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Two Lives Bound Together To Make Three

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Married life is treating Amber and Micheal great.They are awaiting their new arrival.But what will it be a boy or a girl?

Romance / Fantasy
Carolyn Leonelli
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The secret is now out and the honeymoon is fantastic

Amber has been much more relaxed since she let the cat out of the bag at the reception about being pregnant.Now Micheal and Amber are on their honeymoon,and boy did Micheal plan the best of the best for them.They started in Paris,and Amber was sure to see all the sights.Micheal laughs at her,and when she looks at him with slight disdain.He says"Baby I laugh because you are adorable when you see something for the first time."Amber smiles at her husband and shoves his shoulder playfully.Micheal arranges for them to go to the top of the Eiffel tower for a candle light diner,so they can look at the stars together.Amber is completely in awe of her husband,"Micheal how did you plan all of this,in such a short time.And what gave you the idea?"Micheal looks over at is wife and takes her hand in his,"My dear Amber I would do anything for you but this was the most romantic thing I could come up with on such short notice.But I also wanted to watch the stars with you from up here."After stargazing for a while you and Micheal head back to your hotel.When you enter the honeymoon suite it looks a bit different from earlier when you were here.Now there is sunflowers covering every inch of the room.Amber was totally shocked at what her husbands capabilities are."Micheal you never cease to amaze me,this is so beautiful."Micheal wraps his arms around his wife and replies"Not as beautiful as you my love."Amber kisses him and tells him"Micheal you can be so corny sometimes,but don't ever change it is one of the things I love the most about you."They spend the week they are in Paris shopping and sight seeing,and playfully getting closer to each other.

Their last night in Paris Micheal meant to spend it as romantically as possible,but he noticed that Amber looked a bit more tired than usual."Amber love are you alright baby you look more tired than you usually do?"She assured him that she was fine and that it was normal just do to the pregnancy.Micheal decided that they would stay in that night and he would share his surprise with her."Amber let's order in room service and just relax tonight,it's our last night in Paris and we leave early in the morning."Amber shook her head"Micheal that sounds like a great idea,although I am going to miss Paris when we return home tomorrow."Micheal hugged Amber and told her"well my love you can miss Paris but you won't be doing it from home,because tomorrow morning we leave for Italy for a week."Amber was bewildered by what Micheal had just told her"You know what I have decided that I have the best husband in the world Micheal,but Italy when did you plan that?"Micheal says"Well I wanted to make sure that you had the best honeymoon possible and I also know that once the baby comes travelling will not be as easy as it is now,so I took the liberty of making the most of our time."

The following morning Amber felt well rested and they left early for the airport to board Micheal's jet to make their way to Italy.The flight was a long one and Amber was settled in reading a book while Micheal made some calls for business.Amber must have fallen asleep because she is awaken to Micheal gently rubbing her shoulder and calling her name."Amber,Amber sweetheart wake up we are here."Amber groggily opened her eyes and smiled at Micheal."We are here,how long have I been asleep?"Micheal looks at his watch and replies"about three hours,so you should be rested for our first outing after we check into the hotel."Amber got up and they were on their way to one of the most beautiful hotels that Amber had ever laid eyes on.The honeymoon suite was even bigger than the one in Paris had been.

Micheal said they should freshen up a bit before taking on their first endeavor in Italy.Amber agreed and changed into a light sundress and a pair of sandals after a quick shower.Micheal took Amber's hand and lead her swiftly out of the hotel and she asked"Micheal where are you taking me in such a hurry?"Micheal smiled and hailed down a taxi,"we are going on a gondola ride but it starts soon."Amber's eyes light up,"Micheal you remembered that I said that I always wanted to go on a gondola ride in Italy,that's why we are here isn't it?"Micheal puts his arm around his wife and tells her"I remember everything you say and when you say it.I want to make all your dreams come true Amber,I love you."Amber gets tears in her eyes because she knows that Micheal will go to any length to make her happy.

They arrive at the gondola ride and it is even more enchanting and romantic than Amber had ever imagined it could be."Micheal this is way beyond my wildest dreams of how beautiful this would be."Micheal smiles at Amber and tells her"I am happy and lucky that I am the man that gets to make all your dreams come true."After the boat ride that Amber thinks can't possibly be topped,Micheal takes her to the most exquisite Italian restaurant she had ever seen.Candles lined the walkways between the tables and they were lead to a table that was outside on a patio,"This way we can watch the night sky as we eat."says Micheal."Micheal you continue to surprise me every day,you do things that no one has ever even come close to doing for me."Micheal stares at the honesty on her face and he says"Amber that is because I love you and as your husband that is what I will continue to do for the rest of our lives."The rest of the week in Italy entails much of the same,and soon it is time to return home.

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