I'm Your Adorable Little Beast

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Don't be afraid of me. I'm your adorable little beast, I won't do anything that will hurt you. Raeliana lived a nice life with her mother near the village, waiting for her father to return, then one day, the worst of the worse happened, Raeliana's mother died of TBC. She was forced to go to the village to find shelter, where she lived with a couple who owned an restaurant, and they badly mistreated her.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"A parrot as a present of appreciation from a noble. It's quite unique. A parrot is rare if you live in this part of the capital. You have to be in the neighboring kingdom to get one."


"Your majesty!"
"I have something to tell you!"
"They said they've finally found it."

"After years of searching, finally, I can repay my mistakes.


6 years before


"Mommy, mommy!"

"Yes, dear?"

"Mommy, I saw a bird came to the bird feeder and played with it!"

"That's nice Raeli, but why don't you try talking with other children too."

"But they're mean and they made the bird fly away!"

"Alright then, you can stay home today."


1 year later


*cough cough*

"Mommy, are you okay?"

"I'm fine dear, there's nothing to worry about."

"Mommy, when will daddy come back?"

"Soon Raeli, when the people allow him to, before you know who he really is, promise me you won't be angry at him, okay?"

"Okay mommy, I promise"

"He left us for the greater good. It might seem harsh at first, but he really loved you and me, but he had to leave us."

*cough cough cough*

There were red stuff in her hand every time mommy coughs. I wonder if we will really be okay. I hope we will always be okay, waiting for daddy to return.

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