

Quinn started carrying her, and as they were walking to the front doors of her apartment, she opened her eyes, looked at Quinn for a second, and reached her arm up over his shoulder, then closed her eyes. Once they got to her apartment, Leah looked at Quinn and giggled. “Hopefully, her keys are in her purse,” she said as she reached for Jocelyn’s purse that was lying on her stomach.

Quinn looked down, saw she had a belly button piercing, and delightedly groaned, thinking of what he could do to her by licking around the piercing and tug on the ring with his teeth. Seeing what he was had him feeling, she was some sort of amazing freak in bed, which only had his dick twitching more for her.

Leah finally got the door opened and showed him to Jocelyn’s room. “I’ve got it from here. Thanks for everything,” she said as he laid her on the bed.

“You’re welcome.”


Jocelyn opened her eyes, rolled onto her back, and looked at the ceiling. Feeling her head pounding, she rested her forearm over her forehead, trying to remember the night and how she got home. She lifted the blankets, looked to see what she was wearing, and felt relieved to see she was in the same clothes from the night before.

Needing some pain relief, she slowly got out of bed, headed to the kitchen, and quietly giggled when she walked past Leah, who passed out on her couch. She grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and grabbed her headache pills out of the cupboard, taking a couple. She then made coffee, and after it finished, she poured herself a cup and sat at her dining room table, trying to remember how they got home, hoping she or Leah didn’t drive.

Jocelyn saw her keys, phone, and purse lying on her breakfast bar and got up to grab her phone. As she sat, she looked through her phone and when she saw who she last called, her stomach dropped, and then she shook her head at the name; My tongue knows how to pleasure very well. “Jerk,” she muttered with a slight giggle.

She looked at Leah when she started moving and groaning and giggled. “I have a bottle of pills next to the sink. Take a couple.”

“Coffee is what I need,” she groaned, sitting up and rubbing her face. She looked at Jocelyn and laughed. “I didn’t get drunk like you, but man, you were hilarious last night. You need to let loose more often.”

Jocelyn giggled then held her head when she felt her head start throbbing again. “I don’t think I’ll be drinking like that for a while. I don’t even remember coming home.”

“That’s because you were passed out,” she giggled. “You were out like a light, and then you needed to be carried in.”

Her eyes widened. “You carried me in?”

“No, he did,” she giggled as she stood.

“He? The Uber driver?”

“No... that gorgeous looking man who calls himself Johnny Bravo did. Don’t worry. He was a gentleman,” she said, turning as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “That man is nothing like you claim he is. I think you should be easier on him and get to know him.”

She shook her head. “Nope, clients are big no-nos.”

Leah walked over and sat at the table, smiling. “You don’t have to worry about that. He mentioned he wasn’t looking to hire you for himself. He’s interested in hiring you for his client.” She looked at the time and nearly choked on her coffee. “Shit. It’s ten o’clock. He said he would be here to pick us up and that he would drive us to our cars.”

Jocelyn’s eyes widened. “Now?” She squealed, then widened her eyes even further when she heard the buzzer. “Shit, he’s here.”

Leah giggled, got up, and buzzed him in. “Better get yourself dressed.”

While Jocelyn was in her room changing, Leah answered the door. “Hello, come in,” she said, opening the door and stepping back for him to walk in. “She might be a few minutes. I just explained to her that you would be here to take us to our vehicles.”

“How’s the princess feeling,” he asked, grinning.

“She’s hanging.”

Jocelyn walked out of her room with her hair tied up into a messy bun, wearing yoga pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt, and sighed when she saw Quinn, “Don’t say a word. I wasn’t expecting you to be here, and I’m in no mood to argue with you right now,” she said as she walked past him to grab her keys.

“I didn’t say anything,” he said with his eyes following her. “To be honest, you look rather sexy hungover like that.”

Her eyes rolled as she grabbed her belongings, unsure if she should respond to his comment, then chose not to. Instead, she walked over to him and looked at Leah. “Are you going looking like that?”

’What choice do I have? I have nothing here.”

“Go look in my closet. I’m sure there’s something of mine that’ll fit you. While you’re at it, brush your hair. You look like Medusa,” she teased, then looked at Quinn. “You’re not in a hurry for anything, are you?”

“Nope. I have the entire day to hang out with you two ladies. Unless you’ve got other plans.”

“I do. Apparently, I have to go with my sister to go get her belongings.”

“I can help.”

“No, that’s quite alright,” Jocelyn quickly said, looking at Leah. “Go change so we can leave.”

She looked at Quinn, then at Jocelyn, and smiled, hoping that was a sign to leave the room so they could talk. “Okay, fine, give me a few minutes.”

Leah left the room, and suddenly the room got quiet, both unsure of what to say to each other. As Jocelyn stood there looking away from him, she got a whiff of his woodsy scent and closed her eyes when she felt her hormones wanting to act up. She started stepping away from him until he grabbed hold of her elbow, turning her and pulling her to him.

He looked her in the eyes, smiled, and leaned forward, tickling her ear and sending shivers down her spine as he spoke. “You look fucking hot no matter what you’re wearing, hungover or not. I could bet a sure bet that I could get a fire started between them long beautiful legs of yours the moment my tongue works its magical powers on that sweet pussy of yours,” he said, then reached his hands up, cupping either side of her face and looked deeply in her eyes. “That is if you’ll allow me to show you sometime.”

She gulped and closed her eyes when she felt something starting to throb below. Without thinking, she whispered, “Okay.”

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