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Two Lives Bound Together To Make Three

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Micheal and Amber return home after a glorious honeymoon.And it's back to business as usual,for the most part.

Before she knows it Amber and Micheal are on the jet on their way back home.When they land Chris is waiting for them just as Amber had expected he would be.Chris says"Welcome back love birds,how was the honeymoon?"Amber smiles and she replies"OH it was fantastic,I married the most wonderful man."Chris laughs at this"Yes we know Micheal is a regular prince charming..."Micheal laughs at both of them and replies"Come on now I only did what any man in love with his wife would do."Amber shakes her head at hearing this"Micheal we all know that you go above and beyond what any husband would do for their wife."They all laugh at this and they get into Chris's car and head home.After about thirty minutes of driving,Amber saw their house come into sight.

Amber was a little sad for the honeymoon to come to an end,however she was excited for this next chapter in her life with Micheal.Amber went straight to their room,she was feeling a little tired.Micheal came in to check on her and told her that he was going to go with Chris to his office to go over a few things if she needed him.Amber assured him that she was fine and he kissed her and left the room.Amber showered and changed into her comfy clothes as she called them.When she was getting ready to lay down for a nap there was a light knock on the door.Amber couldn't help but think who on earth could that be,but she ambled over to the door and opened it.When she opened the door she let out this squeal of pure delight.Standing there was Brian,"What are you doing here,I thought you went back with Josh the day after the wedding?"Brian hugged her and replied"Well gee and I thought that you would be excited to see me?"Amber pulled her friend into her room and closed the door,"Don't be silly Brian I am always happy to see you,but I don't get why I am seeing you."Brian was now looking at his friend for the first time since she married Micheal two weeks ago.Brian takes Amber by the hand and leads her over to the couch in her room where they sit"Amber you look really tired,how was the honeymoon?"Amber looked at him and shook her head"Avoidance was never your strong suit,Brian so since I am probably not going to agree with whatever it is you are doing here you might as well get it over with."Brian replies"I wasn't avoiding anything,I simply noticed that you look tired and you did just get back from your two week honeymoon,so I was inquiring is all."Amber laughs at Brian,and tells him"Thank you,my honeymoon was the stuff dreams are made of and I am married to the most amazing man.There are you happy now?"Brian smiled and said"Well I am happy for you,but I would be happier if you looked rested."

Amber sighed at her friends remark but she assured him that she was fine just a bit tired because of the pregnancy.Which really didn't bring Brian any comfort at all because he told Amber"You know you are pregnant and you know your issues so you should be resting more,and taking care of yourself.You over did it didn't you on your trip,because if I know you,you had to see everything that there possibly was to see."Amber just shook her head and told Brian"Micheal made sure that I got plenty of rest and no stress,and still managed to get me to everything there was to see and do.He has been very much in tune with what I need and don't need.So don't worry so much Brian."Amber continued by adding"Micheal actually went to go over some business with Chris and left me to take a nap.Which I was going to try and do,however a dear friend of mine knocked on my door to surprise me."Now Brian was watching Amber with bewilderment because he had no answer for this because he knew two things for sure,one Micheal loved Amber more than life itself and would see no ill will come to her,and two Amber was a force to be reckoned with herself.So he simply told her"Alright Amber you have won this round,but I am keeping an eye on you."To which Amber just laughed at him."Brian are you here to babysit me,while Micheal catches up on things that were lacking while we were gone."Brian was awestruck and told her"Amber nobody thinks you of all people need a babysitter,I would say that I am here to keep you company while Micheal does what Micheal does."

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