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I'm Your Adorable Little Beast

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Chapter 2

Raeli's POV


"Who is going to visit when they come inside and your depressed face?!

"I- I'm sorry Uncle."

"Go inside and just wash the dishes will you? Not even a single person goes inside when you're working outside!"


I walked inside and went to the kitchen, and I stopped in my tracks when I met aunty.

"What do you need you brat! All you do is sit around and do nothing!"

Nothing. All I ever did was nothing. I cleaned the whole inn and swept the front floor yet all they say is that I do nothing. I can't complain. I can't say anything. They might throw me out. They were the only ones that took me in when I told them my mother died. The rest told me that I need to tell the castle guards. My mommy always said not to go near them, so I stayed in.

When mommy coughed blood, her skin became more white. She talked less and taught me how to cook so I could cook for her. Days passed after that. Then, she told me she'd watch me by the stars, and never forget me. She told me that father was forced to leave us, and that now I can't wait for dad anymore. She told me to not go near castle guards, because they could figure out who I was and would sentence me to death. She told me to not look for her and that she won't wake up again. I cried. I begged her not to leave me. She was the only person I love. she- she left me that night. She gave me something precious, something she said was priceless. It was a ring with a bright orange gem on top. She told me to never show it to anyone, because it contains power that everyone wants.



"I told you to wash the dishes brat! You better go now if you don't want me to sell you." uncle shouted.

"Yes." I ran to the kitchen and carried the bucket of dishes. There isn't a lot of people living here. Why is there so many dishes? sigh.

"The only thing you and your mother have that's so similar is your looks. If you don't prove yourself worth of anything I'll just sell you to some random guy."

"No! Don't." I've always been scared of being sold to someone. Uncle said he didn't care what they did to me. Whether to sell my body parts or to make me a slave. I didn't want that. Staying here was something I could be grateful for. Just somewhere not near the castle guards.

"If you don't want me to sell you then you better work. We feed you and let you stay in here. Do you think that's something free?! You better make enough money to pay my bills this week."

"All you do is gambling. When are you gonna stop?" Aunty said.

"I do what I want. And we can sell the girl once she's no longer any use for us." Uncle said.

I have to make money. Now. But I don't know how to. I need something to sell. Then I remembered about my mommy's ring. The ring. It can help. I have to make lots of money now. So they won't sell me. I washed the dishes quickly and make them as clean as possible.

I went outside the inn at night. I have to sell the ring. I'm so sorry mommy. You'll forgive me right? I need it to live. You said the ring was mine and I could do anything I want to it. Hopefully you'll forgive me..

I ran to the shop that uncle made me go to when he told me to sell something. *creak* "Ah! You again. What is it that you're going to sell today? Nothing I can do will stop his gambling addiction, even when I said I'll cut off his arms!"

"Umm... this time I'm selling what's mine." I said softly. I brought the small ring up the tall counter.

"What?! Where did you steal this?"

"I didn't. I swear! It was my mother's" I trembled in fear. What's he going to do to me? I heard from people if you steal something, they will bring you to the king. I don't want that! Not near the castle!

"Wait here. Someone has been looking for this ring. If it was your mother's he can prove it." The shopkeeper said.

He went outside the store and locked me inside. I could hear him telling me to stay from behind the door. I was scared. What's going to happen?

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